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  1. Running fissures for forma bps and selling the random stuff you get for plat to rush those bps would be faster
  2. But entrati are orokin It's just an optional decoration not sure why you are getting worked up over it, cause it's 50k standing? It simaris rep and 50k so it should be easily obtainable in a day if you play it right.
  3. Honestly i think plague should be scrapped and everything transfered over to naberus on deimos and shove ghoul saw into ghoul bounties. Don't why this is our grand repeat event when it's the worst mission in the game. Rather do defection than plague star.
  4. Maybe... i have to do homecare for sometimes 15 hours a day and there can be alot of long period of times where im just waiting so maybe being able to do an quick fissure seems appealing
  5. But giant pumpkin heads, rabbit ears, easter eggs, candy canes, jingle bells, pool floaties, super soakers, have been in the game before how is it out if place??? Or is this the a**pull of grimdark Warframe defense
  6. Madoka magica, magical girl of the end, magical girl spec ops i think it was called. Etc etc to name some anime
  7. Since mirage's quest. Warframes/tenno are usually described as slaying them with ease and story wise once Warframes were being made the old war was pretty much won
  8. So i was trying to pull off her new dash but couldn't really do it, i just kept doing the grind move. Can i do it only after i double jump or just be airborne or could i be hitting the wrong button? im using the dodge to try to do it. Im confused since they didn't really specify the exact imput in patch notes and had to leace for work before figuring it out fully.
  9. Sentients are boring to fight! They are tedious bullet sponges. Shoot them 5 fives time switch to operator to wipe away immunities and go back to shooting repeat 6 times. That's tedious and boring. I want challenge. Nox is a challenge, very tanky but if you can aim you can shatter their helmet letting you headshot them to get rid of them easy but they have tackle once they like to spam when the helmet shatters and deal tox and and slowing projectiles. Sentients are bullet sponges.....what's the challenge besides extremely boring loop to deal with them?
  10. Not everyone has the mechs and they can be a long grind. Also we don't know when DE will get mech in normal missions fully since imagine the clipping issues on tiles are being a nightmare
  11. Nerf is needed, sentients before were interesting but became tedious bullet sponges that you wanted to avoid fighting. Plus you needed crit weapons to even deal with them effectively otherwise it is a nightmare killing them with pure stat weapons. And like others pointed we're literally made to kill these things.
  12. Roplolyst sure but eidolons? I don't know eidolons have been getting easier and eaiser every major update. Been testing and so far haven't notice anything change with the units when they adapt so far for the evolve thing.
  13. Neat, hopefully we'll see the orphix sentients added to the Anomaly as well
  14. Sounds stupid, now people will leave public fissures cause it looks like no one has a relic equipped. Theae people that join and leave if you don't have certain relics when a new prime drop tend really only appear for the first few days and then you don't see them till the next prime.
  15. I think the more cringe part of this thread is people throwing around "kawaii culture" at everything yareli does. Like they watch an anime and all of a sudden they know what they're talking about. Like apparently doing the peace sign is Kawaii culture?????? Peace sign more associated with the 1960s, hippies, anti war protest for Vietnam, but someone saw it in anime one time so that overrides all of that. Objectively Yareli's design is themed around water with the frills which was already set with ivara prime's jellyfish look. I barely see this "magical girl" aspect that DE said the got inspiration for in Yareli. I believe more in the sadistic thing that someone stated earlier in the thread cause she is drowning people on dry land which is a pretty mess up way to kill people.
  16. Don't forget the sleigh bell fist skin, Rudolph skin for kubrows, all the event cosmetics, an event where the one of the bosses gets high off a gas leak and has a super soaker fight. But a warframe does a peace sign and everybody panics
  17. Well probably get something major for operators at the end of new war and with duvuri. Since we've been getting operator abilities mirrorimg their increasing maturity and independence from lotus. Think about it the tenno have been able to move further and further away from their warframes as they rely less on lotus.
  18. Then why are you drawing attention to yourself about not seeing yareli on he loadscreen in a thread? Alot for a simple opinion
  19. If we could mod her kdrive we could get some interesting possibilities, there alot of damaging kdrives mods that would make merulina more than damage reduction and movement
  20. Yareli fits with warframe's art. She's not out of place cause of peoples trivial bias. Her design perfectly fits along with ivara prime with the frills they both have going on.
  21. And don't forget all the dances, octavia blasting baby shark ,the plushies that people collect en mass etc. Warframe has been silly this whole time but now just cause a yareli is just on the nose people pull this grimdark bs out of their ass to reeee at thigh highs, even though banshee deluxe has those as well.
  22. It's an animation for the love of god. It makes people's complaining about it look like gigantic f***ing babies. Oh boo hoo a frame is doing a peace sign woop dee doo. Next your gonna say "WaRfRaMe Is GrImDaRk" even though it's not and people ignore all the non grimdark stuff we had for years for their double standards
  23. Always funny seeing people losing their minds over something that freaking small.
  24. I really hope the larkspur isn't the first Prime archgun, i kinda hate it
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