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  1. Honestly, I hate the whole "Mr fodder" thing. It's a crappy way to kill the vibe of fun weapons. Newer players hearing that could miss out on good weapons just because of bad modding or lack of meta use. Rant over. Lol To answer the question, no and for the exact reason above. Usage of weapons are mostly guided by content creators, who have the largest audiences. Luckily, it's a benefit for fans of the "out of meta" desirables as it allows some nice stat bonuses.
  2. That's a great question! Man, I've experienced a lot of good combos recently. Here goes: If I'm Frost or Gara, I love to see Wisp or Protea on the squad. Usually, I'll set up a safe zone bubble or glass barrier that Wisp or Protea usually drops "recharge stations" at, making the area a really effective base station for survivals. If I'm Ember or Umbra, I love to see Baruuk, Rhino or Gara. The strength or defense buffs allow me to go extra ham. Lol! A nice return favor is radial blind gives Rhino and Gara a very reliable way to activate Arcane Ultimatum. A new combo I like is my Yureli with a Vauban or Zephyr on the squad. I really love the controlled chaos of traps deployed and Yureli is really good at setting up zones and corridors. I'll have to think more on this but awesome topic! Thanks!!
  3. You're a hunter. Before you place bait, it is your job to clear the area. Kill all nearby threats first, as quietly as possible, then place the lure.
  4. I think Xaku is a great example of why DE shouldn't do it too often. Xaku was willed into an OP mega monster of a frake that's basically untouchable. They are, quite literally, the most powerful warframe in the game, in relation to the amount of work required to play as them. Chroma is already insanely powerful as well with his 2 and 3 at play. His 4 controls the space quite well and isn't designed to be a stand alone super threat, especially in steel path (where NOTHING should be designed to scale or make easier. What would be the point of SP then?) I agree that his 1 should be an aoe type fire/ice/toxin/electricity ball or blast with guaranteed process but I wouldn't touch his 4 much, if at all.
  5. My ghoulsaw fun is to use a Probiscus bow, add prime firestorm, pull every enemy within 15-20 meters in and then jump in with the saw and do a stationary R2 spin attack. Oh, the sheer joy of watching everything die by viral/electric bow mixed with corrosive, impact, slash ghoulsaw is absolutely wonderful! I've also tried shattering impact with really good results! I actually like this weapon. Different, fun and very useful, when mastered. I hate the forward R2 though (ride the saw).
  6. I can't complain about my defender, engineer nor gunner. All three of those maniacs get the job done without me having to worry about anything except having fun destroying stuff. I also doubled my defender as a top notch pilot.
  7. Misunderstanding. In normal game mode, a pet or sentinel is more then capable of surviving with no issues. Past an hour of base level 30 or lower survival, we start to see pets struggling when they're relying on their on survival mods. That's good. In SP or past about 30 minutes of base 30 or higher survival, the struggle is early on, when relying on their own survival mods. Higher difficulty should mean more thoughtful methods to maintain a healthy pet and, in the case of SP, RJ or Mot, it does. It SHOULD require you to think about strategies for a healthy pet. After all, they provide a huge, bonus benefit for you so keep it alive for as long as possible. Disagree?
  8. First, please define your view of reasonable. I ask because I've secured new prime parts as fast as an hour, with my usual squad and as long as three days, via casual play with pub. Either way, between trading, friend play, recruit chat and even random play, it's not something I would consider a big chore at all. But, that's due to my own version of reasonable.
  9. To be honest, the "frame attachment" is more toward the load out of that frame, not the frame. Every warframe has at least one strong survival stat (health, armor, shield). If you're running a shield-gate spamming setup then the consequence and compromise SHOULD match that tricky setup. I think we have to get out of this "why can't I have everything I want from every trick I use" mindset and accept the fun of adjusting and compromise.
  10. But you want to use them, and that's the whole challenge of it. We can't have it all so we must balance what we want to get what we need. Choosing one or two of the survival mods makes a huge difference. Believe me, I get it but that's the compromise for the extra power/resource/cc etc.
  11. I have NO idea where you got this from. Dethcube, helminth, Moa's and the new robo dogs have survived long runs with no issues and have all put in really nice work whether solo or with the squad. For sentinels, my survival tactic is to keep moving and rely on mobile aiming and disrupting attacks. A silencer on their weapons lowers their aggro and the enemy rarely has a chance to catch me at a stand still. Even my operator form keeps them safe by either shocking every nearby enemy when using energy regen dash or healing/adding temporary invulnerability via the Vazarin dash. I've run 1.5 hours with Dethcube and Ember Prime for Kuva fortress with no issues. Running well beyond that is not a DE fault but a test of how skillful and creative we can get. Frames like Xaku, Ember, Frost, Gara, Ivara, Loki, Yareli, Mirage, etc are way too chaotic or sneaky for enemies to focus on the sentinels. I just use that to my advantage. As for pets, dying should be rare as long as you're linking health, armor and shields while also using the more hearty frames and mods that make survival make sense. I have yet to revive a pet when I'm using hefty survival frames like Atlas, Umbra, Rhino, Frost, Gara, Ember, Wukong, Inaros and Zaku. It all just depends on your load-outs, as always. Either way, I greatly disagree that there are only a couple of useful companions. I just think we have to consider our entire load-out more carefully and make sure all of the survival pieces fit, IMO.
  12. Agreed. For me, the warframe and mission decides the companion. A moa that can pull in enemies while reducing damage is awesome. A sentinel that can scan stuff while I destroy stuff is awesome. Another that is more destructive than most frames is awesome. Equipping silencers help with survival. A kubrow that can keep my energy, health and ammo up is awesome. A kavat that can double my loot is awesome. Another that reliably keeps my critical chance up is awesome A robo dog that destroys enemy shields while disarming them is awesome. An infested big cat(?) that loves to heal is awesome. A never dying infested wolf that keeps attacking is awesome. Honestly, I think too many players focus on what YouTube says instead of experimenting and learning for themselves.
  13. It's because the game has a truck ton of loot, many ways to get loot and many ways to build things. Therefore, let the game be allowed to have surprises, scavenger and RNG based methods to acquire that loot as well. There's no rush.
  14. Heck no...and we shouldn't even be talking about these mods. Drop the subject. Everything is fine, yep...fine.
  15. I think the issue of "frame quality" lies in the only area it actually shouldn't matter. Yureli is a fun frame that is great at normal levels, requires more skill at higher levels and is purposely build to be a support & sabotage frame. Steel Path should not count as a determining factor of frame quality because it's "new game plus". "TEST YOUR SKILL" was the reason for SP and Yureli is a great example of when difficulty and challenge becomes actual difficulty and challenge. Unfortunately, from a YouTube content creator view, difficulty and challenge isn't what's actually wanted and she was requested to be stronger. In regards to her kit, I think it synergizes well for her actual role. "Trap, weaken and wound" while your weapons and teammate's weapons handle the rest. This is why I love her kit. She's different and fun. Not every frame should be an auto killer.
  16. I think they're spot on. Just like everything Warframe, options are available for every circumstance. As you pointed out, high enemy presence means the crit mods will thrive. Less bulky areas will have other mods thrive. It's a great compromise, IMO
  17. The nerf wasn't really a nerf, in my experience. Attack speed was made to be more reasonable (in regards to peak speed potential) but nothing else really changed enough to matter...and that's the cool part. In regards to the why? Well, that answer is simple: players complained too much about a nothing issue. That "guns vs melee" complaint campaign led DE to the realization of how silly attack speed and critical ramp ups were. It served as a reminder that DE actually takes a look at issues and trues to solve them, though not always in the image the complainers envisioned. Now, has melee really experienced a negative impact? Not that I could tell during my playtimes. That said, has my gun game and overall fun experience gone up? HELL YEAH!!!! The changes are AWESOME in my book and has me trying guns I rarely used before. Each arcane and galvanized mod gives me great options to compliment whatever style I feel like going with. In fact, both sets of mods actually can create completely different setups that, for the first time I can remember, got me to use load out slots for guns! Good stuff!
  18. They are perfect for new players. As a vet, they serve less purpose but, as a Warframe youngun, they were awesome!
  19. Very solid responses. DE has all of the elements OP asked for, complete with the mechanics too. Sustainable content is not an issue with Warframe. If you've played this one game reasonably often for over a year, then sustainable content was not an issue. Players who have played beyond two years should never bring it up AS AN ISSUE. It just sounds ridiculous to whine about it. With Warframe however, we see 6-8 year vets talking about it. Seriously, think about that: some people have played this same game from a freshmen in high school to a senior...college...graduate, and that person demands sustainable content? That doesn't sound weird and highly unreasonable? Granted, that is a GREAT testament to the overall quality of the product but dang!
  20. I see where you're going but, looking at Warframe with a wide lens, DE has created the perfect sustainable game that actually doesn't need anything else added to the game. Vets who complain about sustainable content are refusing to accept their own, personal, shortcomings. I'm a vet of over 5 years and I don't rush, overplay or overextend anything the game has to offer. This, in turn, has always kept me behind on getting all of the gear, parts, etc. The good news is the game is exactly made for players like me...a hardcore casual I guess. Completionists, endurance, rushframe and copy cat players are always the ones left wanting more and more. DE does the right thing by lightly throwing bones at them because their playstyles are natural leech effects, never enough to satisfy.
  21. I agree here. Typically, I notice most requests are due to "rushframe" which is, by default, a dead end mindset. Rushing through things is bad for the player but absolutely horrible for the game and devs. There is no rush. When DE gives us a hookup like Plague Star, just enjoy the hookup and save those forma for the endgame weapons. Either way, no rush.
  22. Nash, Merulina is a living thing that the K-drives were inspired from. Merulina is not a K-drive. This is why she can have color changes but not mods. That said, having some trailing, dashing and slamming mods on her would be awesome!
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