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  1. The Attica:

    Fire rate increase – almost doubled.

    Clip size increased from 8 to 16.

    Damage increased from 100 to 125.


    Am I the only one who would NOT like to see the rate of fire increased that much?  The increase in base damage is nice, but the double magazine size is what will really make this the weapon it should have been.  Attica always had a decent punch, the issue was that it didn't hold enough shots to finish a good engagement and took too long to casually reload mid-firefight.  4 rounds a second before you add Shred on there will start to interfere with this thing's use as a hard hitting precise battle rifle.  Leave fire rate alone or make the trigger semi-automatic instead of auto, in my opinion.




    I can already hear the wailing and rending of garments at heavy launcher weapons using sniper ammo. Torid... I don't have a good read on what those numbers will do to it.


    The problem with Acrid is that its unique feature, the guaranteed poison DOT doesn't scale off the pistol's final damage. That was the only change Acrid needed.


    Flux rifle worth using again? Longer-ranged more ammo-efficient alternative to the Synapse? Be still my heart!

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  2. Grakata

    -Ammo capacity increased from 675 to 750.


    Rebecca complained a bit?  :)  This change doesn't actually benefit us very much.


    Better would be:

    * Grakata has built in Ammo Scavenger feature that increases the amount of ammo picked up from drops


    * Grakata has ammo capacity of 1000 rounds and starts the mission with this filled




    -Ammo capacity reduced from 210 to 21.



    - Ammo capacity reduced from 210 to 30.



    -Ammo capacity reduced from 540 to 20.



    - Ammo capacity reduced from 540 to 20.



    -Ammo capacity reduced from 540 to 20.


    Ohhhh my. I'm not sure I like this. Not because it dramatically lowers the max count on "big gun" ammo reserves; that's fine. More the problem I'm seeing is that you don't mention a change to a new TYPE of ammo.  So there is just as many shots as there ever was laying around on the ground, we just have to look for ammo drops sooner.  It doesn't really make heavy guns more limited or tactically precious, it just makes them a little more annoying to feed. Was that the intent?


    Also, if there was ever a gun that didn't need any kind of nerf it was the Torid.  What next? Nerf the Spectra?




    Normal Attack

    -Damage increased from 50 to 100.

    -Critical multiplier increased from 1.5x to 2x.


    Charged Attack

    -Damage increased from 250 to 300.

    -Critical chance increased from 20% to 25%.

    -Critical multiplier increased from 1.5x to 2x.



    - Damage increased from 175 to 225.

    - Proc chance increased from 5% to 30%.

    - Reload time reduced from 1 to .85 of a second.



    - Damage increased from 145 to 200.

    - Clip size increased from 4 to 6.

    - Critical multiplier increased from 1.5x to 2x.

    - Reload time reduced from 4 to 3 seconds.




    The faster a weapon fires, the more its critical hit performance can be considered a statistical average because you have more samples per engagement.  The Soma doesn't really care if one particular bullet fails to crit because the thing spews bullets like mad.  In other words, for high rate of fire weapons a crit chance of 50% is a 50% * CritMult increase to your damage output. For LOW rate of fire/high damage weapons like sniper rifles, crit chance is the chance that your shot will kill in one shot versus the chance that it won't.


    As long as sniper rifles remain a dice roll, they are made obsolete by bows...which aren't.

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    Fixed an issue with players being able to start private conversations with themselves.



    But who will we talk to if not ourselves?


    ^ This.  Not a fan of this "fix". Maybe not a popular feature, but for those of us who were using it... Very important functionality.





  4. I hate to break up a good riot with something as annoying as facts, but...


    @ 10:30 on twitter:

    "We are working on the problem"



    @ 12:30 on forum:

    "We think it should be fixed now"



    Two different times, two different messages.  So please, can we stop with the accusations of playing favorites...

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  5. You are wrong. Steve isn`t Megan. Megan is Steve. Think about it for a little. Only shaving can clear face from beard. But to make beard is easy.......


    So that's why Steve always has a hat on. Gotta hide "Megan"s distinctive hair.  Do we have any images of "him" wearing a tank top, showing "his" shoulders? Because there's those tattoos, as well.


    I think you're on to something here.

  6. Everyone is taking a sigh of relief, but the fact is that message was spin and damage control.


    Unfortunately I must agree.  I imagine Steve is doing the best he can under whatever limitations he has, but...   Nothing was really said.  This is a financial deal, and no amount of wants or wishes are relevant.  Saying "Warframe will always be our baby" doesn't mean much when parents of homeless drug addicts and convicted rapists say the same thing.

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  7. You do realize that most people who work on WF at DE do so as their job, and that standard jobs are M->F right?


    Meaning most of DE that works on WF is not doing WF stuff on the weekends.


    Sometimes I wish we could get access to a timesheet of DE's employees coming and going, so you would all appreciate just how much those people do for you.

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  8. Who? Join Rebecca and Warframe devs Steve, Geoff on the couch to talk all things Warframe - Scott will be joining us through chat!


    >> and first-time guest [DE]Glen <<


    I approve.


    >> Scott will be joining us through chat <<


    But it's so fun to watch Scott get annoyed when people try to tease things on the stream. :D

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  9. Name Suggestion: Combat Medic

    Behavior: The heavily armored combat medic supports Grineer forces in the field and keeps them in fighting condition.  When a Grineer soldier goes down near a Medic, they will lay on the ground disabled like a player would. The Medic will attempt to move to the soldier and revive them, which takes a few seconds.  The soldier is restored with half health. If no Grineer need to be revived, the Medic will stay behind other soldiers and pulse out healing to his allies. Medic has low aggression and will attempt to run to other allies if he is the last one left alive in a squad.


    Attacks: While a Medic is in his passive supporting mode, he can attack with a basic pistol.


    Environment restrictions:  NEVER spawns alone.


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  10. Trinity not single handedly taking you to wave 100+ anymore = "Trinity is useless"




    I guess all the other frames who don't have overpowered broken skills are useless too right?


    You were trying to be sarcastic, but if we are talking about late T3 gameplay, then yes: Frames without "overpowered" abilities are useless.  Level 80+ enemies can kill you basically instantly. The only ways to survive are to either become invulnerable, or to break combat.  Trinity makes the team invulnerable, that's why she is useful.  Frames like Excal (blind), Loki (disarm), Nyx (chaos), these all break combat and makes the fight one-sided in favor of the players.  How many Oberons or Zephyrs do you see doing hour long T3 defense or survival? Answer: none. Because they are useless in that context.

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    -Blessing:  Damage immunity is now based on the percentage of health healed (ie: healing 90% health will grant 90% immunity).  This should make the use of Blessing more reactive, greatly benefiting players that pay attention and monitor party health to maximize its effectiveness.
    Bad. Firstly because this forces Trinity players to do nothing but stare at their team status in order to be reactive instead of being able to "set it and forget it" and continue playing.  Secondly because in the places where Trinity was actually necessary (late T3 gameplay, nightmare modes), damage to health racks up so fast that it becomes virtually impossible to get a Blessing off in the brief moment between a team mate taking damage and going down. And thirdly because in those same situations, anything less than about 90% damage reduction will not even be noticeable.
    -Energy Vampire:  Will now pulse one last burst from the victim when it dies, releasing any remaining energy; this should make the power useful even when the enemy is killed prematurely.


    Good.  Relying on team mates to be observant doesn't work. ;)

    -Silence: Is now a radial ranged effect that moves with you. As enemies enter the radius/area, they experience a ‘sonic disturbance’ which they react to. This disturbance deafens the targets and affects their awareness.


    Good. Maybe? I am wondering about "which they react to".  It kind of defeats the purpose of a stealth ability if the mere act of using it is incredibly unstealthy.  Wait and see I guess.
    -Sound Quake: Players can now control when to deactivate Sound Quake, with the option to toggle it on or off.  Sound Quake will consume energy per second while active.



    -Absorb: Players can now toggle Absorb on or off.
    Both toggling changes to Nyx and Banshee will give players more freedom instead of being locked in place while the rest of your team runs around.  It should also add a nice element of resource management to both Warframes, rather than being stuck in place at the cost of X energy.



    Shield: increased size of Volt’s Shield for better team usage.


    Undertow: will now be toggleable.


    Good. I'd be far more interested in trying to find a use for this thing if it didn't take me out of the game for a minute at a time.

    Ash - (coming around a few more corners, likely to follow the rest of the above changes at a later week):
    -Shuriken: Added forced bleed proc to attacks, no change to base damage.  This should help buff the damage to Shuriken without making its direct damage over-the-top.


    Meh. Since bleed scales off initial damage, there is still the same problem of doing either way too much damage to low level targets or not enough to really affect high level targets.  A better change would be to inflict a "panic" effect that causes enemies struck to stop fighting for a couple of seconds while they react to the shuriken hit.

    -Teleport: Enemies are now open to finishers when teleported to, giving it more aggressive utility in order to make Teleport more appealing for use in combat.


    Good. Ish. I kind of feel like this was the intended functionality from the beginning. Concern about how finishers have serious trouble actually finishing targets.  Serious buff or rework of the Finishing Touch mod may be necessary to reward this play style.
    -Blade Storm: Now produces clones of Ash, enabling him to kill more targets quickly.  Ash will also re-attack targets if they survive the initial attack.  Added forced bleed procs to Blade Storm strikes.
    The change to Blade Storm should also shorten the amount of time a player is stuck in Blade Storm dramatically, without a reduction in damage or looking cool.


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  12. This will probably seem like a really simplistic question since I'm not a graphics engine programmer guru, but...   If it takes so much time to translate your shaders through the video driver, can you capture the "compiled" version and save that for later use?  Stamp your compiled shader with the driver version it was compiled under, and if anything changes on the user's video hardware, rebuild your cache?

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  13. Name Suggestion: Plated

    Behaviour:  The Plated is a front line tank for the collective. About 1 meter tall but very long and heavy. He has extremely thick armor on his head, chest, legs, and most of his back. Only attacks to the belly or rear do full damage. Turns to face opponents to get best use of his armor. He moves slowly and turns slowly, so can be flanked.

    Attacks: Plated has a huge maul of a tail. His basic attack is to squat his front end down, raising his tail, which he sweeps in a large circle over his back hitting everybody around.  If there are multiple enemies nearby, he can also do a ground slam with his tail to knockdown.

    Environment restrictions: None, but uncommonly seen

    (Optional) Art or Reference Images: 


    (creative commons: modified from original image at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Euoplocephalus_BW.jpg)

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  14. As the game accumulates more and more warframes and weapons, accusations and concerns about power creep are only matched by complaints about things underperforming and being kind of useless.  How does DE decide what is fair and reasonable? How do you think about "balance", and what metrics if any do you gather to make sure that your releases meet your expectations in the wild?

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