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  1. Ah yes, the typical 'stop giving criticism because no-one in the community cares' shutdown. Very mature.
  2. Above all else, I think knowing which weapon mods are being made Exilus is at the top of my desire list. Daikyu for example has two specific utility mods for it now, and I'm still holding out for it to be primed when Ivara Prime comes next year so it'd be a good move to have Broadhead or the Amalgam mod made exilus at least. I'd also hope that Syndicate weapon mods get the slot too.
  3. Since the reddit community decided to be pack animals over a simple joke that I elaborated on and got bombed for, I'll come here to be harassed as well. Arcanes are fine in the Arbitration rotations. Quite frankly I get the impression they'd be much more costly to acquire if put into the shop based on typical Vitus drop rates. Even if the cost ended up being just 10 essence per individual arcane for a total of 100 to get a max rank. And I am much happier seeing them in the reward screen over sculptures I can't do anything with for lack of amber stars, nor will have much use for because oh yeah, Arbitrations are meant to be endgame when endo is common place anyway. I'm actually enjoying things for the first time, but there are still so many on this dumb hangup about the shop. It's far less toxic than what happens with Eidolon arcanes, should they just be stuck in a shop too? Oh wait...
  4. How are they going to nerf Loki? Give him an actual Strength scaling ability? At least he won't be an outright waste of an arbitration cycle then.
  5. Wait for Titania Prime, I'd be highly surprised if they skipped her for Octavia after Ivara Prime. Who in turn should be coming after Atlas.
  6. Morbus Embolist, Morbus Paracyst, Morbus Phage, Morbus Scoliac etc... It works as a theme name.
  7. It's available through the Nightwave credit shop rather than the main market. Unfortunately this means it's not nearly as simple as just obtaining credits to obtain.
  8. I think I'd rather a skin that doesn't fit with the base at all than yet another with freaking ugly peg legs. Why do they keep happening? Trinity is among my most played but the peg leg plague ruins that deluxe for me.
  9. Oh fantastic, first run hit the invisibility bug, second run got through to the end only to CTD before the dialogue even finished. Great.
  10. Okay, if PoE conservation means no longer killing the animals, what happens with the clan dyes? I will not do conservation just to give the dojo a new colour...
  11. Now, if only playing with more than one person didn't result in getting stuck at the door when trying to leave Deck 13 for Phase Two. It never successfully loaded back out so I had to force-close out of the game and hope that fixed it.
  12. I finally completed it solo, with Adaption/Adrenaline/Bless Trinity, and boy was actually figuring out the mechanics the most tedious part. That and the progression stopping altogether after the 2nd weakspot. But hey, Hildryn Systems, an absolute ton of Fortuna materials, some amazing Skyrim-style cutscenes, I'm down with it.
  13. So what's up with the surface fight? I can barely get halfway through the meter before it just resets anyway despite best efforts and I can't do a thing about it. 😕 EDIT: Nevermind, I figured out why there's an absolute ton of canisters with all the fractures...
  14. Thank you for pointing this out, I looked over the place with zero clue as to what to do, then looked around with the scanner and didn't even get a beep to indicate a scannable was in the area. And then went back out to where Exploiter roams in case that triggered something. Good job on intuitiveness.
  15. So how long will this last? Some quick math put the challenges at totalling 50k for a full week, except we only get 4 days in this week which costs about 6k standing. And since it's a total of 300k to max out the reward chain, we need six and a half weeks at bare minimum for it to be viable at all.
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