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Silva & Aegis Rework


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"When they extinguish your fire, reignite it with blunt force"

As we all know, the base weapon... sucks. A lot. Even though the prime version is quite good. Now sure, the base one could be buffed but I had a better idea. 

As a lot of you may have noticed, the folded shield looks REALLY COOL. And i'd love to have one on each arm as a decorative gauntlet.... gauntlet.... THATS A WEAPON TYPE! 


So the rework; somewhat ditch the sword, add a second shield on the other arm and use them as gauntlets. This opens up a lot of doors; when in use, a small fire blade could pop out, they would deal basic damage with mostly shash and fire, and still retain the shield functionality for blocking. It's brilliant! Considering their current visuals and functions, theres a lot that could be done to make them into an interesting gauntlet weapon with not too much work required.

And more importantly, we would get a very good looking pair of gauntlets. 

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9 hours ago, (XBOX)Rez090 said:

Uh, no, dude. Gauntlets are armor, not weapons.

There are different "gauntlets" that were used for mainly offensive, or both offensive and defensive purposes... This is also a game with no realism and even a standard armor gauntlet can be used as a weapon to high effectiveness... it just wasn't practical to use standard armor gauntlets as a weapon in the real world due to range as one reason.

It isn't any different to shields being mainly used for defense, but being able to be used as a weapon itself.

We also have gauntlets used in the game for offensive purposes... Venka is a type of gauntlet, and Atlas aesthetically has armor gauntlets that are used to punch things.

Not that I agree with op, it would make more sense to just have a new melee weapon type to fill another type of gauntlet position or dual shields.

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