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Ash Blade Storm Bug Megathread


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I don't really know what exactly happened, but I think that using it against a Runner caused it.

Bladestorm didn't go off even though I heard the sound of activating it and I can't use it again.


Now, I'm able to walk around in the air.


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Can confirm, am Bastille master.


You really should have capitalized on your the invulnerability and stuck it out with me to 20...

My carrier is out of range for pickups though and Energy Siphon is to slow to spam Shuriken. :P

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So while playing a laggy Invasion mission I had used Ash's Bladestorm, only it had an interesting after-effect. Ash's blades were still out and replaced my melee weapons, but I could not use melee attacks or jump. I was however able to switch to my gun and still fire, along with sliding/crouching.




When I starting walking into a lower room I noticed that I was "flying" above the ground by a few feet. After testing this for a bit I saw that by walking against downward angles I could lower myself for however low the angle went. When I walked across upward angles (hills and stairs) I'd walk across them and the surface/floor that was higher than them normally, but when I walked over floors lower than those I'd still be hovering over them.









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This glitch requires you to use blade storm and use it at this point. Now there has to be enemies at that railing in order to work. Then use blade storm and it should teleport you through the railing and cancel bladestorm. After that you should be invincible and if you walk off the platform you flooting in mid air.




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Okay, so after the update i took Ash and went doing some ODD and was spamming Ash's 4th ability and everything went okay until few waves i jumped and spammed Ash's 4th ability and then suddenly it didn't do nothing and i got stuck in air also i couldn't use any weapons including Ash's other abilitys, so basically i was a sitting duck the whole game.




I don't know if this was just some random spamming luck glitch. Also i don't know if this has happened before to some people before the update (at least i never heard of) but i thought i should report this anyways if this has something to do with the update that was done.

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A mix of two bugs, the bladestorm floating bug from before and a bug I saw recently which made you have the power in use bug if the target you teleported to died. The latest bug probably probably triggered the old one which was pretty much fixed.

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I've encountered this bug and it auto-fixed itself when I jumped onto a nearby ledge (or found a place where I would auto-roll). Bottom line, try and activate another animation involving movement on the up-and-down axis. Jumping doesn't count because in programmer speak, it technically involves the same positioning, just animates your character upward.

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I figured since Bladestorm is getting a rework this wouldn't be worth posting in a bug thread. But on the last mission I played I used Bladestorm and the target must've been killed in the middle of the animation because I was stuck in a pseudo-Bladestorm state. I wasn't invinsible but I was unaffected by gravity, only able to go up or down when I ran into slopes, wrist-blades were out, couldn't melee, and the most fun part was that I could slide forever and even steer whilst doing so.


I was able to get Ash stuck in a jump animation and when I aimed my guns it looked like I was hilariously flying around the room raining death upon the corpus. 










Eat your heart out Zephyr.


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