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  1. Have met the voice actor at last year's tennocon, the voice actor for Nora is a good bit older looking, very nice person.
  2. Old version of the forums was perfect, IMO. The design was still fresh/modern by today's standards, was not in need of a face-lift. Now it's pretty painful to even browse it (on mobile that is). I really don't see the need for the change and I hope DE takes note of the feedback.
  3. I'd advise you to play around with your builds if you truly think melee is underperforming. Right now (and for the last few years) melee has been king, no primary or secondary can come even close to the max potential damage as well as room clearing that a well modded melee can dish out. It's not even remotely close, either. Take a well modded Bramma on steel path and take a well modded melee weapon, it'll be pretty obvious pretty quick which is better.
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