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  1. Did anyone see the hidden message on [DE]Rebecca 's papers, what did it say?




    The first word is definitely "DARVO".  Not sure on the second word.  It looks like "STITCS" which makes no sense. Very high certainty on "?TIT??", and the only common word that seem to match this pattern in the english language is "STITCH". But the corpus character for 'H' looks nothing like that.


    Possibly a proper noun, i.e. Darvo's last name?

  2. I miss Rebecca :( Ben is great and all, but the Lotus makes the streams!


    I'm really starting to wonder where she is. Haven't seen her in the game, haven't seen her on the forums, obviously she's not been in live streams since the last Dev discussion. Even her twitter is


    She wrote something on her twitter feed. Lotus lives!  Out sick?

  3. First off: You guys earned MASSIVE respect points in my book by freely admitting that you got some things with Gradivus wrong. A developer that can recognize when they screwed up, and accept input on how to improve, is a developer that can make forward progress toward great games.


    100 missions for event? It was both a good number AND too high. It was a good number for people that play MMOGs hardcore 8+ hours a day. I have no life at all and managed to turn in something like 180 missions total. But at the same time, if you look at Mr. Middle Aged Guy With Two Kids And A Long Commute Time, 100 missions in a week is pushing the limits of reasonable. I think the number 100 isn't the problem so much as the fact that it jumped from 25 to 100. Why not have something at 50, like, give them the finished gun but not the free catalyst. So they don't "lose", they just won't win as big. Big rewards for hardcore players are fine, but the payouts need to be more finely graduated to accommodate people with a variety of schedules.


    I am curious how the new "3 damage types" paradigm is going to work out when we only have 2 guns. Is it going to become less suicidal to engage advanced enemies in melee, so we could frex optimize our primary for anti-armor, our sidearm for anti-shield, and our sword for anti-flesh? Also, are shotguns and sniper rifles, weapons which are completely reliant on dropping a basic goon in one shot for their usefulness, being taken into consideration here? If you make rainbows 25% less effective, and that causes shotguns and sniper rifles to fall below their one-shot power threshold, then that's actually a 50% nerf since now it takes two shots to kill a basic goon. The function of power to performance is very coarse for big impact weapons while automatics scale quite smoothly.


    Oh, and I really really enjoyed having allies to fight alongside that weren't people.  People rush too much and compete with you and kind of make the game bleh.  But playing solo with NPC allies gives a nice "big battle feel".  Mercenary system? Hireable pets?  Build a squad of NPCs to be drop-in replacements for other humans?

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