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  1. The title is self-explanatory. This thing should have existed for years by now, we are literally limited to 3 clothing / arcane presets on operator. You can buy them on warframes, weapons, companions and their cosmetic presets, but not on operator? I'm tired of this, I have kept silent for far too long, this simple yet important option should be added right now. "Oh look a new operator outfit, lemme just .....oh right, am using all 3 presets already, nevermind then."
  2. This has happened before with the Wolf Howl emote, now the same with the Emissary Operator collection. Basically, if you already own either one or both of these cosmetics, you are supposed to get 50 NW creds for each. But......nothing again.
  3. So, i am pretty sure after i reached the milestone 23 in nightwave i did not receive the 50 NW creds that you normally receive when obtaining a duplicate cosmetic item. I might be wrong, but, i remember having 95 creds prior to completing the task, and after completing, it still shows 95. Anyone has the same problem? Edit: Asked my clanmate, also has the same issue.
  4. I have noticed an issue with the Operator AMP part, alt-fire component called Phahd Scaffold (the disc launcher), its function of AoE explosion when bouncing off enemies or surfaces is non-existent when you are client. Works normal when you are host. I dont know if this is some issue with certain AMP parts combination or AMP Arcanes, either way, the problem occurs for me with the following AMP & Arcane: -Lega Prism -Lohrin Brace -Phahd Scaffold -Virtuos Trojan (R3)
  5. Title might be self-explanatory. Basically, did some bounty "Strip mining" and rank up Necramech a bit on Deimos, then after few rounds of Ayatan Stars as reward i had to ragequit, and didnt want to force the rest of the team to leave with me, so i left a squad (i was not the host), and noticed that the affinity i earned with necramech while doing the bounty has disappeared. At least portion of it. Lost just 4 ranks total (went from 0->10, and post-host migration i had only rank 6), but i think this might hit someone else quite hard if they rank up their mechs all to the max from
  6. Hello everyone. First of all, i really didn't want to complain about this, but i ran out of patience, and just have to say this. Eidolon hunts are awful and terrible design. With the very recent removal of raids, this is the only co-op we have left in game? Even that is so terrible, it hurts. The rewards might be good, but is it really worth the time? Let me point out all the bad things: -You have to have specific warframe and weapons, also a good AMP, otherwise you are screwed (Trinity, Volt, Rhino, Chroma, Harrow....and sniper rifles, that is all, everything else is
  7. Hello everyone. Especially all the Typhoons of the Conclave. So the AkLex Prime, the dream has finally come and Teshin does not have anything that would fit our needs for a new fancy akimbo heavy pistols. I am speaking of a thing that is not in the game, but would be very easy to make and add. AkLex Conclave skin ...because seriously, all the weapons like Viper, Lato, Vasto do have their conclave skins, and EVEN AKimbo variants does. Lex / Prime is the only weapon that does not for some reason (akimbo conclave skin). DE please make it a thing!
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