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  1. I was waiting for quite some time for universal rifle skin, so i could use it on Quanta Vandal. Because, seriously, who would use a cloth hanger as a weapon? I never cared about how good the stats are, because the weapon is outrageously awful to look at. And here is the new skin, Oscira Rifle. And its not usable on Quanta, nor Quanta Vandal. Oddly enough, it IS usable on both Mutalist Quanta and Paracyst. Yes, i am aware that it is a beam weapon and it fires from both points, but...why not just make the two lasers come out of the one barrel. In the end, it would not affect the overal
  2. Can i please get a refund for that Fish Trophy? Thanks.
  3. Please make Necramechs usable in normal missions. Edit 1: The affinity gain with Necramechs is still broken. Edit 2: Even more issues occurs when Necramech is used, and then at some point a K-Drive and / or Archwing is deployed during the same mission.
  4. yes, thats exactly the reason i posted it.
  5. I have just one thing to say: You can only use it in open worlds. Brilliant idea DE, how to kill entire point of Necramech in one simple step. At some point i would be just mildly surprised if you made a simple mistake, but this? Oh boi oh BOI. I cant believe my eyes. Lock the cool new mechanic for just tiny bit of game. Yeah of course you cant use archwing in normal missions, would be too op, too fast, and not make any sense. K-drives? No-one cares, (sadly). But yeah, Archwing makes them completely obsolete. The only point of using these is the 1 million meters achievement on
  6. Its not revealing or anything, just has slightly larger chest area, even that is clearly armor, so, whats the big deal? Besides, these are "children" that are slaughtering billions of cloned "people" (Grineer) and actual normal people (Corpus) on a daily basis and yet no-one bats an eye.
  7. So far doing either of the missions of Steel Path has been extremely unrewarding. The Steel Essences are insanely rare drop, and the actual fact that you need a massive quantity of them to pick just one reward is absurd. 10k kuva for 15 of these? I literally cleared all Earth nodes and by incredible luck i had 3 to drop, and 2 as main reward for completing a planet, even that i think i had the resource drop chance booster, AND Khora with Pilfering Strangledome, on a top of that, at least 2 eximus platoons to appear. And then there are Arbitrations, which offers easy 10k kuva for 25 essenc
  8. So much megabytes of content, i honestly thought the Khora Deluxe update is here...My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
  9. Afaik the cracked one did not appear in codex. I might be wrong tho. But i had lots of scans of most things in game. Im pretty sure id have it there.
  10. I hope Corpus invested in higher quality windows as well. I also wonder if anyone will miss these.
  11. Adding the weapon to the game was a mistake to begin with. Basically, Bramma became what Tonkor used to be (along with former Telos Boltace and other weapons like Simulor). And even with the so-called "nerfs", it will still be widely used. The smaller blasts are less significant damaging source, the main problem is the base damage of the weapon. Probably the best way to balance this weapon out is by adding to it self-damage property that used to exist until recently.
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