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Can We Have Legendary Skins For Frames.. With Completely New Particle Effects?

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Taking a page out of league of legends, what do you think of having multiple plat purchasable skins for existing warframes?

Complete with totally new particle effects for every skill?

I sure could dig a Mecha Ash or Nova.

Keep it classy and environment conforming.

A bit on the fence on pool party skins. Saryn. .. mm.

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It depends. We already have 3 weapon skin packs, but only 1 warframe skin pack. I would certainly buy a new skin pack, kinda tired of Immortal skins.


Maybe we`ll see something in U15.



I was with you till pool party skins...




Ahaha, we need a player Hub with pool for dat skins. Please, give Nova double D-s, she`d be happy :D

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I am still waiting for this skin




563 posts and I've never seen your username before? Insanity.


Amazing name. I lol'ed. More than I should have.


On topic: I'd definitely like to see skins that offer more than just more canvas for color. Particle effects, etc. would be nice.

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how about a $70 monocle


a more on-topic edit: I'd be all for additional skins, especially if they were more than minor cosmetic changes. However, I've noticed a lot of games these days making some rather goofy skins/cosmetic changes, and I pray those don't spread over to Warframe. Keep it serious and/or heavily thematic, but let's make sure it stays away from outright silly things (*cough* pool party *cough*). It would be a lot of work changing existing models, animations, and/or particles, though.

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Please, give Nova double D-s, she`d be happy :D

I disagree. Flat is JUSTICE!


OT: Well more skins would be a great idea imho as the f2p world has shown that selling cosmetics is a great way to make money. As long as quality of said cosmetics is high enough and the transaction stays sufficiently micro for most (95%) of them

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