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How much is this Nukor Riven?


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Hello. Ah well some things to consider. 

1. These are the Riven stats for the regular Nukor, that stats for the Kuva Nukor, the popular weapon (as in when you equip it on that weapon), will be much much lower.

2. Damage does seem like a stat that would be sought after and valued right? Except uh... its not really? Especially not since we got Arcane's for Primary and Secondary weapons which boost raw damage. So much so that its not actually uncommon for people to forgo certain damage boosting mods (Serration, Hornet Strike etc). 

3. Even though we do have harder/studier Corpus enemies, + Damage to them still isn't really seen as a huge benefit, though there are some builds you could make work with it. Also - Ammo Maximum could be a bit annoying, there are work arounds, but if there was one issue Kuva Nukor could occasionally have for some people, is that it ran out of ammo fast. 

On the plus side, its a Riven that can go in the Kuva Nukor, and many people will want one and pay for one, even if they have to re-roll it. Though the weapon did get nerfed a few months ago. Its still great weapon and very potent but we are talking about peoples perceptions and what they are willing to pay for. 

My advice is to keep it, use on the Kuva Nukor, reroll it as you see fit. When you are familiar with how good it can be, and whether or not you really like it... then sell it for how much you would buy it for. 


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