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Companions Pets Coloring


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Coloring Kavats and Kubrows are a terrible experience for me, more because the "Gene Masking" is just weird, i got a lot of collor avaliable, but all colors are like Red and then lighter variants of Red, which is ok because Warframe coloring is also this way. But the problem comes when you see the image of the color blue, the title says "Gallium Grey" and when you select the color turns out to be a Grayed out blue... 

My sugestion is just to simply make the Collor Paletes universal and work with everything in the game, including Kavats and Kubrows.

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I think the pet coloring system is disconnected from the standard palettes solely to create a new game progression, with new cosmetics to acquire and more colors to buy...

love the fashion cosmetics of this game but the pets coloring looks outdated compared to the old palette system.

  • the pet color in use is not highlighted so I always get lost in the list.
  • the zone pet has lighting tath interferes with coloration.
  • colors are simple compared to old palettes.
  • the pets most affected by color scarcity are flesh pets.

would be lovely that color mapping for emissives and flesh skin should use the common palettes and fur mapping keep as it is now.

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