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  1. Hello to DE from Ukraine. It's best time to increase the Tennogen prices btw. Now I’d better buy indie-trash in steam.
  2. Before and after get 3672 points but not 4104. Now it depends on number of players in party?
  3. Someone so lucky, win 1k plat and ivara pa... lol
  4. Usually events last ~2 weeks (+-10 says), soo... Mb you will missing this event if it comes out next week.
  5. Thnx DE for hotfix with anomaly, as a result anomaly bugged, more than half an hour, a lot of Intrinsics and Anomaly Shard gone.
  6. MOAs Drimper bracket looks like unreleased bracket next MOA.
  7. About arcane changes. Whats about boring farming arcanes from PoE Eidolons? Again, we need spend a lot of time waiting night to get some chances kill 3 party-goers? Can we get access to Eidolon Hunt Bounties in 24/7 with mission time limit for killing them? Cuz farming another pack of those arcanes will take years for someone. Farm 10 for 3lvl is hard (hard in waiting night) but farming another +11(or all 21) for 5lvl is insame!
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