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  1. Very annoying indeed. Someone else had the defense NPC jump into the air and die on landing barely inside the play area.
  2. I encountered now multiple times, that the boosters (Credit booster, Affinity booster) from rare or special creates go missing right after picking them up. They don't show up in mission results and are not displayed among (or added to) the active booster next to Credits and Platinum.
  3. There is only about a million other more important bugs. But great job on fixing this one.
  4. You will get to max. Intermission rank and beyond without doing all challenges regardless. But asking to lower the difficulty and standards is a common theme these days...
  5. DE is starting the year with a fresh gut punch to everyone, who spent cells or platinum for extra Cedo sets, especially because they knew players will stock up on them since they are tradeable and were presented in the same light as Ceti Lacera and Basmu, which are event exclusives. So those players are #*!%ed, but not, if you did the same with Necramech mods. Nope, those are still event exclusive and tradeable. WHERE IS THE CONSISTENCY?! God, you are just so awful, it's ridiculous.
  6. Wouldn't miss the emotes for 1 second, if they would be gone completely.
  7. The leaderboards provide a public display of players, who used exploits and bugs to acquire enormous amounts of sellable items. There should be no doubt about suspending or banning them.
  8. Prisma Dual Decurions lose gained ranks /XP. I twice leveled them up fully, but they were back to low ranks after returning from the Orphix mission. Could be also a Necramech related issue, since in both cases I lost some of them, but never died. Other than that, big thumps up for the event, it's great. I'm having fun. Thank you!
  9. Straight after maturing it. Breeding pets is very bugged since a couple of updates btw. How many more nightmare abominations will it take before it will get looked at?
  10. There is a clear light cut-off, when standing any further out on the rocks. vs.
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