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Comics By Yuikami [Added: Doodle - What I See, New Stalker...]


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The Grineer entered into the Gate and passed through it into the Tower in time so short as to be immeasurable.  Yuik'ami stood at their lead, taking further steps into the golden and ivory hall of the Orokin Tower. Every trace she could find, every path of clues she had followed, had led her here. For so long she had traveled with her entire battalion, but now she only had with her the three she trusted the most: Rooooooooom, Vralak'ara, and Verral. Each of them, herself included, were armed to the teeth; each of them, herself included, were ready for whatever this tower might throw at them.


But there was just silence. Just the kind of uneasy stillness that one experiences only when a battle has just concluded or one should be taking place. Yuik'ami felt it in every pore of her ruined flesh and every bolt of her alloy prosthesis.  She was a Captain of the Grineer, but she still felt the nagging, creeping sense of dread that the Grineer were raised and trained to be above. Her comrades felt it too, but none of them said a word. They all knew - their Captain especially - that there was no turning back now. Not after all they'd been through, after all the sacrifices they made.


"Straay klos," Yuik'ami ordered her forces in the language of her people - stay close. She began forward with careful steps, light and mindful of where each foot fell.  These towers were rigged from stem to stern with traps of all kinds, ones too many loyal soldiers of the Queens had fallen to.  But with each step she made nothing happened.  Her soldiers, following behind in suit, had their movements met with similar lack of response.  But not for an instant did any of them pause of consider that they might be able to drop their guard, and so they continued on in this slow, methodical fashion from one room to the next.


They passed through a room of hallways with ceilings so high that one might have thought it was the sky, lights and energies unseen anywhere else by any of them dancing along its roof in intricate fashions and styles.


They passed through a room of waterfalls, the cooling mist causing the skin to prickle as it swum in the air around them – had they taken the time to they might have marveled that these waterfalls fell up rather than down, but they held true to their mission.


Through doors and rooms of all kinds they passed, and marvels of beauty and craftsmanship seen only rarely in the reality they had come from they ignored.  They were soldiers of the Grineer, all this glint and glamor was nothing to them.  Duty.  Glory.  Their mission.  These were the things they cared about, these were the things that drew and held their attention – the work of the Orokin, held none of these.


After what might have been hours of travel – or merely minutes – the squad entered into some sort of amphitheater.  A familiar silhouette sat in the middle of it, and as they approached it and saw it for what it was Verral grunted.


“Hrm, Tenno skoom.”  He continued to speak in the language of his people, addressing his commanding officer: “Captain, we should eliminate these Tenno while we have the chance.”


Yuik’ami, still speaking Grineese, answered him: “negative.  It would draw too much attention.  We’re here to follow Admiral Vor’s trail, nothing more.”


Verral grunted in distaste but gave no rebuke, next to him it was obvious Vralak’ara was of similar mindset on the matter but she, as well, chose not to disagree with their commander.


“Where go now?”  Rooooooooom asked.


Yuik’ami looked the room over, debating their path.  This was clearly some sort of center point for the tower.  There were many stairs, many doors, leading to and from here.  It might take them hours, maybe even days, to search them all.  Perhaps they could manage it on their own, perhaps they could 


Much too soon was her choice made for her.


Look at them, they come to this place when they know they are not pure.”


Yuik’ami froze.  They all did.  That voice, it was changed, altered, echoing with a power that none of them were familiar with, but it was still unmistakable.  It was still his.




"My brothers, did I not tell of this day? Did I not prophesize this moment?"


The squad looked around at themselves in confusion.  To whom was he speaking?  Them?


No.  Not them.  Corrupted, numbering in thousands rushed from every corner, every door and pathway that led into the great hall.  Grineer, Corpus, Infested, all with the hideous gold-plate mask gouged into their faces, their skulls.  They stood armed with weapons none of them had seen before.  Golden, glowing with energy, energies that they had only seen coming from the keys used to open the Gates and the portals themselves.  They surrounded the Grineer squad in no time at all, before any of them had a chance to react, but react they did all the same.


Rooooooooom roared his name in fury and pulled the trigger of his Hind, the weapon firing shot after shot into the never-thinning mass of lost souls.  Verral and Vralak’ara raised their Grakatas and joined their brother in the fight.  Yuik’ami hefted her Gorgon and joined her soldiers, firing into the crowd with increasing pace.


But it was too late.


Far too late.


The moment they had stepped foot into this room it had been too late.


Where the Corrupted’s numbers fell in pitiful miniscule the remaining army raised their weapons and opened fire upon the quartet of soldiers.  The energy bolts that flew from the weapons tore into them with a kind of pain that Yuik’ami had never thought possible, the hailstorm of it tearing through her body in gaping wounds and ripping her left arm from it shoulder.  Her soldiers, her comrades, her kin, the ones she had led to this fate, suffered the same.


They all fell to the ground, broken, bleeding, dying… But it was as she lay there, eyes shut tight from the pain, waiting for the death she had just narrowly avoided to come for her, that she heard the dying breaths of the other three.  They had survived too?  All of them had managed to so narrowly survive the onslaught?  How was that possible?


And then she knew how.  She knew why.


A great glow fell over her, a warmth-yet-chill of energy she had only felt in the presence of… and she opened her eyes, looking up at the towering figure before her.


He stood before her.


Her Admiral.  Her idol.  Her love.


Split in half yet whole, a great energy keeping him held together at the seams.  He looked down at her with an expression her faded vision could not read.  As he knelt down over her she could see his Janus key held aloft in his mechanical hand right hand, and in his armored left… Oh, great Queens, no…


The horrific golden-plate mask of the Corrupted.


And he moved it over her face.


And he set it down with the tender care of a father.


And she knew only blinding light and maddening whispers.

did vor just corrupt his lover?



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Arise Thread long forgotten....for tenno....for honor...for funny comics and comments...




You've inspired me to reignite my art habits Yui thanks!

Edit: dang it.... technical issues... working on it sorry guys. not trying to promote my imgur just a place holder.

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yeah assuming I can get the image extension to work I know yui said no links plan on deleteing it second I can get the damn extension to work assuming DE or yui didn't disable it...or more likely just windows 10 issue...


Edit: yeah just windows 10 having a fit... fixed though.

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We do no want this thread to fall into the bowels of "Archived". Yuikami made so many comics about the game, its actually part of Warframe's History.


i know right its a shame Shes been inactive but RL comes first right? honestly if it werent for her and some other fan art sketches i wouldnt have had my craving to reboot my own sketches. (warframe or otherwise)

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i know right its a shame Shes been inactive but RL comes first right? honestly if it werent for her and some other fan art sketches i wouldnt have had my craving to reboot my own sketches. (warframe or otherwise)

You say that, and I say the same.

Her comics are the reason I started drawing.. Though I still need a lot of work to not loose months on a single drawing...

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