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Hotfix 14.2.3


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Hotfix 14.2.3
    - MK-1 Weapons have been added to the Market and can be purchased with credits.
    - MK-1 Weapons can now be seen in the Codex.
    - Increased the spawn chance of Prosecutors in Shipyards levels.
    - Removed the Delta Beacon from drop tables found on Prosecutors outside of Defense missions. 
    - Increased the maximum amount of Kappa, Gamma, and Omega beacons that can be received in one drop.
    - The "Squads" label will now always appear when hovering over missions in Public Matchmaking mode for the sake of consistency.
    - Fixed an issue with Volatile Runners not properly damaging Clients.
    - Fixed an issue Inbox message prompts clashing with Play Tutorial prompts when first logging in after the Update 14 launch.
    - Fixed an issue with Coolant Leak getting stuck affecting in-range friendlies after a Radiation proc.
    - Fixed an issue with Inbox messages initializing before fully loading back into the Liset which could cause a case of unresponsive UI.
    - Fixed a number of map holes on the Grineer Galleon tileset.
    - Fixed an issue with Host's being able to invite clients to a Conclave mission regardless of the Client's conclave rating.
    - Fixed an instance of Clients getting stuck on the Please Wait loading spinner when accepting an invite or joining a match through the friends list.
    - Fixed an exploit which allowed players to bypass Conclave lockouts.
    - Fixed being unable to melee or use the Codex when equipping the scanner while Hysteria is active.
    - Fixed an issue with having no weapon properly equipped after attempting to use a Codex scanner while Hysteria is active.
    - Fixed an issue with Oberon's Smite projectiles passing straight through enemies.
    - Fixed an issue with the Prism ability not properly affecting enemy Clients in Dark Sector conflicts.
    - Fixed Trinity's Blessing Ability not providing a consistent damage reduction value across all affected beings.
    - Fixed an issue with enemy AI breaking if they attempted to use a grapple pull ability on Saryn's Molt and Loki's Decoy avatars. 
    - Fixed an issue with players being able to get stuck inside certain walls in the tutorial levels.
    - Fixed an issue with players being able to place decorations in invalid locations within their Dojo.
    - Fixed an issue with Infested sometimes getting stuck in doorways on certain Grineer tilesets.
    - Fixed an issue with the Drone Explosion sound effect not properly playing from the correct position.
    - Fixed an issue with the Looter mod causing Sentinels to attack crates that have already been destroyed.
    - Fixed an issue with Nyx's Absorb ability blocking Codex scans.
    - Fixed an instance of AI becoming permanently blinded when struck by a Client's Radial Blind.


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Just tell me your own changes are going to make it into the game at some point



- Gas Cloud changes:

            - Now has 10% Critical Chance.
            - Now 2x Critical Multiplier
            - Damage radius increase from 1.75m to 3m
How long do we have to wait for you to add the changes that you said you already added?
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When will we be able to remove our adult Kubrows? I need that option so bad... btw what's the difference between mk1 weapons and their normal counterparts? btw2. something went wrong ;c I still can't see mk1 weapons in the codex.

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