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Trading crafted weapons and warframes


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1 hour ago, (XBOX)BotSheep21 said:

Me and my friends make items then they go into the vault and we can't get them and we wish we could trade crafted items.

What vault? Where are you putting your stuff?


Being able to trade or share crafted things could be problematic if it allowed what you seem to be suggesting. It could mess up mastery affinity for people. You and your friend should probably just farm for the stuff you want, or find people to take it. You don't even need Chroma for Eidolon hunts - you may be better off figuring out what is going to be useful for you and running with that.

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Are you building more than one of these things?  There is literally no point to that unless you have a restrictive forma build on one and really want another build on a second one.  Blueprints and non-built parts are tradeable even after vaulting, they just have to build them.  

I don't really like the time-gate on building things, but completely removing resource costs to building things and just making them tradeable would screw up a lot of the flow of the progression.  

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