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Akvasto Vs Akmagnus?



I'm looking for another pair of semi-auto pistols (already have AkBolto), that'll do a decent amount of damage, and are simply fun to use. I have a single Vasto and Magnus, and can't decide which to dual wield.

(In my opinion)

Vasto - looks better (plus DotD skin), sounds better, but less overall damage.

Magnus - looks okay (needs Tiberon style bayonets), sounds awful, but does more damage (blast + corrosive + crit).

The resource cost isn't an issue (at mastery 13 and nearly 400 hours in, I've got a heap of stuff stockpiled away XD), and as I've said, this is more for fun/mastery than anything.

Bearing all that in mind, which do you all prefer?

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Vasto. It's all about the sound, personally. Though the Slash isn't the best for Anti-Grineer, but a decent  proc-rate on them can do some serious damage to Corpus.


Magnus are more accurate though, so if you can put up with their awful sound and prefer medium-long range combat instead of short-medium, then I'd go with them instead.

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Would be nice if the G3 ever turned up...

It depends on what you are fighting

AkVasto for infested

AkMagnus for Corpus

AkLex for Grinner

These will be more my everyday, default pistols. If I want to specialise, I'd use my Marelok, AkBronco P, Acrid/Tysis, AkStiletto, Nukor, etc.

Ignoring faction weaknesses (as I swap between all the frames and heaps of weapons, regularly) and damage, although Maim is one heck of a mod - just for fun, which is better?

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I highly recommend the Akmagnus. They're fun to use despite the rather trashy sound effects, good accuracy, freakin' high burst DPS (mine do around 30k), good status (75% with multishot & one dual-stat mod), only thing that really lets them down is reload speed.


Akvasto do look and sound better though, in my opinion.

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AkMagnus can be built for crti/status, making them an excellent headshot weapon and some decent cc from stagger and procs.


AkVasto fire faster and imo are better for trash, plus have a better damage type (again, imo) as Slash.

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