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  1. (XB1)RDeschain82

    6th Anniversary Weekend Wars!

    It most likely is pre determined. And there is no way to fail.
  2. (XB1)RDeschain82

    Host Responsibilities

    Guess what OP? If or when I get what I need and/or need to go, I'm leaving. Whether or not you host migrate and/or loose connection, that's not my problem that's a DE problem. And if you have a problem with that you should go to the bug reports section of the forums or wait for weeks in support que.
  3. (XB1)RDeschain82

    Whiteboards & Roadmaps: an Update

    Soon? Always soon..... nobody really knows when.... Sorry..Click to get alerts on Steve's twitter?
  4. (XB1)RDeschain82

    Extra Credits Weighs in on Warframe vs. Destiny

    I actually laughed out loud. Because it's so true. Warframe development is just so just randomly convoluted and bewildering to me it's like it has a ADD problem. It makes Warframe or should I say "Waitframe" truly is an enigma wrapped in a conundrum. Lol but still fun.
  5. (XB1)RDeschain82

    Mesa P-pants

    This ^ Also tennogen can help with that OP. Edit: although her prime boots are gorgeous, I wish they weren't hidden all the time.
  6. (XB1)RDeschain82

    Can we get an alert with AKLEX / AKVASTO relic pack pretty please?

    Buy a virtual tennocon ticket for $20 when they go on sale. Baro brings everything that weekend. Also they are both part of Baro rotation. They will be back eventually.
  7. (XB1)RDeschain82

    A level slider will not be enough

    Enemies have no sense of mortality. No sense of urgency. No tactical awareness. Until they do, levels won't matter. The will still be just lemmings.
  8. (XB1)RDeschain82

    Anthem and what Warframe can learn from it

    Different games, different players. Much like WF and Anthem. But can still learn from each other.
  9. (XB1)RDeschain82

    Anthem and what Warframe can learn from it

    Not all reviews were "bad". There are many streamers that love the game. Anthem will have a select following much like Warframe does. And with the Anthem schedule this year there will be many (free) updates to Anthem. Oh look Anthem actually will have dates for said releases...wink wink..where are the release dates for the actual content in WAITframe, New War? How bout Rail Jack?.....oh yeah soooon. ...#amiright.. LOL
  10. (XB1)RDeschain82

    Anthem and what Warframe can learn from it

    This^ I play both. I'm enjoying both. I'd like both to succeed. Theres a lot both can learn from each other. Just saying.. it's awesome to be alive today!
  11. (XB1)RDeschain82

    Warframe Lore (WARNING: Not to be taken seriously)

    Sold! What kinda pre order bonuses do I get!?
  12. (XB1)RDeschain82

    Build Shareing

  13. Considering block is going to be automatic now, it's safe to say Silva and Aegis Prime will probably be the new meta with it's 90% DR. Followed by daggers with CL, because stinging thorn will be much easier to pull off with the melee rework. Then probably gun blades and glaives, because being able to switch to melee instantly. And last anything with reach.
  14. Please DE fix this. Been like this for over a year now. And when and if you guys do another prime cosmetic that goes around the operator waste. Please make sure it functions properly. Paid good money for this not to look like its looking currently. (Also It is reported in bug reports too, for maximum visability.) Thanks.
  15. Fix this please. I paid good money not for this cosmetic to look like this. Come on DE, we can do better. Thanks