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Hotfix 14.0.7 +


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Fixed not being able to receive game invites from players who aren't on your friends list.


  • Added in Dark Sector End-of-mission HUD messages to explain that the conflict ended instead of ‘lost connection’.  This HUD screen shows the full amount of Battle Pay earned.


  • Continued performance improvement to the Mod screen.
  • Lowered the Tutorial Ballista's weapon damage.
  • Added in a HUD indicator for Dark Sector Core Health.
  • Reduced the delays on Kubrow's Scavenge ability.
  • Teammate names will now be displayed in Dark Sectors to help distinguish them from enemies.
  • The Kubrow Bite mod has been added to feral Kubrow drop tables, it was not intended to only be available through transmutation, it’s meant to be a drop.


UI Improvements


  • The Squad overlay screen will now draw above the load out screen.
  • The Mod screen will now use the optimal resolution and the edges will fade away.
  • Mods on the Mod Screen will now draw behind the player's avatar.
  • The player's Warframe will now stand up when in the Mods screen so as not to obscure the player's view.
  • An extra row on the bottom of the Mod screens has been added to ensure they full collection is shown on screen.
  • Increased the size of the Icons that appear over planets on the Solar Map.
  • Warning labels have been added to certain Hint text.
  • Increased the size of font in the Arsenal menu.
  • The Kubrow Hunt and Howl abilities will no longer trigger when enemies are not alerted.



  • Fixed a number of localization issues.
  • Fixed an issue with Dark Sector messages from Defenders indicating that they're playing for the attacking side.
  • Fixed an issue with the player's hand clipping into the Kubrow when playing certain interaction animations.
  • Fixed an issue with emblems on the Carabus Dethcube not being placed symmetrically on either side of it's body.
  • Fixed an issue with Rai-Jin cannon's not being constructible in Schemas.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Timeline Selection" text being unreadable.
  • Fixed an excessive amount of desaturation seen on Melee Channeling colors.
  • Fixed an issue with Nav Coordinate Icons appearing stretched in the Foundry.
  • Fixed a number of map holes in the Dark Sector tilesets.
  • Fixed an issue Ember Prime's Fire Mohawk having erroneous Melee Channeling effects applied to it.
  • Fixed incorrect messages being displayed during  Dark Sector conflicts.
  • Fixed a number of Ordis lines getting prematurely cut off.
  • Fixed an issue with client Hall of Mirror clones having all equipped Mods apply to all equipped weapons.
  • Fixed an issue an issue with computer terminals spawning incorrectly on Infested Corpus tilesets.
  • Fixed an issue with the Credit Bonus and Resource names overlapping in the Mission Complete screen.
  • Fixed a game hang that could occur if you joined a host right as the mission ended.
  • Fixed an Dark Sector exploit which players could get inside geometry.


Don’t see your issue here? We are catching up and keeping track of the continued issues in the new megathread. Many of these issues have been logged to dev already, and we will be fixing them as soon as we are able. Thank you for your patience!  https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/269828-post-hotfix-1405-update-14-issue-megathread/





  • Fixed not being able to receive game invites from players who aren't on your friends list.
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i was working on something not a long time ago.... 





just a smalltown nyx,

living in a lonely void

she took the midnight run

going anywhere

Just a City Ash,

born and raised in South Ceres

He took the midnight run

going anywhere





well... guess i wont finish that one <.< 

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