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  1. I just noticed this bug and went here to report it, but someone already found out. But yeah, since we can change mech helmets, something went wrong and the skin itself does no longer apply on the default helmet anymore.
  2. Did you guys fix the problem with the "Gifting Lavos to another player gets you Transmutation Probe Decoration", while its actually for gifting the entire bundle? Last thing you need is lawsuit over false advertising. Even if you changed the description to now say "Lavos Collection", what about those who already gifted Lavos alone?
  3. Title might be self-explanatory. Basically, did some bounty "Strip mining" and rank up Necramech a bit on Deimos, then after few rounds of Ayatan Stars as reward i had to ragequit, and didnt want to force the rest of the team to leave with me, so i left a squad (i was not the host), and noticed that the affinity i earned with necramech while doing the bounty has disappeared. At least portion of it. Lost just 4 ranks total (went from 0->10, and post-host migration i had only rank 6), but i think this might hit someone else quite hard if they rank up their mechs all to the max from
  4. And here i thought it was 9GB of actual content. Also....why extending the prestige creds, when you can just end the current nightwave already and give us a new one....oh right, that would require making actual NEW content...as if thats gonna happen any time soon.
  5. Oh nice, I tried it out, first thing to check if operator and warframe are no longer bleached in profile...but they still are. Next-gen.....lol.....sorry, not sorry actually.
  6. Easiest answer: yes Why? Well, even if you wont enjoy it at first, you can always just have him until you decide to play with it...that and mastery points, aw yeah.
  7. Normal Odotana cant be acquired anymore once sold, same for the Imperator and Veritux. However you can obtain others from: Clan research,Clan research,Clan research,Relics. In that order. Amesha, Itzal, Elytron, Odonata Prime. I recommend this site for reliable information about pretty much everything that is connected to Warframe. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/WARFRAME_Wiki
  8. I agree with one thing: It really is horrible Prime weapon...overally. And yes, an alt fire for 1 single and powerful arrow would be way better choice rather than changing the core of the weapon
  9. I think i saw this name earlier somewhere, but ...from the primed leaks, it does look like some sort of Primed Pyrana, well...i wonder how they will manage rivens for that weapon lol.
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