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So, How Is Rngesus Treating You All


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Topic has the question.


Last night, a friend of mine and 2 randoms were sharing keys in hunt for Nyx Prime. And on that night... RNGesus was smiling upon us. 


2 Nyx Prime parts in less than 15 mins apart from each other - Chassis and Systems - on the first day they come out.

Gonna keep hunting today. 


May RNGesus smile upon you as well.

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RNGesus is bipolar. 


First two runs for Nyx Prime parts (T4 Defense and T2 MD) we got them on the first try.


Used up all 5 T4 Capture keys, no luck. 


Literally did 14 runs of T3 Exterminate with 8 of those runs being a Mag Prime drop. Rest were Frost Prime and Sicarus Prime.

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He is a cruel and capricious god. i've been running T4 Intercept for Wyrm part and when it finally comes up, I lag spike and miss the chance to extract. with everyone else in the party, even though I was spamming clicking the button on the screen. Worse, because everyone else left, I was left in the mission on my own and had to fend for myself until the next reward, which turns out to be crap.

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