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  1. Not to be completely dismissive, because I'm just the messenger: Yes and? It's what DE did. It isn't fair, it isn't enough. But they did it. And they'll sit there and say that they did it and claim it's enough until they get another year into the system and decide to maybe, possibly, consider it again.
  2. If it were only supposed to deal damage, and nothing else, you would have a point there. There are other abilities that we're talking about in the discussion right now, those are a way more applicable point to chase if you want to keep chasing the Abilities being worse than Guns angle. But so. many. guns. are so much worse than abilities. And you absolutely have to take those abilities as part of a Warframe overall, because they're not even 1/4th of what the Warframe does. Arguing that some abilities are worse than some guns can be so easily flipped to say that some abilities are way better than even those top ranking guns. It's a matter of perspective.
  3. Well, yes, it is. The difference being that you'd then be benefiting from the healing, even if not for the potential full amount and you're still buffing the team when you're public. The consideration here is that Garuda currently has calculations built in that increase her damage based on Health points lost, the same equation can be used for Health points gained, and it would be a really, really simple way to apply that. The suggestion you had would be a new function DE would have to add that could introduce bugs as healing abilities get updated over the game. Here's a trick though, which might make it worth actually going with a healing team; the amount converted from being healed is instead based on Duration, not on Percentage, with a functional cap of 100% to match her Passive. Why would this help? Because after casting, Garuda's own ability heals faster for when you're low on Health than it does for high health, so repeated casts of Blood Letting would allow you to get the total buff faster. And in teams with over-active healers, you can reliably recast Bloodletting to actually make use of the fast healing for capping out. This way you would more actively benefit from the team health buffs while being able to operate at full health for the survivability. Heck, with Wisp's mote adding Health to you as well, this means that you could reliably hit the 100% whether you hit max health or not. Would that work?
  4. Well, here's what they did: They added a 'confront Lich' item. You can now earn an item that immediately taunts your Nemesis into appearing, instead of waiting for it. They also provided a 'universal' Requiem so you don't have to farm all of the murmurs, or even have every single Requiem in order to complete the chain. Whether this provides anything successful or not is on you, though. Because that's about it for getting rid of a Lich.
  5. See, now you're getting it ^^ Always plan your feedback around positive change, rather than 'I want to stop other people doing this'. And yes, that sounds like a good base. An augment that, instead of preventing Healing, converts it. But how about this; An augment that converts 'Health Gained' into 'Bonus Damage'? What this does is reward you for going low, but then additionally reward you for going back up. The Passive activates when you're under full health, and you have Bloodletting to trigger it, but deactivates the second you're healed. So augmented, for a given Duration after the cast of Bloodletting, all health gained (up to your max) converts into a percent damage boost for another X Duration. The buff ends when you recast Bloodletting, meaning you have to charge it up again, but in compensation you get the Passive activation. So from a single cast, you're then at 50% Passive, and you can heal up for a duration of 50% Buff. What this achieves is that it plays into both solo and team use in a positive way. Having a Trinity healing you instantly, for example (as well as the 75% damage reduction) means that you can drop down and back up again for Energy gain and the Damage Buff without the risk of being low Health. What do you think? That said: As the six year Zephyr player in the conversation, I had to tilt my head in mild confusion at this... Because Zephyr's tactics are incredibly different from Garuda's. Especially with the fact that Garuda's 4-1 Combo is a far greater nuke than even Zephyr's Passive-4 combo, since the 1's damage scales directly from enemy damage, which is scaled to enemy level, and a second's charge will make it double that damage taken... That combo alone is basically a higher-effort version of Mallet, where you're affecting the enemies with a Debuff for Bleed, then letting their own damage feed that next instance of it. As a weapon booster, the quick augmented radial cast of Seeking Talons and the slower, whole-screen charged version are easily more flexible than Tornado, and while you need an enemy to target for Garuda's 1, you never end up stuck in a corner that's too awkwardly angled for wall-latching to get rid of your momentum. From your troubles, I think the only thing you'd need to do (tactic wise) is allow more time in your public missions to cast your 4 for your team, with enough Strength to guarantee those bleeds on all damage. Your damage doesn't need to be buffed to buff your team with one of the best non-linear damage boosts in the game. You might not benefit from getting those heals as much, but the other people on your team benefit from you being there and fully healed, dishing out the regular damage you deal, and dropping radial healing on demand.
  6. Except, no, I don't think it is. For one thing, Energy gain in Warframe is equal to the ammo gain, after modding for it. With the presence of base Energy drops that, while less frequent than Ammo, are something you can trigger with abilities like Nezha, or gain more than just the base pickups with Grendel's Nourish, or Lavos' Transmutation probe. You can mod for bonuses from pickups with mods like Equilibrium, or you can mod for Rage mechanics for energy when taking damage. With the presence of energy gaining abilities, like Garuda's 3, Trinity's 2, Harrow's 3, Gauss' 2 with Melee, Nidus 1 giving him more energy than he spends on the 2-1 combo, Limbo standing in the Rift, Octavia's Passive... there's lots, and that's not even including Augments like Ember's and Gara's... And on top of that, there's Arcane Energise and the Zenurik Focus which just make things... kind of silly if you grind for them. All guns have is the Ammo Mutation mods and Carrier. And really, that's kind of all they need, but on a few it barely helps. So... the balance is a little more nuanced than just 'some guns good, some abilities bad'. Because I specifically qualified that this would be a real problem if there wasn't other utility to those abilities that made them useful beyond damage. Ember's 1 has utility in the form that it's an initial activator for her Passive, a scaler for her Immolation meter, and the damage is only the bonus for that, as it were. It's also more than enough for Star Chart. I will also qualify that low damage is perfectly acceptable if you have a linear or non-linear (or both, both is good) way of scaling, which Ember does, in the form of her 3 to strip armour. If you strip 100% armour, that damage she does, having a bonus against Flesh, plus the mechanical double damage for hitting enemies on fire mounts up. That damage would be... let's see... you said it was 9760 on testing, doubled for the stacked effect, then 25% for the damange vulnerability of Cloned Flesh for 24,400. Given that a Heavy Gunner has less Health than that up to level 80... If you use her Armour Strip, the damage from a ramped up Fireball is not actually un-applicable either. That said, let's move on to the larger point; that some abilities are not as good as guns. And that's true. There are some instances of abilities that are considered sub-par because they don't have these caveats. They don't have linear or non-linear scaling from the frame's kit, they don't have high enough damage to compensate for that lack of scaling, and on top of that they don't have utility beyond their damage. I mentioned that frames like Frost and Yareli are examples of frames that need work from different angles. Frost because his 3 is a cone-of-effect damage dealer, but has no other effects, and his 4 out-strips it for damage and area of effect. His 1 has the unique interaction of popping his Globes, but beyond that is a single target freeze with a slow projectile, which is 4 out-strips because it freezes everything in the area instantly and without projectiles. Yareli because her kit has low damage and no real way to actually increase it. Her 4 has an internal multiplier for the damage, and CC's temporarily, but the base damage is so low that the multiplier does nothing, and actively makes the ability worse the less enemies you hit. She has no non-linear scaling, like defense strip, to actually make this applicable either. The same with her 3, it reliably triggers Staggers, but this only counts as long as you're in contact with the enemy, but it has low damage and poor application of that damage (the ability hits faster than 3x per second, but functionally pauses for half a second between applying those 3 hits and applying the next, meaning you only get 3 hits per second despite it being faster). And, again, there is no way to linearly or non-linearly increase it. But those are two frames, and while I'm certain you could provide others that have low damage casts, I'm also certain that beyond those two, the others have utility that gives them functions beyond that low damage. Meanwhile... Guns? They only deal damage. That's what they're for. And I will say that, even with the best modding, there are way, way more guns that cannot compete with Abilities. The vast majority are single target, have little to no utility, and while you can mod them to kill a single target reliably, that means you must kill and move on reliably to the next. Even with all the boosts that can be achieved with, say, Mirage on a base Lato, I don't think it will ever have the same ability to kill an enemy as just 25 energy for Octavia's 1. Just as an example. If you use Nyx, Ash or Banshee to strip defenses, and mod your Lato really well, you might be able to kill all enemies effectively. But then again, you might not because the enemies still have reasonable Health under those defenses, or have buffs from allies. It's why guns have an MR scale; the ones at the bottom are genuinely just not as able to handle the same content as the ones at the top. AoE weapons are in the minority (at least effective AoE weapons... I'm looking at you, Stug...), and 80% of guns don't even have base Punch Through. Which is really disappointing since Melee weapons all have Follow Through stats. You would not put a Karak on the same level of killing ability as the Trumna, although the Kuva Karak is a lot closer. Nor would you try to put Fireball on the same level as Whipclaw. The whole point of my comments is that when you compare an Ability to a Weapon in isolation, that doesn't help. Fireball may not be as effective at raw AoE damage as a Kuva Bramma. But the Kuva Bramma pales in comparison to Mallet. Aqua Blades may not be as effective at applying fast over time as the Tenet Flux Rifle. But even that is nothing compared to Grasp of Lohk when you come in range of a single enemy. Not all abilities, not all Warframes, are created equal. And that's a deliberate thing on DE's part. The same applies to guns. What needs to happen is people need to take Warframe Abilities as part of a whole kit and say whether or not the ability is actually useful, whether it does something that facilitates the kit or if it deals its damage effectively. Is the ability achieving the purpose that the ability's functions provide? In Ember's Fireball, I'd say yes, the ability is achieving its purpose. It achieves the purpose of activating her Passive and ramping her other abilities, and can facilitate side functions through its Status effect. It can even, due to the rest of her kit, have circumstances where it can apply its damage effectively. Frost's Freeze, on the other hand? No. It does not achieve its purposes effectively, because all of its purposes are achieved by other parts of his kit in a more effective manner. But, as I said before, all that means is that Frost needs a Rework. You have to be specific. You can't do what OP is doing and make sweeping statements about the game's balance. It doesn't work that way.
  7. You are automatically registered to the Forums when you make your game profile, so your Forum Account is the same as your Game account (in theory). The discrepancy comes from when you have multiple accounts, so some people are older, in game, than the current account they're commenting from.
  8. That is lower than I remember too, I wonder when that was changed... Even so the things you're missing there are 1: Proto Shields have Object Health, meaning no Status, and 2: the damage to a burning enemy, which was calculated in. So, yes, the damage is lower than I tested. It's also higher than you're testing. I'll admit, you proved me wrong, but I'll still point out that I'm not as wrong as you're pointing out.
  9. Harrow would like a word. And Nidus, even now, only gains a third of his stacks if team members kill things before he can set up. And that, my friend, is not just a problem for Garuda. There are plenty of frames and builds that, by virtue of just joining others, cannot make the most of their base kit or a particular build. Making use of a good melee build is difficult if another person also decides to use one near you, taking as many or more of the kills so you can't ramp up or maintain. Making use of a Rage mechanic build for Oberon is difficult if there's a Limbo around preventing you from even taking that damage. It's difficult to set up the Bastille armour-strip and scaling damage combo if there's a Mesa on your team killing enemies 50m out from it. And, as I pointed out, there's literally Harrow that cannot provide healing or energy or even take the damage to provide his Critical buff if allies are just killing faster, or Nidus who cannot gain Stacks with even a modicum of efficiency if allies are killing faster than he can cast. Now let me be clear: My point isn't that your idea is bad, or that you shouldn't get what you want. My point is that there are plenty of builds and tactics for Warframes that do not play well with others, and that you should literally expect this to happen and consider modifying the play style when going public to account for it. Now, here's another point: DE have been very clear on the topic of being able to turn off effects from other players. Let me use the example of a debate that went on, and a few months of updates that DE attempted and pitched ideas for that landed us right back where we started; Volt's Speed. Volt's Speed is a buff. It applies radially and affects other players. The debate was that, for a surprising amount of players, this is a definitely unwanted buff. The change in speed messes up muscle memory, the constant spam of it requires many players to turn off their screen-distorting effects (if they know where to do that), and before the Melee 3.0 update it completely removed many players ability to perform melee combos. Now the simple point that DE stuck to is that, despite all of these, Speed is a Buff and they want Buffs to apply to players by default. They would not consider any option to turn it off as default. So what they tried was ways to make Speed an opt-in system, by making Volt drop pickups, but players just left those in narrow hallways which forced players to pick them up anyway, or they dropped them in inconvenient places where players that actually wanted the buff (which is still the majority) could not pick them up without back-tracking. And a Volt that cast often would often drop pickups too far ahead of the group for them to keep up and keep picking up the Buff, which resulted in nobody who wanted the buff able to keep it consistently. DE then tried multiple forms of opt-out. And all of those again resulted in the fact that the majority of players, who wanted the buff, kept losing it. So the end result was that DE reverted to what was 'the lesser of all evils' in the case; the backflip opt-out. It's not ideal, it's not the preferred method of anybody in the game, and all the old issues with spamming the ability remain. So, all of this long ramble to say... Healing is a Buff. DE want Buffs to be on by default, and are unlikely to implement a function for you that allows you to turn them off. This ties in to the earlier point that, when Solo you get to do what you want. In a public setting, other players will bring any number of tactics to the table, and they may ruin your tactic or build, because DE wants the effects of other players to be on by default and that you should, at best, have an opt-out that can be used per ability use. Now let me be clear: The difference here is that your method is an 'off by default', not an 'opt out'. By pressing the button you negate the entire cast's effect on you and make it impossible for the other player to apply their Buff/Healing to you in the first place. By having an 'opt out' it would be that, if somebody pressed the Heal button, you would then press the button to reject it. This, funnily enough, is something you already have. With any heal, you can press 3 and buff yourself again, while also gaining Energy, which is also a self-buff. You may spend a few seconds at not-fully-ramped-up Buff, but the process literally buffs you in other ways. tl;dr That's why I think you're not going to get what you want. I don't think that you shouldn't get it. Your feedback is legitimate. And one last thing: I wasn't being condescending, sorry if it came across that way. The discussions we've had in the past led me to think you've been in game longer than this account says you have.
  10. Well, yes? You're not wrong. But I am still pointing out that it's there. Why am I pointing out that it's there? Because that's literally what DE will point out too. It's an ability that's primarily designed to interact with the rest of her kit in her current iteration. But they will point out that in the current iteration it can deal a surprising amount of damage as well.
  11. I think the initial threads were around for a bit, where healing effectively reduced her damage output... except they were easily shut down by the argument; You aren't reducing Garuda's damage by healing, you're just getting normal damage, if being at full health gave you negative damage against enemies, that would be different. But I think that people are now becoming aware that Garuda's Passive is similar to Rhino's Roar in that it's a non-specific Faction Damage multiplier. Which, as more savvy modders have picked up on (after the recent modding updates for guns) is a more applicable and now more mainstream way of applying damage at higher levels. All of the build-crafters are using the innate elemental damage from weapons (like Nemesis ones, or older ones that have innate single elements) to allow for single-element mods to be more flexible in a build, and are even finding that using the Arcanes and Galvanised mods gives you way more damage to everything )except those specific boss fights) than slapping on Serration ever would, so they generically have that extra slot to fill, meaning they'll put on an Faction Bane mod. For builds that don't have that bonus element on the gun, however, this often means that Faction damage mods can't be fitted unless you sacrifice something else. So having a frame like Garuda, who not only has the Bleeds from her 4, but innate Faction Damage boosting? That's a way to achieve the same effect. So you can see how the newer knowledge of the damage system in action can be taken into account for these kind of threads... But... Yeah, the same argument stands. You aren't 'reducing Garuda's damage' as you heal, you're just 'losing a buff' and 'returning to normal damage' if you heal. You still get full damage, you just don't get bonus damage. And since pressing 3 at any time will give you access to her Passive, and doing it again will give you more of her Passive, even having constant heals from a Trinity is just a way to give you infinite energy while you shoot damage-buffed shots for a few seconds. I personally run with Gloom instead of Blood Altar, not only for the high amount of Slow, but I can also use the Augment for Seeking Talons and instantly cause everything around me in range of Gloom to begin life-stealing while I press 3 to maintain the damage buffs, which gives me energy to maintain Gloom, which gives me health back to cast 3 again... Endless cycle of Energy, Healing, Damage buffing and Bleeds.
  12. I think you've missed a step there; the Charged 5x damage is part of the base Fireball, not the synergy with Immolation. Immolation adds damage to the Charged Cast based on meter stored, which is up to 100% meter. So with that, the maths would be: 500 to 900 with 1.8x modded Power Strength. 900 to 4500 with 5x Charge. 4500 to 11,700 with additive 8x Consecutive Multiplier (so 8+5 is 13x the 900). 11,700 to 23,400 with Immolation's 100% damage at max ramp. 23,400 to 46,800 with bonus for hitting an already on-fire enemy. Still not 50k, but I did specifically say 'Just under' 50k. Now, I could be wrong on that, I haven't tested in a while, but back when the rework was done, that was the number range that I was getting in testing.
  13. This kind of topic really does pique my interest. Because it's so narrow on the sample field of what it compares. OP's protest is about 'screen clearing Guns' and... those are surprisingly few in number. The vast majority of guns are single-target, have no punch-through at base, and a massive amount of them are surprisingly low damage. I would hardly class an Mk-1 Strun as a screen-clearer, to be honest with you... The Kuva Bramma, Kuva Zarr, Tenet Envoy, these are some of the weapons classed as 'screen clearers', while there are others that can compete with high damage or high AoE effects, those are the main protagonists of the current movement. But there are... not to put too fine-a-point on it... literally hundreds of other guns that are not these ones. Meanwhile the Abilities that cannot compete with these are... kind of limited too, since these abilities are almost never exclusively for damage. If they were designed to kill enemies and did such a poor job of it... then yeah, I can see where the complaint lies. Yareli is a prime example of that, where the main function of both her 3 and her 4 is damage, there isn't anything else they do in practical function besides a minor CC, and they do it abysmally. But the rest of the abilities that people bring up a lot? They're not exclusively designed for Damage. They're designed for combos, for procs, for effects on the enemy or on the warframe that are not just damage. So they aren't limited to just being damage casts. Since they're not, the fault of those abilities lies more in them being simply un-necessary for the role that DE have given them. If you flip the argument, you can get just as much outrage at the disparity. Guns that are not AoE, have no base Punch Through, have no effect that can make them take on more than one single target at a time. Guns that have low base damage, and even with full modding and an Arcane on them, cannot turn out the kind of damage that actually matters... Versus abilities like Peacemaker, like Whipclaw, like Virulence, like Anti-Matter Drop, like Mallet, like Danse Macabre, like Spores, like Grasp of Lohk... How can single-target, low damage guns compete with those abilities? They literally can't. It's almost like not all of these things were created equal in a deliberate manner. Which allows players to choose a frame or a weapon to do the different tasks. If they want the frame to do the clearing, there's options for that. If they want the weapon to do the clearing, there's options for that. If they want to hybridise it and have a frame that facilitates and buffs weapons, or provides other forms of scaling like defense stripping, there's options for that too. I mean, Zephyr's great for that, her Tornado and Passive are fantastic gun buffers, turning single-target guns into full AoE on demand. Same with Vauban, who can wide-area CC and strip enemies for either his abilities or his weapons to take a shot. Mirage is amazing for buffing guns and melee. Harrow has literally no abilities that do damage at all, and is amazing for Guns. The huge array of tactics available in Warframe means that some individual things will seem under-whelming if you compare then directly to the things that are over-whelming. That's just a fact. But if you blend and combine functions? You'd be surprised.
  14. I will give you a potential light at the end of the tunnel: New War and Planes of Duviri may end his appearances on your ship. Eventually. Until then... no relief for you ^^
  15. Yes, and what this doesn't make clear is this: the trigger for Ore Gaze dropping extra loot is if the enemy is Killed while Petrified. As the notes say, an enemy can't 'die' twice. They either die under the influence of Petrification, or they die under the influence of the Strangledome/Tentacle CC. They don't stack. It's the same as this info not explaining that 'looting while alive', which Ivara does, loots the same drop instance as the 'on kill' instance, meaning that after you loot with Ivara that enemy will not drop anything on death unless under the influence of another 'loot on death' ability.
  16. I think you may have missed a point here: The bonus drop from Ore Gaze does not even stack with those abilities, don't even try to use it with them. The three abilities affect 'on death' drops and cancel each other out. So while each gives you a chance to double your loot drop on death of the enemy, you only ever get a second, you never get a third. Ore Gaze Atlas is great in a group with Nekros, for example, because his Loot ability affects enemies after they're dead, and the death of a Petrified enemy produces additional body parts for a Nekros to Desecrate. But none of the 'on death' abilities stack with each other, they cancel out.
  17. Yep, yep, yep. DE came out a while ago to say that the only weapons that get Prime variants are the ones of Tenno make (ostensibly because the Tenno made 'production model' variants). Weapons made exclusively by the Corpus, Grineer, Infestation or Cephalons are not eligible for Prime variants. And, before you say 'Sentinels', the canonical origin of the Sentinels is that they are basically tiny creatures the Tenno found and domesticated, and the Orokin gave them armour, so all Sentinels are capable of being Primed, even if the base version appears to be of Faction origin. So... yeah... Funnily enough, the other factions do create variants of Tenno weapons too, which is why we have so many, many, many Cernos variants ^^ But it does mean that you will not (unless DE completely ret-cons the system) see a Prime variant of the other faction weapons.
  18. You're not wrong. OP is not wrong, not in pointing it out at least, although their method of doing so is questionable and would benefit from trying other ideas. And that's the thing... Not being wrong doesn't make this beating a dead horse. Pets need a rework. We know. And they are still 'working on it' although it's taking years. The very fact that it's been a problem for years, and the work has been taking years, means that we know. We know the problems, and we can only move forward trying to work around them until change happens. Change, in Warframe's case, literally does not happen when the creators go on camera and say 'all of our priorities are X right now'. And repeating the problems doesn't hurry them up, even when that isn't the case.
  19. Technically, she is. At full charge she's able to fully strip armour with her 3, which is actually quite significant. Even 1% armour, depending on the enemy type and level, will leave enough armour to still give over 90% damage reduction. However... I think the point of the thread is a little... counter to the meaning of the high energy drain. The point of the high energy drain is to make the player not stay at full charge. So the question is... why would they change it to reward the player for being at full charge, when it's a design specifically to penalise you for doing that?
  20. About what? Unless you explain what you're talking about, you have said nothing provable.
  21. No, it doesn't automatically make me right. What I did, you see, is provide statements and also provide arguments to back them up. And what the other person did was... make a statement with nothing to back it up. My arguments for why I'm right are already here. They're already argued. When they said 'Tell me why you're right', I can just point at my already-made arguments above. Until he presents actual counter-points or counter-arguments that dispute mine, then he hasn't actually shown why I'm wrong. Responding to 'Why am I wrong' with 'Why are you right' is a childish response and doesn't prove anything. It's circular argument with the intent to troll, and no real discussion about the points and arguments I've already made. Unless the other person provides reasoned arguments as to why I'm wrong, then... well? Sucks to be them? My argument stands. They haven't done anything.
  22. That's cute. I put forward an idea, one that shows OP has options on what they can do going forward to prevent their issue, and you told me I was wrong about it with no reasons as to why it's wrong. Burden of explanation is on you.
  23. So. Your taking of the slight insult is to completely ignore the presented argument; that there are methods of play that exist, and have existed for a while, that allow you to not play revive simulator while on Steel Path. You choose to ignore the summary of the comment which points out that what you want is coming, that the rework to Pets is actually in progress but it currently isn't a priority for DE as stated in their DevStream, and that the way forward for now would be to try these other methods that allow your pet to stay alive. Or maybe actually switch pet to one that's purpose built to not need reviving. Instead you decide to go off on a tangent painting yourself as the victim of an elitist player looking down on you for a lack of game knowledge. You decry the way that people like yourself are completely vilified and yet manage to make improvements despite players that will look down on you and say that your ideas are worthless. You make sure to go on a further tangent to point out all of these things that were improved because of players like you, because surely nobody like me could have ever supported those ideas, not a bit. When the discussion is 'I don't want to have to revive my pet every thirty seconds in Steel Path' and a person presents the argument 'Well have you considered that lots of other people don't have to do that because of the way they play the game?' That's not a counter-point, that's oppression of your ideas. Great to know. Definitely not a 'you' problem now. Yup. Might have just gone with this person's sterling and well rounded argument: Because it's just as effective. (By the way, 2maa2? Why? Please, I don't mind providing some back-up to my statements.)
  24. Odd... Banshee, Equinox, Hildryn, Mag, Mesa, Nova, Nyx, Octavia, Saryn, Trinity, Valkyr and Zephyr/Deluxe (which is more than half of them) don't have any sexualised idles. Ember has one, which is the dual pistol 'hands above head and stretch' one, but the majority is normal, and while Gara's stance in most of the idles is feminine, the actual idles are uni-sex. Ivara crouches all the time, so there's something to be said about hips and butt, except all of them are just generic 'hunter' idles, and Protea's are feminine, but just active with her gear. Titania Prime floats and spins, but they're hardly sexual idles, more 'I'm a pretty fairy'. So that leaves Wisp, Garuda, Mirage Deluxe, Khora and Yareli. I think you have way more choice than you'd think.
  25. Oh yeah, and one I took the time to write some actual horror for, that takes me back... Let's try another, why not? On patrol, your HUD linked directly to the ship's progress monitor and counting every step and every efficient path you take, clocking your time and calculating even based on whether you're actively looking around for intruders and docking you seconds of pay if you lose focus for too long. You look into one of the storage rooms, seeing only the softly glowing doors of lockers there and you turn to leave. The HUD pings, it says... you've slowed down? But you're still walking, still watching everything, that's not right... The time on the clock is whirring by too fast, that's it, it must be a glitch, but before you can reach for your pad to diagnose the glitch, something flickers around you. The shadows are growing, the light is dimming. The end of the corridor is a long way away somehow. Everything seems so much... less than it was. Less light, less vibrant, less like the ship you know. A blur of movement whips by and it looks like... no... that can't be. It looks like rags and tatters of cloth blown on a wind. Or... maybe pulled against the wind, like a kite. It flew by so fast that you didn't even catch it really, just... like a ghost. You look down at your hand, and that's when it happens, a dull 'thump' behind you makes you try to turn, see what it was, and there's something... something wrong with your chest. Your heart is pounding, your gut is twisting, gnawing away at the rations you had before sleep, your bladder is heavy. In pain, you look up and this time... This time, the ghost doesn't whip past you, it's just there. It's floating there in front of you as a long, pointed helmet, one you somehow know doesn't protect any kind of face beneath it, gazes at you. You take in the white cloth, the tattered edges, all the way down to the... the... You don't even feel your bladder empty, only hear the mechanical ping from the HUD that docks a little pay for the waste recycling function. Claws. Claws as big as your arm... Massive... hooked... claws. It happened so fast that you didn't even register the pain at first. Like your nerves didn't even send the message to your brain in time. And, as the shadows draw ever closer, all you can see is a pair of boots, ones with your ID on them, and a headless body with your ID badge crumpling on top of them. And your HUD... as it pings... 'Deceased.'
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