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  1. My Twitch was linked, but bugged out so it didn't register. It'll release later although probably from an event, or for plat, or maybe even nightwave.
  2. I have a Warframe account tied to my Xbox live profile that I gave up on and has no progress, while also having a PC Warframe account which is my main account. I hope whatever determines what account is picked as the universal account is very careful. I've got 4k+ hours on PC and getting it replaced with my blank Xbox Warframe account would be catastrophic.
  3. I just want to play as a Grineer. Worst case scenario I will replay the New War after I beat it when it comes out.
  4. There needs to be a way to SEE what your lich will look like, and no, I do not mean ephemeras. I grind liches to get cool/ interesting liches, weapons, and ephemeras are not a factor; point being if you get a dud you need to grind upwards of an hour or two just to clear a lich you get nothing from.
  5. Actually that's a really good point. It still meets the requirements of it being a competition between players, while it doesn't involve killing the other player Lunaro had already proved that didn't have to be the case all the time. With the low player requirement to start up the mode this should be a fairly safe investment, or at least I think so.
  6. That's a good point about the divider. Keeping both players on the same track would also be much easier to develop as well since the mirror function wouldn't need to exist without it either, and as you said it would provide an easier line of sight to encourage mimicry of new movement techniques. What I was originally thinking was that newer players might see some unfamiliar movements and potentially either copy, or ask the other players how they did that during the intermission between rounds. Looking at the comments on YT videos, or on the forum about the MR 8 mastery test parkour seems to be a bit of a challenge for some people even fairly late into the game. While there would be potential for players to use it to bypass conclave it also provides a way for newbies to conclave to get the necessary mods to play on a level playing field as conclave vets, or older players to give it another chance. Frankly I think there might be some potential for the conclave population to grow as a result of newbies not being treated as punching bags upon queuing up. Realistically speaking however given the current state of conclave I wouldn't expect massive growth right away. I think the mode would have to be introduced to new players, and some how encourage them to acquire mods first before attempting original conclave. Their first impressions of the mode will determine whether or not they decide to stick around. The goal is pretty much to soften the impact of the inexperienced getting brutally pummeled out of the mode for good.
  7. I've mostly been using melee for most of my time played. Guns should just get buffed. Melee has Primed Pressure Point, so guns should get Primed Serration, Primed Hornet Strike, etc.
  8. To be fair the wings aren't too much of a stretch, but the candy cane, and jingle bell knuckles I cannot explain.
  9. The conclave is a place to hone our skills, so why not include parkour? Gamemode: The mode would only require two players and would take place in a simulation where the environment is rapidly changing. There could be moving walls, falling platforms, falling floor tiles, and maybe even enemies. The opening spawn would place both players in this environment but with a clear wall separating them both so they can see each other. The environment of Player 1's side would mirror that of Player 2's that way everyone is faced with the same, or relatively the same situations, the variable being the AI enemies if they become a part of this mode. Frame and Weapon Balancing: Warframe and weapon loadouts for this mode I think should be limited to the base stats of the weapon/ frame. This is because of the imbalance that mods give to long term players of conclave. When your first experience into an optional game mode is getting treated like someone else's punching bag because you lack the mods they have it's not all that surprising that most of those players will just walk away and never return. While this still might happen with base weapons/ frames the amount of items a new player to the mode will require to be on a level playing field with conclave vets will be significantly smaller, and easier to obtain at least for this mode, but also tying into their progression of the main game. Exclusively using base stats will also reduce the work load of the devs that maintain conclave as they will not need to modify every new weapon/ frame that comes out so it doesn't break conclave. Longevity/ New Player Experience: The benefits of this mode lies with the low player requirement. Even if the mode ends up having a small population it would only require two to start and function normally instead of playing a lonely game of ball with one other person that likes to hit you upside the head as is the case with Lunaro. This mode would also remove, or at least decrease the likelihood of players quitting as they will not be getting farmed out by that one guy that grinded for a full set of conclave mods to bully unmodded newbies that attempt to try conclave. Not only that but this mode ties in with the fundamental method of navigation players use to traverse maps, and it might even assist new players in becoming better at navigating some of the trickier tile sets like the reworked Corpus Gas City exterior without falling out of the map dozens of times, or Maro's weekly ayatan hunts. And this comes back to the clear wall divider mentioned in the beginning. The purpose of the clear wall divider is not only to see how far your opponent has progressed, but what strategies they used which in turn gives new players the opportunity to copy what they see. Tricks like aim gliding after bullet jumping, or rolling through security barriers to not get knocked down are all things new players could learn a lot easier here. Rep Gain: Now for rep gain, considering the sheer unpopularity of PvP within Warframe, there is probably going to be people that will quit when they see they are not going to win because they will lose out on rep gain either way. To counteract this, and instead of swinging a ban hammer around I think that if a player loses a match they should get 50 to 75% of the rep that a victory would have awarded them. It's better that second place get something than the potential would be winner getting host migrated and auto failing/ auto winning. The conclave rep gained from this would also introduce a gentler system of getting the rep to buy the proper mods to fight on an equal footing with others in conclave. Other Stuff: "Why not just join a clan and use their parkour room?" Because new players won't know clans even exist until they bump into a dojo exclusive item. Also I think actually racing another player instead of beating my own, or others old records would be more fun. "Can't new players just practice parkour in Maro's Ayatan Hunts?" They can, but they aren't really progressing on anything and the timer on the vault sealing doesn't help. I also doubt many new players will even use that mission that way over just playing the core game. Thoughts?
  10. I hope they continue to have long waits between Nightwaves. Whenever a new one comes out it's far to easy to burn out and lose all interest in the game for a long while. Knowing there's a long gap between releases allows us to take it easy and go through at our own pace without feeling like we must rush it and burn ourselves out. After the first few releases I stopped playing for quite a few months after, and at one point most of a year. I personally do not find bounties like "do X of X, or kill X raid boss", mine X rare gem, fish X rare fish" fun. Those really suck out my will to play the game, while I know there's the argument of "just don't do it then!", but then you're missing out on X exclusive items, or high value materials like umbra forma. Maybe missing out on exclusive items isn't much concern for some, but there's still things that have came out before I started playing that have not returned. The wait for such items is long and I'd rather not be waiting on even more, better to burn out then miss out.
  11. I think it will most likely be exactly like that. Even given the lore of the Orokin there's no way that comparison got passed over during development.
  12. I like getting sculptures. I let them build up into a mountain and sell them for an ungodly amount of endo down the line that let's me ignore endo farming for 2 years straight. Although I very rarely appreciate getting an affinity booster, kuva, and 4k endo are okay but meh.
  13. Hit the nail right on the head there. The event is fine as is, while it's not super enjoyable it serves it's purpose. Even some of the items are decorations which at least give the option to pursue something to vets that want too, yet already own everything. If they don't as you said they can knock out the goals and be done with it.
  14. Everybody says Nyx is awful when she isn't. If modded right she's really good, straight up invulnerable. On the flip side it could be argued that needing a specific augment to be good still means that frame is bad. The augment I'm talking about is Assimilate. Hydroid does need work. When he got reworked when his prime released they mutilated his undertow range. One thing I would absolutely hate to see is Hydroid's undertow becoming a victim to a rework again. Do not remove the ability, expand it range to what it was before and nullify the abilities of enemies that have been submerged. I think just a straight damage buff might be enough outside of that.
  15. I would love this. Having more agency over our liches appearance would be incredible. I've been grinding liches from a while and the process to remove duds is pretty awful, because the pay off for removing that active lich is actually nothing. This would at least minimize the impact of that issue even if only a bit.
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