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  1. Ah yes, having to actually play the game is now a toxic viewpoint. Silly me.
  2. Finally some affinity range changes. And please. Please please please please please please please please PLEASE! Let Trinity and Harrow have this. I'll throw a hundred dollars into platinum this Christmas if that's what it takes. The affinity indicator is crucial for knowing who is and isn't in range for their ultimates, both of which are a core component of Eidolons especially. Give them that extra range, and ABSOLUTELY DO NOT leave them at default range while still having the 250 range indicator to completely throw everything off. That's all I ask.
  3. I'm annoyed at finally having that gold circle emblem within reach, and then it got changed to a mess. Feels like this is becoming a recurring trend.
  4. I'm done with these investigations. 3/5 on the last one, gone over the map half a dozen times. Finally realized there's an infested ramp up to the upper layer. It's blocked off by an invisible wall. F off. EDIT: I'm going to elaborate for the sake of being specific. There is a very simple, fundamental rule of game design. If you put something in a level that implies 'you can go here', blocking it off right before accessing that 'new' area is nothing short of incompetence/deliberately yanking the chain of the people who would otherwise want to continue suppor
  5. Yeah, seems like with anything other than Pyrana Prime, it's going to struggle more than it should.
  6. BlockTube works better, previous plugin I used eventually stopped hiding the channels.
  7. Harrow or Nidus. They both have kits that click together, Nidus is more spammy though, with Harrow being very combo focused. So overall, probably Harrow.
  8. Son tokens are easy to stock up. Especially when you start cycling through the pets. Daughter Tokens are the sticking point. They more often than not require large amounts of fishing parts from very specific phase-spot fish, which in turn don't provide nearly enough to begin with because fish spawning is awful without the drop chance booster.
  9. I just want the constant middle finger to AoE attacks/trying to fish, conserve or mine to stop. The annoying, badly written interruptions aren't going to go away ever, so there's no point in complaining about them. I know Wolf was pretty damn disruptive when he showed up, but still, at least that was giving something more than 30 standing out of 10000 for a level.
  10. Well, considering I've just been screwed out of one of the uncommon mods because of the impassable door bug, I'm right in the mood to join in with complaining about these bad drop rates again. Bugs shouldn't be such a massive screw-you feeling, because of finally getting lucky with bad odds only to lose out for completely unrelated and entirely preventable reasons.
  11. I've been doing runs to rebuild the base frames for subsuming, got a good collection growing. On average, a 'long' boss fight at MR 29 is four minutes total, with some going as low as 1 min 30 secs. That seems fair to me, I am literally at full mastery minus Founders items, I should be clearing these early bosses quickly. Soloing the Ambulas fight takes twelve minutes. There is far too much waiting around in general, and worse, in solo you're forced to go four rounds because the first three are one Ambulas, and the fourth is when they start spawning two, but you only need four anyway so i
  12. Do they really? In 1700 hours, it has been nothing but arbitrary trash coming out of the transmute system for me.
  13. I've had it drop from the vault, which can be done at any rank, but yeah this is still yet another unnecessary annoyance.
  14. Grandmother reminds me of her quite a bit, except without the venom. The design especially, bald with a fancy headband. (Daggair, one of Londo's wives, from Babylon 5.)
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