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(XBOX) Veilbreaker: Hotfix #8


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Veilbreaker: Hotfix 32.0.8

Hello Tenno! We are back hotfixing today to address some priority invite bugs and to solve the recent ‘Break Narmer’ reset time confusion as announced in our ‘Recent 'Break Narmer' Reset Clarification & Upcoming Fix’ PSA. With that, we’ll see you tomorrow at 2 PM ET for Devstream #164!

‘Break Narmer’ Reset Fix:

Players who completed last week’s ‘Break Narmer’ mission after Sunday, September 25th at 8 pm ET did not see the next ‘Break Narmer’ mission in Kahl’s Garrison yesterday - even though they had completed the previous mission prior to when we said the reset would occur (yesterday at 12 pm ET).

So we have updated the affected accounts' mission status for those who completed last week's 'Break Narmer' mission between the times mentioned above. Additionally, our fix affects everyone who beat the 'Junk Run' mission up until the time this Hotfix launched! Originally the cut-off was Wednesday at 12 pm ET, so it turns out the late Kahl still gets the worm! Enjoy this bank error in your favor that was necessary for this fix to occur. After you download the Hotfix and log in, you should now see the correct updated mission. 

We were originally unaware of the extra window of time for players to beat the 'Junk Run' mission and still progress to the next week's mission (specifically from 'Junk Run' to 'Prison Break') which is why it wasn't indicated in our PSA last night! Apologies for any confusion, but this only means more Veilbreaking. Best of luck on the Prison Break, Tenno. 


  • Optimized network replication of Clan and Alliance Emblems.
  • Improved the AOE visual FX on Kahl's Veilbreaking grenade. 


  • Fixed Clan Dojo invites failing.
  • Fixed Clients getting disconnected from Host after joining them in their Orbiter and the Host starts a mission vote for a Relay.
  • Fixed Veiled Solaris NPCs infinitely falling/respawning if spooked by Kahl and prompted to skitter away in fear in the Break Narmer Sneaky Sabotage mission.
  • Fixed cases of the Narmer Scyto Raknoid teleporting to places where it shouldn’t in the Break Narmer Sneaky Sabotage mission.
  • Fixed the Aegrit and Slaytra Blueprints missing their acquisition information (Chipper in Kahl’s Garrison) in their descriptions in the in-game Market.
  • Fixes towards transference at low frame rate breaking animations/ability use.
    • This is still apparent with K-Drives. Fixes to come.
  • Fixed Kahl repeating his final monologue in the Garrison twice in a row after completing the Veilbreaker Quest.
  • Fixed issues with the Javlok reload sound FX.

Code Fix Coming in the next Cert Build:

  • Fixed the Narmer Scyto Raknoid’s rupture animation playing twice after bringing its health down to half.
    • This fix also applies to all other Scyto Raknoids.


If you play on Xbox or PC, you may have noticed that Cross Play functionality was enabled for a short period today! Learn all about that here: 


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20 hours ago, (XBOX)XxSchwarzwindxX said:

Zariman Ephemeras dosn't allow to colourize  the metalic parts/angelhands, just energycolours are possible to change.

At least on the seraph-whatever one, the metallic bits are controlled by your accent color and not your energy color.  I'm still waiting on the one with the hands to come out of the oven, but I imagine it's the same.  Pretty sure there's a couple other ephemera that do this.

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21 hours ago, (XBOX)The Neko Otaku said:

Honestly preferred narmer stuff updating on Wednesdays just to have things to look foward to through out the week, everything stacking on sunday is really cluttered and makes for a hectic day especially for those who go back to work for the week

aside from possibly impacting matchmaking, it should make no difference.
if you REALLY need a squad for archon hunts, do them on sunday, and do the rest of the junk that reset on Mon-Sat.

Simply because it resets on Sunday doesn't mean you HAVE to do it that day.

You can still look forward to doing stuff on Wednesday you didn't do on Sunday.  Why do you need DE to ration your week out?


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