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PSA: Recent 'Break Narmer' Reset Clarification & Upcoming Fix


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Hey Tenno!

Players who completed last week’s ‘Break Narmer’ mission after Sunday, September 25th at 8 pm ET do not currently see the next ‘Break Narmer’ mission in Kahl’s Garrison at this time - even though they had completed the previous mission prior to when we said the reset would occur (today at 12 pm ET). 

As you know, we moved the next ‘Break Narmer’ mission to today - but while we announced that the new mission, as well as the reset, would occur today, the internal window to complete last week’s mission was not extended to meet today’s schedule. 

The Solution: 
We are going to be updating the affected accounts in an upcoming Hotfix. Users who completed last week’s ‘Break Narmer’ mission between the times mentioned above will have their mission status updated. The fix will be included in our next Hotfix, launching tomorrow!

**Users who did not complete last week’s ‘Break Narmer’ mission before today’s reset at 12 pm ET will not have their accounts updated to show next week’s mission - this aligns with our original plan to have the next ‘Break Narmer’ mission reset on Wednesday, September 28th. Kahl can only show you what’s new if you completed last week’s work!

We apologize for the misunderstanding in our previous posts! For all Tenno, ‘Break Narmer’ missions will return to a weekly cadence when the next reset occurs on Sunday, October 2nd, at 8 pm ET! 

Important Reminder on ‘Break Narmer’ Mission Reset: 
‘Break Narmer’ missions are not global resets but linked to your individual progress! You will not see the next mission afterward if you have not completed the current ‘Break Narmer’ mission before the scheduled Sunday reset time. We have a full explanation of how these missions reset in our hotfix notes!

Thanks all!

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Thanks?  Kind of crappy that week 3 is only available for 3 (or maybe 4 depending on hotfix time and schedules) days.  Really hope cumulative tracking comes soon.  Scouring the map isn't really fun, especially since Kahl is so much slower than a Warframe.

This entire syndicate design is just so completely opposite nearly every other one in the game.  Weekly time gates, limited rep available (so no grinding in a grinding game) and drastically different gameplay with, quite frankly, incredibly unfun objectives (for many) that aren't representative of the already existing scour objectives that benefit from Loot Radar.

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3 hours ago, .Khaos. said:

How else do you want to progress the syndicate?

2 hours ago, (XBOX)Shodian said:

So you want to progress without actually doing any progression? Wut?

I may not have been clear. I want to progress by doing only the missions I want, without being required to complete previous missions in a cycle. You know like all other syndicates.

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