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  1. 6 months of waiting for just disappointment. That Bautta Wisp skin was on front page of tennogen for ages, yet you accept something thats not even.......im done.
  2. Is it just me or the new Nova Dexlue Syandana "Radia" is borked? I swear most of the thing was affected by physics, and now only one bit of it is.
  3. These double-something weekend boosters should be way more often imo.
  4. Any chance of doing less Devstreams and releasing more new content?
  5. Thanks, but...still no new tennogen?
  6. I just have to wonder what is taking you so long with the tennogen. Deadline was in january. its been over a month.
  7. Pfff, no Tennogen. Right, wake me up when that arrives.
  8. Instead of just increasing the chances to spawn the Rare Sentient caches, they just straight out remove the way to obtain that Ephemera. I have a mixed feelings. I hope that once it returns, its not as bad to get as it was, but neither too easy to obtain...*cough cough* Fae Path Ephemera *cough.
  9. Honestly, i have been waiting for almost 3 weeks for tweaking the chances of getting a rare cache in the Anomaly...and yet nothing. Spent hours, days trying to get the Tenebrous, while my clanmate just did some random runs with no intention of getting it, and he did get it. I just...remember something about Ephemeras were supposed to be "earned"....i love how its locked behind a 2% or less chance to get from a time-limited mission that occurs only once every several hours.
  10. Thanks for update. Could we please get codex for certain RJ entries fixed? Ie Cannon Battery is missing. Also Earth Proxima is missing enemies such as the Elites, like Elite Kosma Cutter, and Veil Proxima is missing regular Exo units, like Exo Cutter. This way, we are unable to receive some specific avionics.
  11. Thats...not much. Actually. I mean, the RJ is broken from top to bottom, and only these few fixes? Oh well, guess more will come eventually, eh?
  12. Hello everyone. Especially all the Typhoons of the Conclave. So the AkLex Prime, the dream has finally come and Teshin does not have anything that would fit our needs for a new fancy akimbo heavy pistols. I am speaking of a thing that is not in the game, but would be very easy to make and add. AkLex Conclave skin ...because seriously, all the weapons like Viper, Lato, Vasto do have their conclave skins, and EVEN AKimbo variants does. Lex / Prime is the only weapon that does not for some reason (akimbo conclave skin). DE please make it a thing!
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