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The Vacuum Within 


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The Vacuum Within:

All Sentinels now have a passive 6 meter Loot Vacuum, no Mods required!

This particular Update note is going to be a bit of a read, so get ready!

It’s been a long time coming and a highly request change! If you hadn’t guessed it already, Carrier usage represents almost 80% of the total used Sentinels, and considering we have more than 5 unique choices this needed balancing. Today we're eager to introduce a community driven experiment within the Sentinel class. This is not the final book in this conversation, just the beginning.

We've also mentioned Kubrow/Kavat are not off the table. What we want to do is measure. We know where Carrier sits in usage compared to the rest of the options. We want a calculated release of a change that will deliver on giving Sentinels the function of Vacuum, and see how it affects the usage of content in that category. The results are something we'll be sharing as it should be very interesting to everyone invested in this particular topic. The shovel in the ground on this will apply to Sentinels first, but Pets aren't off the table.

We're starting with Sentinels to have this contained group of content analyzed. We will be keeping a close eye on how all of you feel about the new vacuum as well as looking at metrics to see how the distribution of sentinel usage changes across the community (right now 80% of you use Carrier)! We will share results along the way as a team, as soon as this Friday on Devstream #81! 

  • Carrier’s precept has been automatically changed to Ammo Case - now increases ammunition capacity and converts ammo pickups into ammo for the currently equipped weapon after a short delay. 

Tenno Reinforcement:

Gazal Machete - Each kill with this swooping blade adds bonus corrosive damage to the Djinn Sentinel’s next Fatal Attraction cast. In turn, each Fatal Attraction cast by the sentinel bestows the weapon with a period of corrosive damage.

Research it in the Tenno Lab or find it in the Market today!

Djinn Gazal Skin - Wrapped in silk and etched with glowing designs, the Gazal offers a glimpse of the Djinn uncorrupted by Infestation.

Gazal Complete Collection - An entire set of Gazal armor. 

  • Wukong and Nezha Noggles have been added to the Market!
  • You can now place Resource decorations in your Landing Craft! Check out the Landing Craft section in the Market. 


  • Fixed an issue where Rescue targets would fall into the water and die on Ocean Lab missions, resulting in an instant fail. 
  • Fixed Sortie Defense agents would get stuck in a reload loop.
  • Fixed missions not being automatically selected when clicking on an Invasion with only one active battle.
  • Fixed being able keep the hijack buttons in The Law of Retribution pressed indefinitely using Loki's Decoy and then re-casting somewhere else. 
  • Fixed an issue with Ayatan minimap markers not disappearing after pickup. 
  • Fixed performing a finisher resulting in a crash. 


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Praise Deathcube!!!
Great update about the sentinels and its not the final fix/update to it.

Any chance the vacuum could be moved from sentinels to warframes so we don't feel like we are doing it wrong when playing with a kubrow/kavat or without any companion ? 


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When will the update for the Functioning Quest Within be? Love standing in the sortie for 10 minutes... 341/342 spawned, red blinking light... do de do... nothing... have to quit out because its broken and didnt bother spawning the final mobs....

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Ty for the nerf! Even tough you say its possible on the future to get the vaccum on kubrow/ kavats... Seriously who knows when... And to lose more than half range on vaccum just to use another "machine" aka sentinels... i would rather keep vaccum anyways lol.... Really disappointed. I tough this was going to be something to look forward too. To finnaly be able to use a furry cute partner instaid of an ugly flying vaccum machine... seems like i just get diferent machines all with lesser range...

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