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Your anger over these updates is 100% justified


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Again would give a like but for some stupid reasons there is a limit on how many likes per day you can give.

So i just write this instead (seriously lift that how many likes you can give per day thing, its already limited to one like per post so whats the big deal about it?)

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4 hours ago, (PSN)max141064 said:

Google translate. 

Right is a direction but also having being right. 

Probably just another afk-farmer being mad that DE fixed their exploits. 

Oh, for heaven's sake. Settle down.

4 hours ago, Amolistic. said:

oh tq for explaining


Apologies if there's a language barrier. "Left justified" and "left aligned" mean the same thing in terms of text. So, the weapon descriptions' text being left-aligned also means they're left-justified.

It's a dad joke. It's supposed to be funny because of how unfunny it is.

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