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  1. I remember playing actual co-op tactics in raids or T4 survivals or defenses :) Some people won't even know what I'm talking about if I mention these in-game (people on forum probably remember old void key missions). Trinity and nekros were almost must haves for loot and to keep energy up and everyone alive in survivals, nova must have in defenses with frost. the rest was to kill enemies fast or more support. Every single % modification in builds mattered. Nowadays frames don't even have these base roles where they could be the strongest. Only in rare pre-made team situations. I don't say we c
  2. Oh well, you can't really do anything with the sneezes :/ Only way to not get oneshotted by them is to either have something that dies for you or you just try to avoid them. *Sad tenno noises* About the farts, well, you're immune to statuses while you're picking up energy orbs, or the transmuated orbs that you created. I would either play around with that or try rapid resilience, or even arcane resistance, exclusively against infested.
  3. I used him with cedo, silva & aegis prime and his abilities for 45 minutes in steel path just because I was curious. Never had any issues with his survivability and I never feared I'll get oneshoted. His base armor value is high and is also something you can and should boost. I also equiped Adaptation and I never used raditation procs, cold only proced when I used vial rush. His survivablity comes from armor, procing status like there's no tomorrow and in healing yourself with his 1. ability. Try out the armor + adaptation thing, he can be really tanky I assure you ;)
  4. Only problem I have with him is that some VIAL RUSH effects heavily impact game performance while others don't. Maybe it's just some pcs that will struggle with this, but I can definitely see the fps difference between corrosive or heat vial rush compared to viral or just pure cold.
  5. If we are at audio changes with the reverb, are you planning on doing some 7.1 magic in warframe?
  6. I think they know this already, but they also don't really have the next season ready, yet there are people that are at the very end of the ranks, so here we are.
  7. Why is it downloading only with 2 MB/s when it should be atleast 20 MB/s with my bandwidth ;-;
  8. The revelation of finally knowing that they spawn in the isolation vaults doesn't help this either. I've been farming it for hours now and no Scintillant drop, nowhere. It's insanely rare as bounty drops as well... I know that we only need 12 to craft everything (17 with an additional Xaku for Helminth), but it doesn't make the situation easier, because the game just doesn't give us Scintillants at all. I would be fine with having even 2x or 3x for build requirments with fix drops or spawns, so that I know that I can actually get them, but now it just makes my eyes roll after hours of gr
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