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Please fix Blade Storm stuck glitch, and i'm not sure if anyone else has this, but when me and my friend play, we're constantly glowing blue to each other like we're obstructed, even when we're just standing next to each other. Please fix!

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- Fix for Rhino Roar only lasting for 4 seconds.
- Fixed Exterminate missions indicating enemies remaining when none are left.
- Updated Snipetron & Snipetron Vandal sound FX
- Fix for Volt Speed not making you jog faster


love the game but there should be more pet mods it gives us something to look for thinks and im the player

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THanks for the fixes...
But please stop "fixing" the weapon sounds. The new Snipertron Vandal sounds like someone is holding a faulty guitar string pluck next to a low quality microphone.

You're making the guns sound like toys, more and more. And those are the ones that got that lucky. The rest don't even sound like a weapon, more like they should be in a different game altogether.

Please, please, make changing a fundamental part of the game more important, and at least run it through the Design Council.

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Fix Radial Javelin not hitting air units

this. please. seriously annoying considering the skill itself sends projectiles. projectiles, as the world knows, are not, in any way shape or form, limited to to the ground, or "near - ground" like a hover craft.


I thought this was going to fix the loot item disappearing.

i would like this as well, quite annoying when myself, or others, get stuck in a room with a bunch of mobs because of a rusher, the alarm is triggered, and by the time myself, or the other, clears the room and hacks the security, we find broken boxes and open lockers all over, but no loot except ammo..???


I'm not liking the new Fire blast for Ember. It worked so well, and used it alot because the radius was small and it worked dealing the damage it is supposed to. The new Fire blast however now has the range similar to an entire room and goes through the walls only dealing initial ground damage, and enemies hardly ever are on the edges of the ring now making it hard to aim.

i don't really use my ember much, but to be honest, yes. +1.

point being FIRE can't possibly be limited to a miniscule area of effect when it's started ON the player's current location. fire, as the world knows, burns everything it touches, as well as everything near it. best fix would be the damage as a whole be quintessential, or ultimate, indefinite, until it's intended timer runs out; dealing consistent damage to not only what the RING touches, or rather, what touches the ring, but everything within.


all that aside, keep up the great work guys. i'm sure the bugs will all be worked out at one point or another. i just hope that by the time the game makes it's port to ps3, there won't be any bugs in future patches and time will be taken (at least available) to thoroughly test and de-bug.


remember guys, your systems differ greatly from ours, and even though there may not be noticeable bugs when you test for a few hours before dropping the patch, doesn't mean there aren't any.

- wouldn't have gone in founder this far if i didn't have faith in ur guys' abilities, and WF's potential -

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- Updated Ruined Snipetron & Snipetron Vandal sound FX


It's not a good sign that I now read that and think "Oh no, not another one!" and indeed, having just tried it out, my fear was confirmed, as the previous subtle yet distinct, barely subdued boom of a high-powered sniper bullet was replaced by a banging drum.

Which leads me to ask: What the blinking chuffing snot nuggets are you playing at!? The Lato now sounds like a party popper, the Strun sounds more like a pistol (seriously have you ever played DOOM 2!?), and the Bronco sounds like a bloody whoopy cushion! Are you deliberately trying to make all the weapons sound utterly indistinct - individually and from each other - as well as generally worse? If not for my Lato having a potato installed, I'd have sold it the instant I heard it, it's that boring to listen to now!

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