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Will I Get Banned For Using A Penta?



I was in a T2 Survival game with a random player as host and his two friends.

He rage quit after 3 minutes. I heard him mumbling something earlier but I turned down the volume on my TV (was not using mic) so I couldn't hear what he was saying.

I was using an Excalibur and a Penta. Both with 4 forma.

Will I get banned if this dude decided to gang up with his two friends and report me?

I was just using the Penta. I don't usually self suicide with explosive weapons as I am pretty good at handling them with more than 100 hours exclusively using explosive weapons...

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Griefing is relative.  Fun for one player is often considered griefing for another.  I know when I use my Nova to farm dark sectors I use MP to speed up enemies to make the waves go faster.  This can be considered griefing for inexperienced players.  Likewise using a Penta and 'stealing' all of the kills could be viewed as a form of griefing even though it is allowed.

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Thanks guys for the kind posts.


A bit about myself, I used to play ME3 multiplayer. Got my Pirahna to X before it was nerfed. And countless other weapons.


Before I left the game, I have unlocked every single class and character with all their customization options except for the Ultra Rare Volus Adept.


Also have all the weapons to X level.


I see myself as a power gamer but I do help my teammates by marking rare stances (i marked a gleaming talon mod for my teammates today at Cupid, Uranus which is corpus controlled) and also be the first on the scene to revive (thanks to slash n dash/wormhole etc.) when my teammates go down.


And no I didn't glitched or cheated as I hate cheaters. There were a lot of dupers on Borderlands 2 so I stopped playing that after a random joined my game and threw a bunch of legendaries on the ground.


Once again, thank you for reassuring me as I felt quite scared at first as I didn't know why connection to the host was lost (there was no lag). So my first thoughts was that the host rage quit (even before extraction was available) because of my penta and radial blind usage.


Edit : I had Blast and Corrosive on my Penta. But I didn't know Radiation procs can cause teamkill. I will be more careful when using my Detron. Thanks for the info.

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This guy's question isn't whether he will get banned for using a penta. The real question is whether or not he will get banned because three people report him. The questions is about how the system works. Are you banned based on how many people report you, or does DE look at the content of the report and player action in the game. Another way to phrase it is "will DE simply take the word of these three players?". OP, I can't answer that question. I'm not sure how the system works. Chances are these players didn't even report you.

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No there will be no evidence of abuse or breaking the eula/roc, so no ban. Dosent matter how much people report someone as long the person that is processing the report is capable, will there be no ban unless there is evidence that rules had been broken. And DE is capable, so dont wory.

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