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Any suggestions for my Nekros Prime build?



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might want to swap physique. other than that build looks good I think idk I don't have him yet. you might need vitality but shield of shadows might be enough for survivability.

also when you get arcanes use guardian (+900 armor on damaged) and either grace (health regen on damaged) or pistoleer (+secondary ammo efficiency on headshot kill) for synergy with pyrana prime. the pyrana is a slash heavy weapon and slash heavy weapons will cut enemies in multiple pieces, meaning more "corpses" for desecrate so you get more loot.

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Nekros has many options.. none of them amazing lol.    He really REALLY needs his abilities reworked and even then people are divided on which abilities are important.

1st of all Shadows is super freaking annoying...  both for yourself and for others.  But whatever... 

-You can go Health Conversion route for extra survival/armor (but getting hit removes armor stacks, dieing removes all of them,  so its not consistant and at high level armor cant even help you, its all about adaptation and or rolling guard).

-You can go the HP <-> Energy mod route which i think is supremely pointless.   Nekros creates HP orbs so with that mod you essentially create energy also.   Running Despoil off energy just means theres even more scenarios where your looting shuts off.  

-You could helminth Gara's spectro-rage/syphon onto him... this makes him pretty weak but it helps draws enemies towards nekros,  if you agument gara's ability then he can also pump out energy orbs as well as hp orbs.   Your pretty immune and safe if you stand in spectro's ring lol, as well as squad..  I really liked this build especially mixed with using guns or heavyguns.   But mine had like no survival lol.  

-You can helminth on some Shield Overcharge abilities like Harrow's condemn/Hildy's whatever...   This build requires arcanes like  Barrier and Energize though.   BUt you essentially have a 2k shield with 90% damage reduction...   (except DR takes time to build up... and you might not get that at high levels..   kinda squishy at high level where there are one shot enemies.    This is one of my current builds (I use condemn).  

-You can helminth sevagoth's gloom that slows enemies and gives your weapons healing.   Now slow can be a big no-no in squad play...     Your strength controls how slow enemies get with gloom.   So you can debuff strength to make the slow effect not really an issue...  this will also make the healing effect pretty weak but still awesome.    Or you can try to get alot of strength and really grind enemies to a halt and have super strong healing...    Its not really possible to have everything so you have to make choices...  I just wanted gloom to have range... so I dont slow very much which kinda cuts down on the usefulness.     This is the other build I use,  you just need adapt and try to have alot of HP.   But this is also kind of squishy at higher levels..  I have used this in Steel Path but its easy to die lol.   

gloom build is great because its what I always wished Terror was....  but the more people you gloom the more it costs so if you arent paying attention and or killing to slowly its easy to get drained.   


Nekros and Harrow are two frames I have had to waste forma changing polarities to try new builds on lol...   

The new Archon Shards from Veilbreaker will probably be a GOD SEND to Nekros.  BUT.... Holy hell because he has no really strong direction I can imagine even those shards might take alot of experimentation to get a sweet build....

Nekros with 1k+ base armor would be amazeballs.   Or you could keep his armor low and give it all to HP giving his Adaptation plenty of time to work.   I saw health regen...   Nekros doesnt really need that..   

Or think about this...:   Quick Thinking uses energy to stop you from dieing..............   You can use Hunter Adrenaline OR HP <-> Energy mod to feed Nekros energy and use Archon Shards to increase his energy pool..  Give him massive HP with mods...    He could be unkillable even with little to no armor???


I like Nekros's model, I like being a loot frame.  I had to work my butt off to get him OFF my #1 most used warframe spot.   He is still #2 and constantly nipping at #1's heels lol.  

God I hope I have the willpower to not use Archon Shards on him first lmao....    

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