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  1. I'm the same way, fought the exploiter a few times, did some eso, farmed the stalker/beacon share. Came up with nothing. Oh well, now we wait. DE has a habit of making things easier to aquire.
  2. Selling/Trading them for plat would keep players playing too. And DE would benefit. So win win
  3. This, also as a cosmetic BP that still needs RNG resources to be built. I agree 100%
  4. It was. Wierd tho, Part 1 is in the dev rework thread but not part 2 🤔 huh oh well.
  5. Part 1 Part 2 Just in case anyone missed it. Enjoy
  6. Borderlands 3 is the big one 😁 SW Fallen Order Ghosts of Tsushima Ghost Recon 2. Lots of games coming soon.. GL farmframe.
  7. FTFY 😜 Cause Warfarm no fair.😢😊
  8. Positive thought and prayers to you and yur fam. Head up, and keep moving forward.
  9. It would still be better than the current p2p system. The point is to be better. Not just be mediocre. Which is what Waitframe's core systems and processes are, mediocre at best. Everything OP has suggested would make WF better. So why fight for mediocrity?
  10. Leave the video up, that way everyone who missed it can see it
  11. Native American Indian frame. Exalted tomahawks. Marvel War Machine type frame. Passive: immune to explosions.
  12. How many threads like this exist? How many in those threads agree with at least getting rid of the ancient p2p sys in place? And replacing it with something alittle more reliable, not necessarily servers but something.
  13. And Excalibur, Ember, Frost, Hydroid, Limbo, Zephyr, Mesa, Chroma, Loki, Rhino, Ash, Trinity, Equinox.. Did I miss anyone? Still waiting Hydroid Prime trailer...SOONtm
  14. I really never understood the defensivness of Warframe's archaic systems and processes. Everything you've suggested can only make WF better. Bringing it into this century/s lol. But it's obviously not a priority for Digital Extremes. They like p2p for some wierd incoherent reason no one knows, not even them I bet.
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