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  1. umbra forma should be purchasable. time gating it is frankly absurd. DE could definitely cash in on the min-maxers wanting everything (I know im half in that boat personally) and just put in the market for like 120 plat or something.
  2. All meta weapons are now stronger. Bad weapons also increase in damage, but not enough to care about to take over meta weapons.
  3. I don't see how that promotes modding diversity.
  4. Warframe is a power fantasy of Space Ninjas in Space™. A very large portion of the game would be very turned off from playing the game if you had to struggle to eliminate a level 1 grunt the same way you would struggle to kill level 150 Vay Hek. Buff the trash tier weapons. Don't nerf anything.
  5. The reason I considered a major portion of your previous post to be rude is simply because you're asking me to put in far, far more thought than the developers themselves put into the game when adding content. Don't get me wrong, a lot of the game is good so far, but the major thing you're missing is that a LOT of content was developed over time rather than being instantly amazing. You're browbeating me and my suggestion because I didn't post a list of 300 contingencies to consider when adding a new, admittedly minor feature. Yes, there is a baseline of effort required to add or adjust ANYTHING in this game. It doesn't mean when adding content you should be paralyzed from making changes. Its even better when 98% of the necessary resources to put my suggestion in the game are already present. All this being said, I like @Educated_Beast's suggestion a lot and wouldn't be the least bit upset if it were implemented over my own personal suggestion.
  6. I actually like that idea of giving it the ability to show on loot radar there being a special item nearby would be a good reason to take master thief. in this case special items would include stuff like ayatan sculptures, rare containers, syndicate medallions, and more.
  7. you're thinking of a lot of extraneous, fringe information that has little to do with actually getting it going but rather minor details that are almost always figured out intuitively when developing. sorry that I have an idea with not a lot of guidelines to allow for maximum creativity in implementation. it ISN'T my job to literally design anything and everything imaginable for the developers. -should it be detected by loot radar? (yes) -should it use an effect similar to a cache? (yes) -same hack as security panel? (come on) -ciphers? (??????) -Will you disallow them on missions that already have caches so that people can't fail to get all 3 caches if they're snoozing on the X of 3 counter on the screen and think they got all 3 already? (this sort of question is extremely pedantic to the point of rudeness) this sort of statement is like telling me that since I don't know why exactly Gordon Ramsey cooks so well, I don't deserve to eat.
  8. the point is not for alloy plates, its for the multitude of drops obtainable from enemies, and to maximize that with loadouts that are built specifically for it and should be rewarding for properly building for it. chopping bodies into quarters has been bugged due to enemy animations and other fringe factors including, but not limited to: lag, where you hit the enemy for the killshot, if the enemy was taking a status effect like shock or fire, explosive weapons that deal slash damage not bisecting either, and more. it's been bugged for years, but finally having a build specifically to cater to desecrate and STILL having issues, I finally was bothered enough to actually post something about it.
  9. you can get a maximum of 4 torso rolls for the sake of desecrate. as of right now, that's actually VERY rare to pull off. my point is that there's something that's been bugged and off with dismemberment and evisceration, even with weapons built for the sole purpose of chopping bodies into bits. and since nekros's desecrate is tied to running stuff to chop the bodies up, it's very hard to maximize the potential due to lack of consistency.
  10. When I bother to play Nekros, dismemberment and bisection works 50% of some of the time. I've ran multiple setups for maximizing desecrate, investing a LOT of time to try and get it working. 17 forma in 2 regular Kohms, well over 300 rolls of 4 kohm rivens to achieve a great set of rivens, multiple fully forma'd slash melees to try and maximize dismemberment, even running that amalgam ripkas mod that gimps melee right now doesn't accomplish the goal. Dismemberment is bugged and has been only partially consistent since as long as I can remember playing Warframe. It would be nice if this mechanic can be given a good relook to try and make it feel more consistent.
  11. 🙄 there's some basic pseudo-code right there. as long as game code is not horrendously optimized it should be very possible to slide it in without much effort or even thought.
  12. Master Thief doesn't deserve to be dumpster-tier just because so many other mods are dumpster-tier. I'm fully of the mindset that lots of mods should be updated and buffed to at least not be completely trash to even consider. (Half the mods in this game are completely meme-tier. Warm Coat, anyone?) And let's be honest: upgrading these mods should be no harder than adjusting a few lines of code.
  13. Let it allow you to open a hacking prompt to open a locker. And should become fully interactable with Master Key. Also, Master thief should also give a random locker on the map instance a big payoff reward, to incentivize exploration instead of the usual blazing through a level. Just some thoughts to buff a massively outdated mod that used to be a fun alternative to mindlessly going through the index or abusing the Secura Lecta.
  14. Seconded, and aren't riven changes supposed to be viewable before the patch is even released?
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