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  1. i bound the 3rd string to D, (1st to A, 2nd to S, 3rd to D), and whenever i tap "D", it resets the song. what?
  2. So, i have been checking out the recently revealed new content related to nightwave (part 4 basically) , noticed a thing or two, the disappointing rewards & stuff. But, this thing in particular, the new Infested Leaping Thrasher enemy, when put under mind control by nyx, still knocks down its new "allies" when performing its cc-ing actions. I havent tested whether the Shadows of the Dead variant does the same, no idea if this is intended or not, just wanted to mention it, just in case.
  3. Okay, nice for fixing dem Sentinel Rivens....i hope i can make Tazicor into a cc / armor-stripping beast soon enough.
  4. Inquizitor

    Kick System

    It was never a part of the game ever since, no matter how much people begged for it to happen. And most likely, it wont, at all. Only thing that COULD be added is able to kick others from party while in orbiter as a host...perhaps.
  5. Where do i even begin. This potential endgame feature is amazing, but i see a few wrong things with it. Once you place a Shawzin as decoration, you can not use it, and you need to buy another one (this was fixed in 25.7.2). Bought the "Chromatic" Mimica and "Default" Dax ones. Put them both in orbiter. Then i tried to play on the Mimica. It turns out once placed as decoration, you literally are forced to buy another one, OR remove it as decoration in order to use it. I have an idea: Why not enable the pick-up-&-play, simply, when put as decoration, tenno picks it up (pressing "X" as default) and plays on it. Once stopped playing, it will be put back onto its original place. Operators cant use them.....nuff said. Why not? Pls DE... Unable to change controls is really MEH. There are songs that requires holding down both LMB and MMB or even worse combinations of these. Proposition: Give us option to change controls, same as for Frame Fighter. Extraction while playing song is a bit bugged, which is not that important, but once extraction is triggered, the UI from shawzins will remain.....
  6. Augment-exclusive slots when? .... Seriously though. I have been waiting for such feature ever-since. Doing so would make things way easier and give us more ways to customize things. Best thing would be to convert augments from mods to be something like arcanes are. Simply...equip it into a separate slot.
  7. Agreed. K-Drives are without the doubt the worst feature warframe had so far. And i am telling that from experience, even with fully modded K-Drives, and with the Arcane for Operator, the Magus Drive, which adds 100% movement speed for pity 20 seconds. Default K-Drive movement speed should be at least doubled, or the speed-mods should be improved way better, or make the Magus Drive permanent (such as it would last until end of mission, or until hopped off the k-drive, instead of 20 seconds).... And if you think this would break the races, dont think about it, they are pointless anyways, i made record score among 4 of them, only to realize these scores resets weekly. But boi, i will keep using K-Drive, until i get that ******* ******** useless pointless meaningless horrid achievement: Drive 1 000 000 m with these things.
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