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The Face Behind The Name! V2


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I really don't like Optimum sometimes...


Here's me with my man-beard.


Warning, man-beard splendor content may cause side effects.


1. The urge to grow facial hair.


2. The urge to punch Zebras to death.


3. Sudden want for attention.


4. Wanting to hug random strangers.


You have been warned.




Edit: My informant, OptimumSucksBalls69, informs me that this image is blurry as crap.




Edit2: Then here's one of me, still wearing the beanie, but without the beard though.



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I am Sadisticnerd, or Nakul Rao.  I'm a 16, almost 17, year old highschooler in Pearland TX.  I'm a warlord of Tenno Inc., and avid Warframer.  I'm also the author of the fan-fiction/lore-building "Facility 856416: The Dissection Labs"


Here's a selfie of me at a local Diwali celebration, that's the Hindu Festival of Lights, with the mayor of Pearland, my city.



This last picture is me and my bro, another warlord of Tenno inc, Nitrotrigger137.  We were at an event at school and got to wreck a car with a sledgehammer, any piece we knocked off, we got to keep.  We almost got the steering column but had to settle for a bumper.  Crai


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