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  1. i think it could be like 6months to a year since i bothered doing a riven, I just cant be bothered. maybe i should.... but meh
  2. server resources, and programming time that could be spent on other things that are needed more
  3. This issue here is....who needs team work and other people when you can use nidus and solo, like a normal mission... atleast thats what a lot of people did right?
  4. took me 3 larvalings, to get a Hind, 3 after that to get a Bramma, and then 9 after that to get a Nukor. i had already done 37 lich before Railjack, so maybe RNGesus was looking down kindly on me.
  5. But thats just it. When it comes to warframe, its about collecting, maximizing and refining an arsenal. Once you have that arsenal there is nothing to hold you playing anymore. resource stacking is pointless because DE use an island system to stop vets instant building of new things [thereby having nothing to do again], so its all about how fast they can keep the content going. Personally i used to play warframe as a side game between other games i would complete and not go back to because I felt why bother... but lately theres been nothing worth playing [or thats lasted that long]. meaning im back do more warframe then i normally would.... even though i only have the new liches [i got 2 of the weapons since that last post], and about 100 in intrinsics to get, which i will put off till i have all the new kuva weapons
  6. thats just it tho, with void hole there is no need for anyone on gunners, because 1 missile can kill 20 ships from the pilot, so the crews time is better spent doing things that are actually productive like... flux management/engineering/boarders/killing a damn CS so the mission is over faster. lol have a person just literally afk on a gunner turret just for that 1 kill they might get or whatever when you are running a void hole railjack means nothing, its a literal waste of a player.
  7. without constant content, what are the players at the top end to do, and if there is no new content why would new players come along. Constant new content allows for the retention of players and attraction of new ones, wanting to see the new features. Otherwise players like myself would of stopped after about a month. to max the old [U4+ CBT] content. but here i am now some 8 years on, still playing because I obviously have a problem lol, and im trying to drag out intrinsics instead of instantly maxing them.
  8. lol 100 is nothing, but thats why i only do cassini to birth larva, a 90s run, to check and decide. if any other mission i wouldnt bother.
  9. i guess according to this logic, i should stop playing, now i have all the weapons and frames...
  10. as someone that did 37 liches to get all the weapons, and ended up with 1 ephemeral, this is pointless to me... just thought i would say that. Because of how you do these things, even the tons of dupes i had are wasted now. but whatever, i will only ever do this system again to get new weapons, and i will probably do it in a way upsets people knowing my luck.
  11. This is the exact reason that delayed command, to make it seem like there is no barrier to RJ, with command people would solo much more effectively. And the barrier to RJ would be the 6M and construction... and thats how it should be tbh, I got so sick of people sitting on gunners, using all my flux when its not needed, that i have replaced my gunner turrets with mk0 apoc' that literally useless in veil. I ask people as they join to either engineer or cs killer, because my RJ can fully handle the 90 fighters in about 3 minutes. what slows me down like all railjack is the CS and any engineering/flux making that might need doing. If i see a person sit on the gunners, i tell them they are mk0 and do nothing, so please do engineer or cs killer, if they still do nothing and just sit there, i know for a fact they are a waste of space, and just leeching. I once had a guy join and go board a cs, then hide in the cs [not killing it or any of the mobs] where he couldnt get hit and go afk. so it looked like he was doing something[ being on board the cs] but the wonderful tact skill that lets you watch other crew, showed he was literally just afk in a corner. so i tp to him [tact 10] and blew up the ship and left him dead the rest of the session. People suck, and public will always be full of trash... go prepared to carry. Edit : with this sort of setup in the viel it only takes 5 minutes to run gian point, for 8-12 intrinsics, depending on if you let ramsleds hit you on purpose
  12. Exactly why Im not going to take part in the system. At this point literally just doing them for 1 item that is a cosmetic seems insane
  13. HAHAHA, after having done 37 Liches before Railjack was added, to get all the weapons. I can safely say, that I wont be doing Liches again unless new weapons are added that i need. I got 1 Ephemeral out of those 37, and frankly i dont care about trying to rng my way to the other ones, because its not worth the pain in the arse... yes i did grind the system hard to put that many done in that time frame, but there is nothing else to do for a vet like myself... currently lazy grinding intrinsics as nothing else to do .
  14. Exactly, with the rate at which we get it, its not even a gating mechanism to level up anything. Because you dont have to think about "oh i need some more dirac, so i can sort out my grid/avionics" more like, "i will just spam this button to upgrade everything... done. what now?"
  15. I'm not asking for specifics, or concrete functionality definitions. I just would like to know if we are going to get additional uses for this resource [DIRAC] given the changes you made pre-new year to its values and also the wreckage changes increasing the acquisition rate of it. Personally i have i have 180k right now, and im assuming there are people with many many times more already. While i understand island resourcing to stop bloat/content crushing from vets, having nothing to do with stuff also feels meh.
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