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Broken drop rate for Damaged Necramech Pod



Anyone else experiencing straight up broken drop rates for this part? I've been running T3 isovaults with friends and the only rare drop we've gotten are the engines, which supposedly have the same drop rate of 3.384%. We've gotten multiple engines but absolutely no pods. Surely, since we've gotten multiple engines, the pod should have dropped by now...unless the pod drop rate is a complete lie.

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12 minutes ago, MW597 said:

broken drop rates[...] drop rate of 3.384%.

3.384 %

This means there is a 96.616% chance you will NOT get the reward. RNG is RNG. Either get used to it or buy the part for a couple of plat.

14 minutes ago, MW597 said:

the pod should have dropped by now

says who? It not like the chances are added until you hit 100%. You have 3.384% every run to hit or miss the drop

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I think that when I recently attempted to farm the new capture scenes, I got more pods than engines.


You can always just attempt to "1:1" trade your engines for pods, if you're too impatient just buy a pod for plat and list your own engines for plat, a buyer will show up eventually.

There are a ton of listings for both of these rare parts for 10p on warframe.market, with the pods actually having a couple of listings for 8p while the engines are 9p, so as the time of writing this, you actually got spares of the valuable part.

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