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  1. Wait...what? I'M ON PS4 and play the hell out of Railjack! I'm in the Veil and only have issues when another player has a crappy internet connection. Solo play is smooth for me. Why can't you play on the PS4? Also, if you can't "play" Railjack then why are you complaining about content you haven't played yet?
  2. You're joking, right? For starters, never, EVER use her as an example. She makes money off of b.s. and, just like Brozime, they focus more on "ratings".
  3. What problems are you seeing on PS4? Solo is clean on my end. Pub has issues with players on slow connections though.
  4. Nah, most of us knew what we were getting because DE said it was going to be the testing grounds. Looks like ole Jim is trying to ram the memories of players who forgot about that back in shape. Give him time.
  5. Sorry, I have to question you here. In what way or shape is it possible to declare the devs are not managing their time? Smaller teams? Those "smaller teams" released larger content every quarter and their base quota of content every month. "Smaller teams" ARE the reason why that string of content happened in late 2019. From the second orb fight to all the way to Railjack, DE's "smaller teams" delivered. And before you argue against this, I invite you to look at the results of the survey Steve sent out. The VERY VAST majority of players loved the work DE put into 2019.
  6. Wow...you reached REALLY far for this. It's called a demo. A demonstration. Whether it was live or recorded means absolutely nothing, well, except it was a demo. Also, care to explain what, exactly, was fake?
  7. They did debate internally on whether to release it early or not but I personally think it was a good idea overall. I mentioned it a few posts ago that I figured they were trying to iron out the foundation of the next big phase of Warframe. Steve said prior to release that it will be very buggy and that's because the millions of us can find issues much faster than the 10s of them, especially non solo and bad internet service issues individual players have around the world. It's a free game so this option is usable. The other issue is in how polarized and schizophrenic the community and Youtubers are in regards to opinions. "Content drought", "DElayed" and "lazy devs" will be the theme if DE focuses on a flawless gameplay. "Bug frame", "rushed content" and "slow down DE" will be the themes if there's a stream of monthly big updates but aren't tuned. Unfortunately, both themes, while deemed mere opinions, WILL affect the potentials of Warframe. People hover over the negative and gas themselves up pretty rapidly these days.
  8. Which all had updates except ESO. Fortuna with the explorer orb, fractures, special weapons and rewards. PoE with the refresh, new enemies and QoL players asked for. Not enough stuff yet but we knew why. Arbitration with new rewards, a requested more forgiving mode and better tracking.
  9. I had an epic experience with a really, REALLY good random squad that all feel into roles perfectly. Pilot, gunner, gunner/engineer and assault demolitionist that played for about two hours wiping Saturn and focusing on post mission scavenging. It was the second time in Railjack where the whole squad was in tune. Unfortunately, the wife and I had some traveling to prep for so I had to cut it short. Awesome time though!
  10. I know I tried....but that damn ancient grabbed me and hauled me back in!
  11. Great point. They openly discuss the details, feedback and issues on the streams but it doesn't matter if those streams are missed or ignored. Perhaps a mandatory one time update message, requiring the player to scroll and click "I've read this", would work?
  12. Delusional...about expanding towards the demo? That's weird to say. I mean, they programmed that cinematic and action already so, just like filming a movie, it makes perfect sense to preview the Fortuna based scene along with the Fortuna release, right? Further, everything now revolves around Empyrean, including New War. Going forward, there's little point to focus on anything but the new Empyrean infrastructure.
  13. Didn't say you called me anything and I definitely agree both posts are opinions. I used myself as an example. Kill the "strawmen" buzzword. It's a nothing word. Also, readers read in a forum. You won't know what someone's posting about until it's read. Skipping you is not until you've established a pattern someone doesn't like. Otherwise, readers have to read first, then react.
  14. What are you talking about? You act as if it's a freaking life or death situation. Holy crap. First, entitlement is demanding and whining about getting everything now, your way and without any real work put in it. I've played with players like that and, if that fits your description, then absolutely you are. If it's the vidar parts, for example, I have no problems with people discussing the drop rates of the different units. All good. The entitlement comes from wanting the max avionics vidar only AND wanting the drop chance for that one raised. Why, because it's the only one that allows the ultimate builds? Because you feel it's the only one worth using?IT SHOULD BE HARD TO GET. Second, in regards to people saying "Hence, either you keep playing the toxic relationship of this game, or be called a hater, entitled brat, doomsayer and find a fresh breath of life in other games", you do realize players who enjoy different elements of this game than you get tired of your complaining just like you get tired of theirs, right? There will always be players with something to say. I get called a "white knight" because I see Warframe as a long term development system with yearly chapters, quarterly big updates and monthly base updates. I don't expect Warframe to be what it's not envisioned to be and I praise DE for not swaying from what they want the game to be. In no way or shape does that mean I like all of their game modes or updates. I HATE raids but I also want them in the game for Empyrean because it's the perfect model for them. I LOVE spy missions but understand now is not the best time for them in the story. I just enjoy the game.
  15. And we're at the "take flight" phase so we're basically practicing. Heck, we still don't have any idea why a certain character is powering the ship and what the HELL is up with that finger!?
  16. "Cant speak for others, but i thought it would be the proper Railjack update, not the incomplete and rushed , and bare bones thing at the moment." I honestly thought they were going to introduce a basic learning version of it because it's such a big change from standard warframe. "Sure it can improve, but i do not see it becoming even a fourth of what was shown in the "demo"." Just like Fortuna and PoE, I think they're going to spend the year revealing the Empyrean/New War story and introduce us to big chapters every quarter and minor chapters every month. Even if players leave, by the time they decide to come back, we may have a new starchart just for Railjack. Lol, I just hit the Veil so, for me, this is a great pacing. "Cause they are content creators , they need views to feed themselves. Dont take them too seriously , though they do have some valid points." Very true but the level of overdramatic assumptions and the negative tone is not a smart long term food plan...especially if they're constantly biting the hand of the provider. Constructive criticism is often claimed but rarely practiced.
  17. I enjoy and really appreciate the variety, creativity, freedom of movement, fluid action and customization this game brings. The controls are superb, the graphics are beautiful, the sound is immersive and powerful (noise cancelling headphones really shine here), the lore is really cool and deep and the action is second to none. My favorite feature is the variety of game modes that are offered. I can log on and relax with fishing or exploring in Railjack on earth (can't get enough of how well the designers created an amazing feel of looking down towards earth), I can grab some buddies or randos and go ham on missions or take my Ivara and explore Gas City. Dojo decor, NW or kuva farms, Eidolan hunts with freaked out noobs, slowly becoming addicted to Lunaro, etc, etc. This game has everything and I like 95% of what it has to offer.
  18. Well b I'm currently dealing with a level 4 lich and her and her minions are BEAST! Lol! I'm running healing return and adaptation to help deal with the damage and I really recommend healing return over life strike for Excal users. I'm not the biggest fan of the relic hunt and think the murmurs per thrall should be greater but I like the match game associated with the liches. She's a pain...but I REALLY want those damn Stubbas! Lol!
  19. Ok folks, I'd like some opinions on why I'm seeing content creators going on about how Empyrean's current phase isn't like the demo as if we don't see the clickbaiting behind it. Does anyone here really think the current Empyrean is the final chapter? Is it possible that we have some players that think the grineer is the only faction to fight in Railjack? Are the mk versions of weapons the final weapons or are they the first generation like the beginning weapins in Warframe? Am I the only player who thought of that demo as not the beginning of Railjack but as the final piece of Fortuna...perhaps part of the last orb fight?
  20. It's because DE was thinking star wars and some players were thinking gundam. Lol! Since the archwings are literally warframes with added wings, the heavy artillery from space ships proved too much so the archwings have to be beefed up to handle the heavier combat. I wouldn't be surprised if DE changed the sizing of the modular archwings to better fit the new functionality. Perhaps full body suits?
  21. "That way of asking would imply Warframe is everyone's most played game, which it isn't." Noted
  22. I forgot about that! I don't even remember what the old chart looked like! Lol!
  23. Honestly, the vet and noob thing is irritating to me, regardless of what game it is. Having fun, learning the game and helping the squad is much more important to me than prestige. It's all about the overall fun.
  24. We're in the same boat with work. This game is an awesome stress reliever for me!
  25. I've yet to try monster hunter and will definitely have to give it a shot. Work life keeps Warframe as my best gameplay opportunity that I don't have to reinvest crazy time in but I'll definitely give Monster Hunter a try during my next vacation.
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