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The Face Behind The Name! V2

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Me, left, and one friend of mine about 2 years ago xD


something i'll probably regret putting on the web xD

no really, don't open it

whatever, i'm too good in this photo

before u open it, i just wanted to say that i was pretty drunk, and it was during carnival




i could post more photos, but those pretty much explains my true self: silly and from italy

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Well i guess i'll add my face to this thread then


 A friend of mine needed an actor for an assignment in our university, he made a commercial.

P.S: I'm from Arica, Chile (Yes the same Arica Harbor from BC2, and before you ask, no, the map it's nothing like the real thing)

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hullo :D i might be the youngest warframe player (maybe)

 i am a 14 year old kid who likes games a LOT ,im gonna post a good pic (if i find one)

So see you guys in gameeeeeee :DDDDD (you can also call me pedro or maxema)

dont worry, im 15.


not to many young gamers, glad to find one!

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Me looking somewhat sleepy and very confused after being camera-sneak-attacked by boyfriend:

Seriously, he was taking pictures of the door when I opened it. wat.



Me many jesus i'm old 8 years ago in high school with the second most awesome piece of beef jerky ever:

I've yet to find the first most awesome piece.


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Me on my trip to LA


Outside Freddie Wongs Place =)





Since we are all putting a Face to the name anyone wanting to put a voice to the Face/Name can come join
my public dedicated teamspeak anyone is welcome to join,Always looking for more people to play with and do keep in mind you are not required to have a mic or speak. Just come hang out. =)

IP : TheMattaBase.com 

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