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  1. "Technical limitations".....yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, noone will believe that. Same as with skins & zaws. They could do it, but they wont? If they can make complex entity such as Exploiter / Profit Taker Orb, which can with each leg land on different height and still retain its animations and work perfectly, probably something that was super-difficult to code in, but they have "difficulties" putting a reload animation on a weapon? "I was expecting... I don't know. More" -Kela De Thaym
  2. Agreed. K-Drives are without the doubt the worst feature warframe had so far. And i am telling that from experience, even with fully modded K-Drives, and with the Arcane for Operator, the Magus Drive, which adds 100% movement speed for pity 20 seconds. Default K-Drive movement speed should be at least doubled, or the speed-mods should be improved way better, or make the Magus Drive permanent (such as it would last until end of mission, or until hopped off the k-drive, instead of 20 seconds).... And if you think this would break the races, dont think about it, they are pointless anyways, i made record score among 4 of them, only to realize these scores resets weekly. But boi, i will keep using K-Drive, until i get that ******* ******** useless pointless meaningless horrid achievement: Drive 1 000 000 m with these things.
  3. Okay, so, i am maximally disappointed how Stradavar Prime looks, and really like the stats. I want to start using it, but fashionframe is more important than stats. And this is not the first time appearance can ruin a weapon (just my opinion, but i am pretty sure lots of people would agree as well), looking at you, cloth hanger Quanta. You know about this? Its a skin...for a weapon that almost nobody uses anymore (we can all guess why, *cough*, slow projectiles). Boltor Bravura Skin Why is it BOLTOR Bravura Skin and not a RIFLE Bravura skin? I dont see a SINGLE, ONE reason NOT to make it into universal rifles skin. If you think that it breaks immersion, snap back to reality (its already broken). Remember the Perla Pistol Skin, or its Akimbo version? I can put it on a Twin Kohmak, and make fully automatic akimbo shotguns look like space-revolvers. Or the Heavy Blade Dominion skin & Zenistar...our most beloved bug-feature-thingy.... Could you please make ALL the previous skins (deluxe ones that is) into something more or less universal? So many potential options, and would add much more options to customization. Nusku skin (why not akimbo version) Dual Cyskis (why not a single-blade version) Nari & Vali (same thing, single version for swords, single version for daggers, and dual Vali for dual daggers, EZ) Frysta Longsword (also a dual version, why not) Teng Dagger (and again, why isnt there a dual version? it was just recently released) Kopesh Longsword (im pretty sure Egyptians were strong enough to wield two of these at the same time, especially ones that uses overpowered warframes)
  4. Umbra shares same AI as specters does. Iirc devs planned to rework them...somehow, who knows, we might get even better AI and all... I like your idea, but its nearly the same how we wanted to be able to give specific commands to sentinels & companions, and yet, we just wait... At the rate DE adds new features to the game...expect this maybe in a couple more years ^^
  5. That was in 2016...and besides, they never repeated the same thing.
  6. I personally would like to get an opportunity to get this boat from Fortuna / Deck 17 as any sort of ridiculous way to obtain. Whether it would be just an orbiter decoration, or as maybe Operator accessory (Hood slot)
  7. Maybe DE has something prepared for this year, maybe not, who knows. In any case, any good ideas? I mean, come on, the last year one was just probably the worst so far, so maybe give em better ideas?
  8. Let me just copy pasta something....something i wrote mid-summer... Digital Extremes, you have died in my heart.
  9. It just has to be said. Terrible quest with terrible design and of course typical DE ideas. Why is it as reward from bounties? Just why? I had enough of those pointless, boring, bounties. I really thought it would have better design. I dont know, perhaps make each part have 20-30% chance to drop from Terry,Garry and Harry? Keep gara as reward from bounties, but dont implement Vlad into it. People are upset and are forced to buy it with 225 335 platinum instead.
  10. Here is my ....uhm...cat (big cats allowed too, right? And also, there is nothing about inanimate pets in rules either )
  11. Just a quick thought about Vauban, while some little upgrades are done to him. Minelayer Can you make it so it switches between the mine types in a form of a quick wheel menu? (similar to either the one as gear / emote menu, or in style Witcher 3 has?) Imo its terrible to have...well, having to HOLD the button in order to throw the actual "mine". Id rather just press the button to instantly throw it. Also, it sucks in many ways, i mean this selection...lets say i dont want grenade type 2, but 1 instead. So in this case i have to switch to 3, then to 4, then to 1 again. Same thing could be done to ivaras Quiver
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