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The Great TennoCon 2018 Ash Prime Drop Fix!


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Wow! Loving you folks! 

And yes I'm still looking for my jaw after TennoLive. That wasn't a bombshell, it was a NUKE! :laugh:

Much kudos!

Special kudos for the Railjack team for being able to put that demo together, saw the tweet about those "adventurous" 15 days.

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5 minutes ago, (PS4)devotedPT said:

So, I think I haven't been in-game for about two weeks or so, but I did watch the stream and my account's linked.... if Ash doesn't pop up on my account in the meantime I guess I'm out of luck? I understand the constraints on your end, of course, and it's a nice solution, but... 😞


5 minutes ago, kec335 said:

So people like me that didn't login in the past 7 days won't get ash prime?


3 minutes ago, (PS4)superbrickgamez said:

I didn't log into my warframe account because i need to study but i did watch the full Livestream so I'm not going to get ash prime then... Ok

I imagine you signed in to your accounts at some point to see that your Ash Prime wasn't there...

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14 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

What happens if you have almost half-a-million people watching TennoLive and many of them expecting a Twitch Drop?

Well, the answer is kind of complicated, but you've waited long enough for some closure so please read this quick post for the dirty details:

a) We had many more people watching than anticipated and our servers could not keep up with the data coming from Twitch.
b) Since we cannot turn back time, we have no way of knowing who was actually watching.
c) We have a very generous solution in spite of b).

Anyone who has logged into Warframe in the past 7 days on any platform with a Twitch linked account and did not receive the Ash Prime Drop will receive one! 

We will let you know when the script is finished, should be some time this week!

Thank you. 

How about thos who received him? (I didn't get mine, just clarifying)

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