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  1. I'd rather see New War actually finished before we get into deeper stuff with the Corpus Board of Directors. That's what I'd expect the Corpus fortress to be focused around anyway.
  2. Chakkurr I liked before the explosive changes. Something about it feels a little off now. Kuva Hind and Nukor are my new go-to's right now though. The only other burst rifles I've actually enjoyed using are the Dex Sybaris and the Battacor. Kuva Hind has really solidified itself as a cozy crit-status hybrid.
  3. I don't like the heavy attack system. In close to 5 years I also never bothered with melee combos. Now I'm apparently stuck with nothing left for melee weapons because right now, all of them default to heavy attacks. Tried a number of them, quick melee just doesn't exist right now. And I'm not okay with this in the slightest.
  4. Yeah, everything that isn't the boosters should be improved greatly. I'm at nearly 1500 logins, and I'm still only getting 14 Mutagen Samples when they appear. And that's the only one of its kind that is remotely useful by that point, because crappy Hema/100x Health research costs. Getting weapon slots is actually still nice to see, and like I said, 40+ hour boosters for free are actually quite generous. Endo and other resources though, they're still so far away from 'replacing the grind' that I don't think improving their login count is going to hurt anyway.
  5. I get the feeling that it's a bit tricky with the fact that MOAs already have an existing 'customization' pattern with the pair of mods each base comes with. There's already six different ability tweaks for them, so adding arcanes in as an entirely new set of tweaks to them could be quite fiddly. I'm thinking mostly of how the Plague Star Exodia arcanes can radically alter how Zaws are used compared to the normal Exodias, because doing plain copies of Warframe arcanes but for MOAs seems like it'd be rather underwhelming. The same for adapting the Pax arcanes. I think, to at least contribute one idea, I would like to see a MOA arcane that does a better job of what the Hacking Precept mod has been kinda iffy about doing. Something that allows the MOA to reprogram an enemy MOA/Roller-turned-Roller Turret/Infested MOA (work out the lore) as a permanent minion of its own. Preferably one that is superior to the hacked Shockwave MOA, since for one it wouldn't be limited to a few specific tilesets, and for another in that they can regenerate shields/health as needed.
  6. Still waiting for Kuva Shildeg to go back to its holster instead of being stuck in the hand all the time everywhere.
  7. Happening to me as well, and relogging does not change it at all.
  8. Guess I might as well dissolve my Rubico riven at this point. What's the goddamn point of keeping it. The Catchmoon riven I had has already become literally worse than even a single mod in the same slot. Why bother? Seriously, why?
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