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  1. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  2. Please take another look at amp self stagger, as it currently is some amps almost always self stagger, making them very frustrating
  3. Please revisit self stagger on amps, it makes some parts very difficult to use. Specifically the shraksun as the stagger range is further than I can fire it in most instances. According to the wiki it's range is 10 meters, and the aoe has a radius of 8 meters. However even if I S#&$ straight into an open area I still find myself being staggered.
  4. another graphical bug: the muzzle flash on her dex pixia stays the default blue no matter what energy color or emissive color you use edit: parazon floats and is not attached to the wrist as well
  5. Stagger still has a chance to bug you and disable everything but walking around if it interrupts an ability cast, firing/reload, or other animation. this is sometimes fixed when the time limit on the stagger is hit (when your warframe would stand up on its own had it been knocked down) but not always. This seems to happen more frequently on high ROF weapons like Basmu/Zhuge prime, where you can stagger yourself multiple times in quick succession (stagger animation being interrupted by stagger animation) although being near a crowd of enemies that have knockdown poses the same risk (IE two heavy gunners both using ground slam in quick succession)
  6. restating and adding my own images, her primary and secondary color channels are significantly darkened and prevent a crisp white from being attainable you can even prove this by setting her first 3 color channels to pure white, where the tertiary channel can be differentiated
  7. somewhat disappointed with the event, ground assault is just shooting a defenseless bullet sponge and standing in a limbo bubble, and railjack is even worse, because its nothing but standing in a limbo bubble. There's nothing that prompts player engagement. archwing became nothing but a taxi between objectives in open world because you orphaned the gamemode, then you relegate it completely to a taxi in railjack by nerfing AW damage capabilities. this event makes railjacks nothing but a taxi between objectives as well. So now we have to fly our jack to the point, then get into archwing, and fly to the point again, and then we can enter the objective. If the gamemode specific mechanics aren't being utilized for the mission, why are we even playing in that gamemode? This is not me saying I don't want to play railjack. This is me frustrated because the railjack event may as well not have a railjack in it, seeing as its nothing but a glorified loading transition between objectives.
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