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For All People That I Coudnt Revive....


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If i am with you in a Archwing mission and didnt revive you, that is because i was missed you because of Archwing flight speed and missed the spot where you were bleeding. And got disoriented. Nothing personal.



If i can, i will always stay true to my "no man left behind" policy.

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There seems to be a slightly larger radius that you need to be into, but I have found it pretty difficult to revive people as well. Needs a method that isn't the same as the regular revival we're used to.


Should should be able to grab and revive as you boost away. locking weapons but keeping abilities.

Because. A you cant crawl to cover, B cant secondary, C have to deal with continually spawning and teleporting enemies who are swarming a single objective for the whole match.

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Don't forget that usually around the revive target almost always swarmed by enemies making it harder to revive downed target

But of course mosquito repel fix dat :)

DE,can we have another way to revive downed teammate in archwing mission?

Maybe faster revive? Or longer bleeding duration?

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A lot of the time I will not revive people purposefully.

Usually because the s***storm they went down in would only get me killed as well.

There really just isn't enough cc with archwing for me to feel confident ressing either.

The final no-revive for you is if im 3ks away and busy fighting.

If its simple to do, then sure I will res, but I have my priorities

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