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  1. And this is why I stopped bothering with Eidolons. Broken system, broken community.
  2. I don't want Syndicate progress overriding weapon affinity priority in the screen. Also, I really dislike the teaser of the new Mastery emblem.
  3. Yeah, down to personal preference generally. Apoc on the nose though, you want the armour strip on crewships for getting that 1 shot with the main cannon, good choice there.
  4. Careful, you're going to get flooded with a lot of salty replies who are going to insist 'Warframe doesn't need an auction house of any kind', because they're content with the janky advertising spam that goes on in Trade Chat. Just a heads up.
  5. Would be very surprised to not see Amprex. It has no variant, and it feels exactly like the kind of weapon a Lich would use. Anyway, proper list of my guesses: Amprex. Arca Plasmor. Battacor. (Absolutely want an upgrade to my beauty) Dual Cestra. Convectrix (The AI one, rather than actually fixing the default, lol) Falcor Kreska Lanka Lenz (Have fun fighting that Lich) Tetra And then probably two or three unique Corups weps. (Maybe including that new radiation bar weapon that was teased a little while back. Pretty sure it'll come out first anyway.)
  6. I'm so very glad they made the change. Got utterly fed up with going in for a stealth finisher, only for the frame to smack the weapon against their back and ruin the stealth bonus for no reason.
  7. It was a new mode years ago that was dead on arrival and never touched afterwards. Best to just do one run for clearing the node and never look back, sadly.
  8. Let it have innate Tau damage. That'd be my suggestion.
  9. For now, change the energy colour to something dark, it helped a lot when I was getting headaches from the constant flashes.
  10. Well, for one cutting out half the players would help the netcode side of things, and redoing it from ground up with modern systems probably would turn out easier than trying to refit the original anyway. At the very least, they can bring back all the existing voice lines and the like which is no small chunk of change saved. In any case, the Derelict tower has already been appearing, and there are what, four Infested resources in Railjack currently? I daresay they're the next faction after the Sentients.
  11. A streamlined version of Jordas Verdict for four players and using Railjack in the outside fight would certainly be a neat surprise.
  12. Why a hotfix just as the ship shows up? Seriously? I am not losing the other two Shedu parts I needed like this.
  13. 5-15 secs invulnerability doesn't change the fact that you can have effective 50 secs invulnerability anyway during a hull breach. There's no reason to not run it right down as low as possible since the railjack won't get outright destroyed in that time. And better yet, it even fits perfectly with the Last Stand mod, maximising the amount of time you get that bonus damage on turrets that still feel terrible to use in general.
  14. Let's guess, 4x forma, 50 Lua strands, 200 Breath of the Eidolon, and a bunch of a Veil region Railjack rare resource.
  15. Seems to be a host-specific issue, others in my squad are able to revive fine, but I'm stuck in spectate mode with no option to switch.
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