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  1. Jesus christ, there are still so many bugs I encountered with Merulina and Yareli. Pls atleast fix them after tennocon :/ I can't bring her to arbi with a bug that instantly kills Merulina...
  2. TYPE: In-GameDESCRIPTION: Merulina dies INSTANTLY from nearby Arbitration Drone explosions.VISUAL: NoneREPRODUCTION: It seemed like only teammate kills activated this bug but it's not 100%, but you have to kill arbitration drones near Yareli once she's on Merulina.EXPECTED RESULT: Well Merulina shouldn't instantly die from that explosion obviously.OBSERVED RESULT: Merulina died every single time when an arbi dron exploded near them.REPRODUCTION RATE: This bug works like a charm in arbitration. It also urges me to not play with Yareli until her bugs are fixed sadly.
  3. TYPE: In-GameDESCRIPTION: Can't level up secondary once I got on Merulina with Yareli.VISUAL: NoneREPRODUCTION: Killing with secondary weapons on MerulinaEXPECTED RESULT: I should get xp in both Yareli and my secondary.OBSERVED RESULT: I didn't get xp from killing with my secondary if I'm on Merulina. It seems that we are able to get xp from others though which is weird.REPRODUCTION RATE: It seemed to happen in Sanctuary mostly, not sure about other missions.
  4. TYPE: In-GameDESCRIPTION: Yareli's buffs disappear once she gets on / off Merulina.VISUAL: NoneREPRODUCTION: Just activate any kind of buff, Arcanes, Growing Power or event he new Galvanized mods. Once Yareli changes her state to be either on foot or on Merulina she loses everything. Every buff, every stack.EXPECTED RESULT: Yareli should be able to keep all the buffs affecting her no matter what happens to Merulina.OBSERVED RESULT: The complete oposite of above mentioned expected result.REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time I play with Yareli it keeps me frustrated. It has a 100% chance of appearing in any given situation.
  5. So the problem: I kill more enemies in 2 minutes on a Steel Path survival mission than on a Normal survival in 10 minutes and yet the life suppport modules are the rarest drop i can see from enemies. I don't know if this is caused because i'm playing it on solo mode (because everyone else just uses some overpowered abilities on public and i can't play with my weapons or frames) or because there's something wrong going on in the equation, but this definitely needs to be fixed. Without a khora/nekros/hydroid there's no way one can survive more than 5 or 10 minutes without using a life support capsule, keeping in mind that this person still kills more enemies than on any survival before in that 5 minutes.
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