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  1. I know that i can do that LOL dont be rediculous... The thing is, its not that simple on HIGHER levels. Pay attention to the whole post if you comment. You probably won't understand if you have never been into those situation where you pay attention to every single enemy, calculate every single ability duration and use the weapons and elementals in the right time but then a nullifier suddenly jumps at your head, runs towards you or even spawn at you if its a fissure and it literally f*cks up everything.
  2. I have lots of hours in warframe, i understand it's mechanics and enemies and everything, but good combat is mostly about combining abilities+weapons for teh ultimate damage, survivability whatsoever, but i'm still wondering, if it's so important to use ailities in order to umm... not to die, then why can nullifiers spawn in insane amounts during any mission? These enemies should move way slower or spawn at higher levels or something but these bubbles are the absolute trolls on every level of the game. It turns off your combo multiplier with wukong's staff because it turns it off, it literally turns off every exalted weapon that you want to use, it pushes you out of rift with limbo so you die in 1 second, it just turns off everything that could keep you alive... the only solution i found on high levels is to kill them with operator or to use a Rolling Guard on everything a bubble can kill... So much years of development and nullies are still rushing on your head, melee nullies are just a pain in the a**, and they are still so common, the bubble is so big and on high level you can't even count to 2 and your dead if a nullifiers just sneezes you with it's bubble... Agile, invisible and squishy warframes do not stand a single chance and that shouldn't be this way.
  3. Let's say first that i'm not that skilled in riding k-drives cause i don't really care about them so i hit every possible big mushroom or little rock that can get me off of my skate. So, i was doing the K-Drive races in Orb Vallis and the same things happened + the emissary guys came on me so i fell off lots of times, but it wouldn't be a problem if it could allow me to get back on the k drive from a few steps away... but no that would be too easy right? Any time when i fell in water doing the Frost Merchant race the game just teleported me 1,5 miles away on the map... and it happened like 3-4 times i didn't want to even count it. Why couldn't it just teleport me back like 50-100m away before the river or something? It was so annoying starting the race over and over again. The same thing happens when i try to run out from a complete capture mission with wukong's second ability. Whenever i fell off from a knockdown into the nothingness of the place my frame tries to cosplay dr. strange and drops me back miles away from where i landed. These phenomenons can happen in the POE too and with any warframe... I know these are not that big of a bugs but they are pretty annoying.
  4. Public games will always provide higher level players too. What did you expect? It's a pve game anyway and making anything extremely balanced according to new player standards would make solo or good modding impossible. Either play with invited friends, clanmates or others and enjoy the "balanced" pve gameplay or go with public queue, it's totally your choice. Or try solo, which without a good build i do not recommend. And what do you even mean by "with no effort"?? That guy worked hundreds of hours for their build to work that way. Like other high level players. When new players complain that veterans are present in their game :DDD Funny
  5. So we got the beautifully designed wukong deluxe skin and i was wondering when the next 3-4 skins will be added to the game. Tennocon showed us the complete version of the wukong deluxe in game so we got that first but the models are done for the ivara and harrow and the new ash deluxe skin too and exca's and nova's deluxe only have like a concept art. I'm a little bit umm the spending type of person when talk about platinum cause i tend to buy things until i go down to like 150 or so and that's why i always want to prepare for the things i want from the market. So, taking everything into account, what do you think, when will these skins come out?
  6. Update: I just got the ephemera finally. Relogged for the 6th time to get it 😛 Good luck everyone. Waiting for nekros.
  7. I have been watching from the beginning for hours now but I still didn't get anything. What is going on?? My account is linked, it always was, and i tried to relog like 5 times now and restart the game or steam, i tried everything. Is there anyone having the same problem?
  8. You know that you are only making all warframe ults useless right? It won't be even worth to use them anymore.....
  9. Throwable weapons like the ferrox falls into the literal nothingness if i use it in the simulacrum after hotfix.
  10. Wisp's ultimate surely could use some buffs in the future and im not specifically talking about a damage buff. Sol Gate should have a higher rate of fire or atleast the same as any other beams in the game right now and it should have an inner bigger punch through too... because you know... it's the actual Sun we are talking about, it should be more powerful. Visually amazing, no doubt, but on higher level its damage and usefulness is unreliable. The Sun burns and radiates on 6-7k °C it should melt down anything easily when it's focused in a beam like that. Or just give it more dmg and procs when we have all the 3 reservoirs or something... but this ability just goes into forgiveness on higher levels. Even an ability like Danse Macabre is more reliable on 100+ levels too and it uses sentient eidolon energy? This ability should do the same or even more... or as i said atleast with 3 buffs it should be more reliable.
  11. still no nitain, noice, than i think i remain at searching for the caches..... nearly mission impossible, thanks DE
  12. We need that Nitain DE. The update is amazing and we appreciate the hotfix too, but now things are crazy on the forum because of nitain and even i need to get 1 to build wisp but i cant because its impossible to get even 1 from sabotages.... 2% drop chance and only in the 3. cache? This is a joke... a bad one...
  13. Thanks for the hotfix! I just got garuda (finally) out of my foundry on the weekend and she is absolutely amazing. But.... There was a couple of times on survival missions that i literally failed to survive because i couldnt use my second ability on anyone. "INVALID TARGET"-s everywhere... So on survivals she s*cks now, but i don't know if its a bug or something i didn't know about the frame, and if it is than on survivals it will be sh*t with this invalid target madness...
  14. Thanks for the ayatan sculpture autofill! In the next patch riven trades should get a whole new chat i think. I mean okay its tradeable so it has the right to be sold on the trade chat but because of that everything else is almost invisible and the lines going faster than ever before. And trade chat now is all about riven mods ofc. ... 😕
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