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The Face Behind The Name! V2


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I'm the guy on the left, talking to Vladimir Putin


                                                                          Just Kidding!!!


                                                                          Most recent photo of myself.

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Me, left, and one friend of mine about 2 years ago xD


something i'll probably regret putting on the web xD

no really, don't open it

whatever, i'm too good in this photo

before u open it, i just wanted to say that i was pretty drunk, and it was during carnival




i could post more photos, but those pretty much explains my true self: silly and from italy

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Well i guess i'll add my face to this thread then


 A friend of mine needed an actor for an assignment in our university, he made a commercial.

P.S: I'm from Arica, Chile (Yes the same Arica Harbor from BC2, and before you ask, no, the map it's nothing like the real thing)

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