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When Do You Think The 4Th Enemy Faction Will Be Added?


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We may not need a fourth enemy faction but we are getting one and everything is pointing towards the sentients as the fourth faction.

awww well lets see what happens, but what about the corpus void keys i have like 20 left over and they change into void keys :(


but what is this group sopost to do?

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I'd argue against "we don't need another faction".

Futuristic robotic -> Corpus

Generic Clone army with cool captains -> Grineer

Mutant/Zombie style -> Infested

You see the problem? They're basically all humans/humanoids. Even most of the Corpus robots are bipedal and have a humanoid-esque feel. (The quadpedals being the exception here)

Furthermore they are ALL swarm based societies in their own way:

Corpus -> Religious fanatics that team up for their religious profiteer weirdo goals and just group-hump everything (only a small splinter group exists...but that splinter group is just group humping just as much)
Grineer -> Clone (Clown) army that will just relentlessly swarm onto everything they can to take over and destroy
Infested -> Literally a hivemind
You can even extend it to the Orokin here -> They don't even have their own enemies...but take over all of the other factions and just make them swarm the F*** out of you.

What we need is the "Superior Alien" race... Because as it stands right now the enemies are actually quite disappointing from a visual and gameplay standpoint. The event created enemies will add a little flavor...but this can only take us so far because they have to move within the limits of that faction. Only bosses can end up having the really cool stuff. Adding a new faction allows them to finally add a group that operates differently without breaking their lore (again).

From a lore standpoint this can also be very interesting. If a new enemy faction suddenly pops up that happens to be so superior that it can battle ALL factions face to face...then this could create a lot of consequences in the world of Warframe (hah). 

-Could the Tenno, Grineer, Corpus and maybe even the infested feel threatened enough to temporarily team up?

-Could the Tenno be the only ones' to realize the deep S#&$ that everyone is in and secretly try to fight everyone on their own?

-Would the Alien race find it interesting to stand on the side of the Corpus, Grineer or Orokin and reinforce their troops?

There are many possibilities...so from a visual, gameplay AND lore standpoint an alien race that differs greatly from the other factions is definitely something we could want.

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When DE moves the story along, then the Corpus would have fixed the Pluto Mass rel.... I mean Solar Rail (yes the Outer Terminus rail, unless it is retcon) and then by doing so it awakens an Ancient Robotic race not too different from the Rea...Sentients.

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I wonder if it would be possible to have factions to be more..other-worldly looking. I know we're in the solar system and all but don't you think in this kinda future the greys would've picked up these transmissions at this point?


Something Mass Effect-y would be pretty cool.

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In the devstream, they mentioned that you'd get Sigils from the "Arbitriers of Haxus" or something. They said that these arbitriers wanted to bring the Tenno back as rulers or something.

So... does that count?


It should count, but going by the title "4th faction" even the Red Veil apparently don't count.

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Not for another 8 months to a year. However I would guess 2016.


This is not the direction the hype needs to go in. 

Though DE mentioned the 4th fact a while ago they confirmed nothing. 


Grineer and corpus are not even fleshed out at all in the current game. 


Do not expect things that we are not getting anytime soon. 

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I think its going to be something really #*($%%@ up. Like #*($%%@ up kind of #*($%%@ up. Grineer are already pretty messed up, infested is #*($%%@ up, and " the least humanoid " faction is going to be something like, spinal cord with spider legs or something.

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To be frank, there is a high difficulty in adding a forth faction. The other three along with the Tenno largely fill all roles. What else could you do?

Oh there will be a forth faction. It will probably be the sentients. 


As to what they will be? Well they have giant worm shaped space ships? 

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