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  1. Trade chat also excels at gaslighting and griefing. Before the false offer of 5k on my riven, I had offers in the 2k-2.5k range for my riven. The 5k offerer encouraged me to keep trying to push it higher, and he sounded truthful at it. After all that wasted time, I put up an auction for the riven with the ultimatum of a little over 48 hours to determine the winner outright, no questions asked. The riven sold for 2.5k, in the range of my previous offers before the grief. This player clearly just holds a grudge against people who are selling for high prices, and tried to take it upon himself to enact some sort of vigilante justice. The silver lining is that now I know never to trust anything that comes from trade chat again.
  2. I wasn't there. That is a screenshot of some manner of group chat involving people who trolled me throughout my initial sale phase, taken by someone else in the same group who took pity on me that I considered any of their nonsense true. It was a concerted effort by more than one person in the same group to grief me throughout my entire process of doing business in trade chat. At least in warframe.market, you can't grief to the scale as you can through trade chat. And that there's actual punishment for people who are griefers.
  3. For a couple of days, all I got were fake offers. If all I'm eating are bad apples, I'm going to stop eating apples.
  4. To further elaborate on how toxic this all gets: From the outside looking in, it certainly looks sketchy as all hell, but I can't really do anything to defend myself about it except make my entire auction process on a third party site where the entire process is fully visible to everyone. This is not the first "lmao what a loser" post I got out of this, and I anticipate it won't be the last. There was a time I could trust players at face value with their offers, but it appears that time has passed.
  5. https://warframe.market/auction/61623418db3f3b03fe6a8916 Any and all bids are welcome, highest offer will be accepted at the date, barring some sort of griefing fake top bid (this is why all bids are accepted: if the top bid turns out to be a hilarious troll, the next one in line gets it.)
  6. Not worried about the heckling that much, it's just annoying. Ignore list doesn't solve the issue of fake offers. I filter out my trade chat, there is no way I possess the insanity or adderall necessary to sift through the unfiltered trade chat. Man offered me 5k on a riven I'm currently now just dumping for whatever the auction goes for. He seemed earnest and I thought trustworthy, I have previously sold high value rivens via trade chat without issue. Didn't think too much of it. As I post my updated trade, the number of people who heckle me goes up, and I continue on while believing it to be a fair trade. Multiple offers of even higher magnitude were made which ended up being false and "hilarious pranks". Someone ended up messaging me later, evidently feeling sorry for me that I had believed anyone was serious. My previous experience with selling top-tier rivens through trade chat is different from what trade chat is now: A cesspool of trolling in general. More in-game options for trading, especially putting stuff up for sale individually and in sets; you're forced to be extremely proactive when it comes to selling items, this is why you see the same copy-pasted lines in trade chat for hours at a time. For example, if you put up an auction, everyone should see what is being offered and you can't back down from your offer should you choose to make one. This is something you can easily code in. Better third-party support would be nice if nothing else. It never used to be this bad. I made sales of big rivens through trade chat with little issue previously. Now? A nightmare. Don't trust trade chat for any sale larger than 300-400 plat. When there are unchecked trolls screwing around out of either malice or a warped sense of vigilante justice, I can't recommend anyone making large sales to ever use trade chat. If there are so many threads lamenting how poor trade chat is, shouldn't something be done about the state of trade chat?
  7. In the past, I could make sales through trade chat without an issue. I've sold high priced rivens with little issue a few years ago, but attempting to sell anything there is a nightmare. It breaks down into how hard someone can troll someone with fake, untruthful offers. Then, when you've been insulted and frustrated with fake offers and drop your best offer price, you get others who seek to heckle you because "LOL WHAT HAPPENED TO X OFFER, HAHA IDIOT". It never used to be like this, I could make sales for high end rivens and goods without issue through this very trade chat. Now, it's the competition of "who's the bigger troll?" The fun part is that I am personally 100% honest, but some people troll me through some false sense of justice. I do my best to be reasonable to players, I put up what was offered as best offer, and since people put up a false offer, it wasted days of my time, and earned me some hilarious ridicule from people who think I was trying to be dishonest or stiff them. The honest bidders think I've spurned them with being a liar, and some people even send me lovely messages such as: I fully recommend never touching trade chat unless you're advertising for trades on third party websites (not real money trade sites for very obvious and blatant reasons). Trade chat is toxic. And it doesn't have to be: there are solutions to such behavior, but such solutions are not being applied.
  8. Today, during a public spy sortie, I pulled C duty, and had just finished that vault, and was in general just waiting for the guy on A to finish up, when I suddenly see the alarms go off, so I completely took off from C to A and made it to the vault, ran through the whole course, and did the final cypher, leaving 2 seconds left on the timer to finish. Poor man who went to A never made it past the first hurdle. A lesser player would have simply left the mission before the failure ticked all the way down. I'm not a braggart in general but that felt damn good. How about you guys?
  9. Nobody's asking for anyone to spend 2 hours in a mission. This wasn't that, it was a public fissure mission that you can easily drop out of after 1 round. Nobody showed up for it. People are directly not playing public endless fissures because they are simply non-functional when it comes to reactant. They just play the easy exterminate fissures that 100% spawn reactant consistently and ignore endless stuff in public mode. And while it's fine to play endless stuff in more organized lobbies, it's still annoying if I just wanted to hop in a quick 1 or 2 waves of defense/interception. I'd say it constitutes more often than "rare." Let me backtrack a little bit by saying this: Collecting reactant is not a skill check or expression. Forcing teams to group up in survival is also not a skill check or expression. DE's design philosophy has been to avoid players gaming or forcing spawns, even if they don't want to say anything directly about it. Further, players, after enough time and experience, will understand the game's more obtuse and niche interactions for what they are: obtuse and niche interactions, not any actual depth or mechanical skill check. You can functionally take whatever setup you want and it honestly doesn't make the whole broken system any better or worse, because it is already broken from the beginning. The whole system in general is easily fixed. Stop pretending this bug is depth in gameplay and hold DE accountable. DE themselves acknowledge, though indirectly, that the fissure missions are still bugged. You know it, I know it, everyone else in this thread knows it. This is why I say stop blaming the players: because if I, someone who fully understands the issue at hand and how to work around fissure spawns, can still come up short while playing normally, then the gamemode is blatantly flawed in general. Everyone I know who regularly plays Warframe agrees with me, so I don't just speak for myself: others experience this bug and are just as frustrated. You'll find that most of the players you want to blame also are aware of the bug and are actually trying to deal with it, but are not always successful. I ask for players like you to put yourselves in the shoes of others, and try to have some empathy for the struggles others might have, instead of blanketly deeming everyone else to be beneath your skill without actually understanding their thought process.
  10. Gaming spawns in any way is definitely against what DE intends to do. Unintended behavior in any situation, no matter how you cut it. You keep saying you want to blame the players. Players who play the game as DE intends and still have the game screw them over are not doing anything wrong. Expecting players to know how to manipulate spawns (against DE's direct design philosophy anyway) and understand what you yourself are trying to do every game is an extremely tall order and makes the mode that much more obnoxious to deal with. It must be why I can't get anyone to do endless fissure with me, even running public nobody will join. Probably for a damn good reason, and one you and others incessantly refuse to accept. Continue to blame the player at your own fundamental lack of self-awareness. Maybe if people could actually read anything the thread is about, then I'd stop having to tell people anything. No. There are 5 pages of explanations available and you are clearly not willing or able to read anything in the thread. I can only theorize you're still in this thread to harass me and farm reacts or some other insipid garbage. Haha. You sure owned me, the OP with your clever name calling and devious avoidance of reading anything anyone is talking about in this thread. Door's over there.
  11. My internet is completely spotty and terrible, and multiple people have complained in the past whenever I host. I avoid hosting whenever possible. My hitrate for endless missions for this bug is extremely high, seeing as I've tried endless missions twice in the past week and both times reactant failed to spawn. The sample size is indeed low but 100% flawed reactant spawns in recent endless missions is not a positive sign. I simply avoid endless missions for void fissures altogether. Running fissure exterminates always nets me enough and everyone else in my squads enough, no matter what frame/playstyle I'm taking. Being unable to run endless fissure missions because of lack of functionality: this is a direct bug. DE even knows of it, and have tried to handle it, but it isn't enough. Blaming the players for something that can occur regardless of skill level seems like pure elitism and spite. Consistent with your previous posts. Stop blaming the players.
  12. Hilarious. It's been established multiple times by multiple people who have experienced it that the reactant issue hits those who are playing normally more often than people speedrunning. This point has been reiterated multiple times and yet somehow the false narrative of this only happening to nukers/speedrunners keeps being perpetuated by very ignorant individuals. I played over a dozen fissure missions earlier today where I was speeding through them and experienced no issues with reactant. I just tried an interception fissure mission and the mission failed to spawn enough fissures and failed to supply sufficient reactant. Unless you're going to tell me I used a speedframe in an endless missiontype? Maybe you and others should stop trying to set up epic owns on the OP and let adults talk.
  13. Are you actually unable to comprehend the fact that the reactant issue affects normal gameplay? When people aren't speeding through it or blasting every enemy that moves? Your posts suggest that you are physically incapable of understanding that concept. My condolences. This demonstrates your complete ignorance of the topic: When people join late in a mission, the reactants that had spawned from enemy kills do not show up for them. This is how it has been for a long time, but you are so entrenched in your "blame the players" mindset that you come into my thread and call everyone else ignorant. I'm no longer asking kindly. Go away.
  14. DE has not been pressured enough to do that. Players literally vote with their wallet, and the overwhelming majority is still buying plat and cosmetics. It would take a boycott of massive scale before DE would take notice. And that is exceedingly rare to occur in the history of gaming. Don't expect it.
  15. Stellar superiority complex. Stop blaming the players. I have repeatedly said that the reactant issue affects those playing normally more than those who are pushing the game to the limit. You cleverly subvert this argument by directly ignoring it. Kindly go away.
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