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Moframe of Mind 2020 Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Wake up tenno, we have a tau system to burn

definition: I find this mustache very suitable for this warframe because it describes the warframe as a complete warrior.

(oh yeah, this is just a picture made with captura and not edited) 

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Unedited pic, captura features only



My Time is NOW, Gotta Slice Slice Slice

Moustache used: The illusionist

Also the lower part of Harrow's helm looks like he got some sick beard too

Tricky to get the Effect and angle right, tweaked for about half an hour.

My first Time doing contest, How was it :)

If you feel this very "warframe", leave a like thx


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Just realize I don't know how to insert image. Edit2: nvm I got it, Yey.
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Wukong Prime, a true master who understands the means of meditation.. Do not disturb however while he meditates, YOU could bare witness to his full strength in a blink of an eye.... 

Wukong Prime meditation..

Moustache: The Master

Inpiration: When ever I would finish a mission, my cousin and I raced to see who could meditate first before extraction.. He won a lot... Plus you gotta admit, Wukong Prime is the best for meditation and that moustache!!

(This is a submission for unedited and done by captura)


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Only used the features available in Captura to edit this. No edit outside of Captura.

The Shopkeep


A real man should be able to do three things: first, you should be able to take care of your woman;
second - you have to be as strong as a big inaccessible rock;
and the last, but the most important thing - you simply must have an irresistible and eye-popping mustache.
Remember the teachings of the old school strongmen!

                                                                                                                                your grandfather Atlas


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