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  1. Yeah Akjagara is amazing. Especially if you get a lot of multishot in there, cause they already fire 2 pellets a shot. Not sure how the math works but, it ends up being a lot of bullets.
  2. Octavia? Her balls draw a lot of attention.
  3. Unlikely. Much as I love Linux, it's nowhere near mainstream and thus would not justify the resources spent on making a Linux client.
  4. I mean, if we can get two energy colors, I don't see what's wrong with getting two ephemera slots as well.
  5. Interesting theory, how would that work though? The whole umbra thing was basically us coming to an understanding with Excal U and working towards a mutual goal. I don't think the Wolf would appreciate us turning him into a Warframe.
  6. Itzal does not need a nerf, and it's not a good idea to give us more options by making others obsolete. I agree with a lot of the responses here - I do think Itzal is meta just because it's so effective in open world nodes, in the same vein that's not really a bad thing. I just think other options (K-drive/AW) need to be brought made more appealing with their own strengths. Currently Archwing is just used to get from point A to point B - Itzal does that very effectively, and there's nothing else that comes close in that regard. But what if DE gave us reasons to use archwings where speed isn't as much of a factor? The Flying Eidolon comes to mind, in this regard it might be a better idea to bring a high damage/utility archwing instead of a go-fast archwing. --- As far as K-drives go, I think overall they are hurting, and need buffs to mobility and utility - they need to be able to instantly and easily overcome terrain obstacles like mountains in order to compete with archwings. Being able to use weapons and possibly even one handed Warframe abilities would make K-drive much more appealing than they are now.
  7. I mean, to an extent. You can still burst the shield down while you already have the buff active, and if you're aiming right you'll headshot the nully and it'll be like it never even happened.
  8. Pretty much this. /thread?
  9. Yes! Gurren Lagann ❤️ ALSO I think tatsu looks great.
  10. Scott has made it clear he wants to nerf Itzal because K-Drive sucks. In my opinion, Itzal is not overperforming, K-Drive is just underperforming. Heck I can outrun a K-Drive with Loki. Please just buff K-Drive and call it good.
  11. I solo it, honestly. Less headaches involved
  12. And yet he's still one of the strongest around.
  13. I haven't received an email on it either, so yeah a bit worried about it </3
  14. Agreed I strongly dislike how finishers are forced on you, they are slow, clunky, and don't really have a place in a game that's all about killing as many things as quickly as possible.
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