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  1. conservatively speaking, if the twitch stream is anything to go by there are at least 300k people in game which is 3-5x the average player count on steam charts. can't say I'm surprised. especially since they teased the new war which probably brought in a lot more than a 'normal' tennocon (2020 tennocon was about 100k)
  2. yeah got kicked from game while in my orbiter
  3. I sure do love not being able to see stuff during these quest dialogues because of all of the ephemeras
  4. yeah so I'm just gonna be honest here. I WAS super excited to get yareli despite her mediocre looking kit. THEN I found out that I had to build a new lab JUST for her. as if the tenno lab doesn't exist. THEN I found out that the research would take not 1 but 3 days. so If I want to build her it will literally take me 8 days. building a railjack on day 1 of empyrean took less time than this. Is this really the direction gear acquisition method is headed? There is no novelty, no nuance. You could have made her parts drop from kdrive races or purchasable from vent kids. If yareli was a new system then you could justify the lab, but she isn't. At most she should have gone in the tenno lab. nothing about her acquisition rewards player activity at all. I was hyped to come back from a hiatus and grind out sisters while level and testing out the new frame but since you've made it abundantly clear that you don't want me to play then I won't.
  5. gotta stretch that new 'content' as much as possible. if they really thought gun stats were in a good place the arcanes wouldn't just be a +360% damage buff at max stacks. DE really said, 'have a melee nerf so that you will want to use guns more, but don't worry we are buffing guns to make up for it' and now we have to work in game to get the buff. there's nothing wrong with having to grind for new upgrades. hell, the galvanized mods are actual content, you can easily get 1/day with the SP alerts. but the arcanes are just a poor excuse to get players to grind for the gun buff. not only is that a massive wall of RNG, but we also have unlock the slot as well? if there was variance in the main benefit of each arcane then the story would be different, but this point blank reads as 'guns are too weak, and we don't want to manually balance the stats, but giving a flat buff across the board would look lazy, so we will sneak out on and hide it behind a grind wall' also this will only exacerbate problems between low and high Mr players where low Mr players feel useless. especially since they can't even just go get the arcanes, they still need to unlock the slot. I've had several friends quit playing because they don't feel like they can ever catch/contribute with damage on pub squads. someone tell me how any of this fixes that? anyone who has ever ran with a super low Mr player will attest that as soon as the going gets tough, they switch to melee. none of these changes affect how the game will play for a low Mr player. their guns remain weak, their melee remains the same since they likely are not running CO/berserker/BR, and none of the new mods/arcanes for guns are even remotely accessible.
  6. if the stats were in a good place, then why is the main benefit of every new gun arcane +360% damage at max stacks? I understand the primary goal of these changes was to bring guns to the same level as melee, but this doesn't address that a large majority of guns are simply mastery fodder. there are a lot of fun and interesting guns that I love but simply aren't worth using because their status and crit chance are so low. giving a boost to base damage across the board still doesn't change that many guns are simply not worth using, hope the next round of changes addresses this!
  7. my score is over 500 for thermia (not even counting failures) and I still have never seen one. I did the math at one point and after 100-500 fractures you have a 50% cumulative chance of having seen one. you need 3 scans. please change this so that they can spawn outside of thermia fractures
  8. glad to see that deimos fish are finally tradeable, but still waiting on a variety of other basic quality of life changes on deimos
  9. please reduce the visual overlay when near a voidsink so that I can play void storms without getting a headache. I think a big part of why so many people have problems with the effect is because it is not an environmental effect but one that overrides the UI screen.
  10. still no fix for god awful void sink UI effects :/
  11. Bumping for visibility. NONE of the hotfixes have directly reduced the UI effects of voidstorms. Please at least indicate to us if you intend on toning it down in a reasonable amount of time so I can either know not get my hopes up and just buy sevagoth or wait to play this content when it becomes playable. It has been 6 hot fixes ffs and the only "official" information we have on this is that Rebecca added "void sinks are too visually dominant" to the popular feedback on the trello board. I'm also gonna echo another post I saw. void storms look bad. I know the tennocon preview is a scripted mission, but why can we not have a different skybox? It really does just look like the design team said "just slap columns of void energy everywhere" which feels and looks lazy. In space youve got big void columns and inside the ships? more void columns (sinks). We KNOW you have the void effects for the interior because you put them in the tempestarii.
  12. some kitgun usage stats got reset (tombfinger for me) and some are no longer showing as mastered under profile :/
  13. oh boy it happened again with update 30.0.6 :)
  14. pls reduce void storm UI effect spam and excessive effects from void explosions
  15. Please reduce the void ui effects on void storms. I have NO history of seizures or anything like that but even one mission gives me massive migraines.
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