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  1. I hope you're right that it's going to be 2 different sets because this is the only really steel path exclusive thing (no emotes and statues do Not COUNT) that is worth grinding for. 😕
  2. What the title says. With ghe infested one, the emissary suit, we understood that there needs to be atleast some kind of indication that it's a female operator. It was a slight difference between the two helmets. BUT WITH THIS, the female version looks like a completely different design, it looks amazing, while the male version of the suit is almost just a copy of teshin's armor, and it even makes the tenno look fat. How is this even accepted at DE and why isn't anyone mad about this? I won't even bother getting it for my male operator until they do something with this. It's ugly as hell compared to the gorgeus female design.
  3. There will be more micro transaction for sure and you can say goodbye to "get everything from just playing the game" kind of vision aaand they'll probably do something to increase ps exclusive content or even consider to switch between pc and ps to make it the main platform of development... And worst case scenario would be that they either make it ps5 exclusive or they won't think in a long term investment like de does and let the game die after they got their money out from it.
  4. Tanky frames will definitely be a good choice for solo play, but I think the most efficient solution (and also the least popular one) would be to use a tank, a crowd control and a dps frame at the same time with a support/utility frame for the 4th place. But since people don't know how to take damage instead of others around them and roles are not properly assigned in the game for teamplay, this will never happen.
  5. 1. I agree 2. You're a snowflake as well for complaining about this openly on the forum instead of finding a solution by yourself. 3. If you still want to complain, you should atleast put it into like a "tutorial for new players about spawning and relic opening" or idk, just don't act like the ones you have problem with.
  6. You're a hero of newbies and low MR players bro. But I'm already curious how many people are going to complain about this and the 30 minute kuva survival nightwave challenge 😄
  7. I don't even know why they are playing if they don't have time though... Time management doesn't mean that one must push sonething in every 5-10 spare minutes, it means doing things in such an orderly manner where you can have enough tine for everything and you don't have these 5-10 minute spikes. Yet warframe now seems to not care if these people ruin our experiences in public.
  8. And these are the mission types that those "lazy" players ruin. Not lazy but like idk... "I don't care about you and your level and your anything because i'll only stay 5-10 minutes or waves even if the sky falls down upon on heads" - type of people.
  9. His point is that it's way too frequent nowadays than it was before. I'm also experiencing this issue and no recruit chat doesn't solve the problem, because people there have even higher expectations than this norma. Give this man a medal, he solved the problem. Some people extracts after the first 2 rewards, because they can't survive longer. I'd criticize DE for not implementing a proper system to evaluate people who are prepared for certain types of missions, but i actually won't do that because then people would cry that i want people to miss out on content (which is just ridicolous considering that it's supposed to be a challenge for players that people tend to play for longer because you can't play it again for the rewards until it resets in the next hour) It's not boring, atleast not for those that actually want to progress and get something good because 10 minutes and 10 waves is just 1 A and 1 B rotation and you didn't even reach the first C rotation. Because even 20 minutes takes literally no effort on anyone's side, atleast for those that complain + me who doesn't but i agree with them that people are lazier than years before.
  10. Anything but ship decorations and emotes. When did the last time you see anyone using emotes in-game other than when waiting for baro or by the red text cult? Yet emotes are still better, i can use them in-game, while actually playing the game and not just sitting in my ship with my precious statues 😕 . Mastery rank is the only thing that makes sense to be a reward here, because these will be technically new missions and we get mastery xp for every node on the map. The same people that wanted endgame and challenging content so badly for years are the same people that doesn't care about the emotes and statues they get as a reward for playing it. I appreciate both the challenge and that we actually get something for it, but still it would make more sense to give rewards that are actually popular/useful/won't just sit their in your ship. Mods, warframe cosmetics, arcanes, weapon variants, relics or even those little glyphs would be better. Or some other tenno stuff that makes operator gameplay more interesting and popular but that's just my own desire. Or titles to show off liek the ones that we have in many other games. These are the things that i would call proper rewards, things that you actually see and use in game.
  11. But some exclusive rewards still wouldn't hurt 😞 . I understand that for some people it's enough to just challenge themselves against high level enemies, but still, lots of people will leave doing it because it won't be like in any other loot based game. It's just a common concept in looter shooters that for more effort and harder challenges you get better gear or just something exclusive to those specific challenges and levels. I'd like to have more challenging content in the game even if it's not the endgame, but including some common sense wouldn't hurt anybody, and it would attract more people in to play the game if we had motivating rewards. Would be the game less better if we got challenging content + we also got proper rewards? Saying that it would force people to play on harder difficulty like some do on this post just makes no sense, because it is created to be played by players who reached that level, it's called progress, another common conception in almost every single game. Yet it still wouldn't force anyone to do anything, because it's still your own choice to make.
  12. I meant that on those resources that you would expect from hard mode to give you not on the ones that you need for weapons and frames. Sorry if i wrote something wrong. But still, if there is no motivation then the game mode being hard itself won't be enough. Raid was a thing, it was difficult in it's time, but still people did it for the arcanes. That was the goal, getting that exclusive reward for facing the challenge. No one would've played it if you could only get the same rewards as in normal nodes with much less effort and more efficiency. And that is a fact as well.
  13. No. It increases the drop chance of getting any material. It doubles the drop chance of everything actually. But because of that the potential of getting rare resources is much higher.
  14. Bro if there will be no additional rewards or more resources or anything that's interesting for those players that don't need to bother with learning the game anymore then hard mode will abandoned as soon as everyone completed it because of the mastery rank points and that's it. Hard mode will be Abandoned mode soon after it launches because people will only use those builds that are prepared against high level enemies only once because there is no motivation. If your only motivation is to fight high level enemies then you're just wasting your time if you play one mission on hard mode more than once. Those players that are interested in a hard mode won't bother with it for statues and emotes and definitely won't exhaust themselves for the same reward scaling as normal mode has, so they're going to return to normal as soon as they got the MR and that's it. Abandoned mode. Welcome. Also those newer players or newbies probably don't need that much resources as higher level players do with for example Kuva or Void traces or like invasion resources possibly or anything. They also won't rush to it because they wouldn't last half as long as others and probably would die more than once or twice. Nobody forces them to rush to it if it gives better rewards, but no one will play it more than once if it doesn't. These are just facts. Thinking otherwise won't change them.
  15. Drop chance booster increases the chance of all materials' drop chance, thus giving us opportunity to farm rare materials because common and uncommon already had a high chance to drop. If you were farming like .. .. .. idk, polymer or plastids or something like that you would get more tellurium instead os more polymer and more neurals or morphics or whatever are there for rare materials with plastids, you get the idea.
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