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  1. Trinity specters are pretty nice for free energy, also she can heal defense objectives to full health Trinity specters will only heal when you yourself are below ~45% HP. Wukong is probably the most useless choice for a spectersince he will pretty much only use defy. Nidus, Trinity, Octavia, Harrow, all make decent specters. I do agree they are pretty godlike with the Bramma. Thing does so much raw damage... Also good with Shedu
  2. Honestly I think revenant is pretty good as he is, though I'd like to see a better passive out of it. My only complain with him is that DE hasn't accepted any of his good tennogen helmets yet 😢
  3. They definitely are not giving up Tennocon. It wouldn't make sense for them to either, considering how much cash it rakes in between tickets, concessions, and merch stands (which sells out in minutes.) There's also nothing wrong with them showing us absolutely nothing new this year at Tennocon, they can literally just flesh out what they've already been working on (more of Railjack, The New War, Duviri Paradox) and we'll be happy.
  4. laughs in Kohm riven that shreds 165 heavy gunners
  5. Honestly I'm not sure they ever will, or at least not in the same form. I suspect DE will be doubling down on Operations, also things like Eidolons/Ropalolyst and of course rail jack.
  6. I mean, the folder deletes itself when I close the game. Not really too bothered by it to be quite honest..
  7. The usage of the word Primed here is the intended definition, that it is 'priming' the chamber, in preparation for an attack or action. Not to be confused with the orokin definition of the word, which is just "gold bedazzling"
  8. Honestly the only thing Excal really needs to remain competitive is slightly bigger waves and to make them much faster. A reworked 3 would be good too As it is now I can pretty much outrun the waves sent by exalted blade by bullet jumping/slash dashing
  9. You can do the same thing for Gladiator mods on Helios (because deconstructor counts as a melee)
  10. I'd have to disagree. We've reached a point where you can take just about any weapon and go through sortie level missions just fine, if not competitively. The mod limit forces (at least some) creativity in builds instead of just slapping the most meta mods on all the time (which really happens already anyways) because you have such limited space to work with.
  11. Sorry, but Maroos bazaar is one of the worst places to trade. Either Trade chat or Warframe.market is where you wanna go.
  12. I mean, counterpoint; let's take a look at some of the things they've gone back and fixed. -Plains of eidolon economy (the grind was insane at launch. Now you can max it out in a month or two.) -Beam weapon rework, they are probably some of the best in class primaries now, after having their status per second mechanic broken for years. -Melee 3.0 (They basically buffed everything across the board, made stances much more fluid, old weapons like Reaper and Dakra prime now more than viable) -Many old frame reworks, including but not limited to; Excalibur, Vauban, Ember, Nezha, Mag, Wukong (Remember how useless he used to be?) -They are currently actively working on Railjack and Liches, actively listening to our feedback on them. -Tileset reworks, Earth and Jupiter Tileset were revamped massively both visually and composition-wise. -Archwings are still actively being looked at, universal blink is a good step in the right direction. -Universal vacuum, a tale nearly as old as time itself, it took a while to get there but DE listened to the community on this one. -Arbitration tweaks, they listened to community feedback and added more rewards / less grind to it. There's many more fixes, tweaks, changes etc that are not listed here. But hopefully I've given you an idea of how much DE has really been doing behind the scenes, and why saying they do nothing just isn't giving them any of the credit they are due.
  13. No game is perfect. In fact you'd be hard pressed to find a game that is. DE has dropped the ball, more than a couple times even. But the thing is, they are human, and at least speaking for myself, they are one of the better game studios out there. They talk to us, keep in touch with the community (for the most part) and try to work with our feedback. They rarely double down on a bad decision when the community pushes back on it, just look at some of the recent reworks / planned upcoming changes they've been adding. Even when it comes to tennocon (which I've attended all except for the first) they're out walking around, mingling with the crowd, and just legit being people. Hell [DE] Bear always hosts a party at the local pub prior to the convention where they're all just having fun with the community. DE actively works to maintain a good relationship with their community (hence why so many people defend them) and that's really the biggest difference between them and other game devs that constantly drop the ball (think recently of Anthem/Destiny/Battlefront/Cod/Fo76/you get it, there's a common trend of game companies making bad mistakes and not engaging with their community)
  14. I'm sorry, but this reasoning is horribly flawed. You're ignoring all the things that Warframe does right because you feel that it fails in one area, and at the same time praising a notoriously infamous game like Fallout 76 for the one thing it does right, despite the countless things it does wrong.
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