TennoGen Round 14 Deadline - Sept 5!

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42 minutes ago, A-p-o-l-l-y-o-n said:

It might help if you would actually write proper sentences. Also, post a picture of your drawing here. Also, explain how exactly you want to turn your drawing into a Tennogen skin. A Clan Emblem is a logo. When you say you want to make that a skin, you need to explain that, because otherwise, the first thought everyone will have is that you want to just stamp your clan emblem on a Warframe and call it a day. You need to be much more specific if you actually want someone to help you.

agree create your own topic with the image of reference outside of this thread, many people post their ideas and ask for help also remember that DE states that  popular references are not allowed with the end to avoid any copyright issue

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I'M TIRED OF STIFF WINGS!!! Give them physics or animations or anything to stop the horrible stiffness while running. It's not too late for those that are yet to come. I believe in you!

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