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Coming Soon: Devstream #169


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1.  I noticed that the background for the Anniversary image is Fortuna, I wonder why?

2.  What happened to the 3rd orb Mother fight?

3.  What would be DE's opinion on stopping new content for a month or so and going back and fixing up old content. Warframe reworks, Qol changes, bug fixes, etc etc.

4.  Does DE have to keep making new warframes every few months or so? I have noticed that if you don't, youll have a prime for every warframe, and no new warframe made inbetween those 3 months.

5.  Quirked up white boy with a little bit of Swag busts it down sexual style....Is he goated with the Sauce?

6. You guys have been around for almost as long as FF14 and the fact your still going is really nice to see.

7. If we can have other companions be infinitely revived in missions, why not Sentinels? I would gladly revive mine if it costs a small amount of resources to do so, it would be worth it to actually use them in missions.

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