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  1. They changed (but why?) or broke Crania with one of the recent updates. It's now almost completely black, while it was much nicer before that with colors. DE, please revert this to the way it was.
  2. The sum up the thread: guy who purchased his way thru the game complains he can't purchase more. Game bad.
  3. A paid tier of Nightwave for what? You can get almost anything Nightwave offers with platinum directly inside the game or on the market from other players. Nightwave is the FREE alternative to a paid standard. And don't push this BS of paid Battle pass, because it's a rip-off in itself. You can get every cosmetic by spending money as it is. Some of you enjoy to be cash cows for lazy studios ... smh.
  4. Focus on something else instead of telling me what I should care about and what not regarding my game experience. Au revoir!
  5. DE is chipping away at those every time they get the chance, so don't tell me it's all the same. If I invest thousands of kuva in a riven, it better be OP. No one is rolling 70x Hirudo to have an average melee. Not everyone is spending 90 % of gameplay on Hydron doing lvl 40 enemies.
  6. All melee nerfs for weapons I frequently use. Once again thanks for nothing. You are ruining my fun so your spreadsheet graphs can look a tiny bit more equally balanced.
  7. Please provide some print-screens, showing the imprints and your incubator.
  8. Is there are a booster I can buy to download with more than 6 KB/s?
  9. The workaround for this is very easy. I have posted the solution on this forum and reddit, but because there is way to many know-it-alls everywhere, I deleted it. They might fix it one day.
  10. I'm just sad people like you exist here: toxic and arrogant over good advice. But crying when called out. I'm sure you can be a nicer person.
  11. Can't even muster a simple 'thanks'. What a salty little man you are. I'm sure you aren't watching any YT or twitch because you are so time effective. Good for you.
  12. When I searched to see, if this method was already posted, I encountered a lot of reports, so DE is aware, but probably doesn't see a need to do a fix and I can imagine why - so it wouldn't become the new meta over night.
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