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Operator peeking around Orbiter corner? - Hey Kiddo!


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7 minutes ago, Mysophonia said:

I completed those long long ago.. 1st time seeing it . I have heard the audio a few times.
Lucky me I guess lol

Right after the quest, it will always appear sitting on a table right behind you.  Also shows up in the corner near the cockpit ramp (very well hidden with Christmas decorations up) and hanging from pipes near operator chair door, Don't know if that one happens anymore with the elevator to the railjack being there.

Some people get a little too worked up about the random startle chance. Used to make me double take but now I have too many moving things around my orbiter to notice.

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8 hours ago, Ace-Bounty-Hunter said:

You just had an encounter with The man in the wall.

You'll soon get tired of it though. At this point I just want to grab them by the throat and toss them out the airlock every time they appear.

yeah, too bad we don't have any airlocks ^^)  though i guess the main in- and outtake for the frame would do nicely for this too...

i wonder though, how did all the pieces of eqipment get into our ship without a propper airlock?

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