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Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]

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Clan name: Hytech Community

Clan tier: Storm

Clan platform: PC

Clan role: Decorator, (co-founding) Warlord

Been a ghost clan for a long time, went ''afk/inactive'' for a year. Then we decided to make this clan a propper place. Thank you for this and good luck too all! 

Images : https://imgur.com/a/GFqBEqD 

And video from yt 

  Special thanks to many clan members that realized the potential and helped with donations and farming resources for the last 20 days! 

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  • Clan Name: Phantom Vanguard
  • Clan Tier: Moon
  • Platform: PC
  • Clan Role: Warlord
  • Other decorators:
    Sergeant Dark

    4k Image Album for all your wallpaper Needs: https://imgur.com/a/L2oQAdR of the Dojo
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Many have given us compliments about our clan dojo with every passing trade, so I decided to showcase what the Order of Dax has so far here for this contest!


All pictures taken by Vakyrie and M3chaman

Clan Name: Order of Dax


Clan Tier: Storm Clan

Platform: PC

My Clan Role: Founding Warlord

I would first like take you on a tour to our first room and most visited room, the Order's Hall; being designed by Haepax and ShadowTiger98.This is where we usually conduct business, donate resources to our decorations, and research weapons.








Next, you will be introduced to The Warrior's Test where we test our recruit's proficiency in the art of combat. This room was originally designed by Crophlin, but finished by ShadowTiger98 and Haepax.








What follows this is our two gardens, where we witness the beauty of nature. These rooms were designed by CryptoMex and Haepax.(CryptoMex is offering a reward for the first person who finds the Easter egg in one of the photos that references an anime).













Then, we venture to the deep, dark, and dank Subterranean Passageway that resides at the bottom floor of the dojo. This was entirely designed by ShadowTiger98!







Last, but not least, our navigation room; or more formally called, The Galactic Grotto, is where we check the star chart, customize our frames, and sit next to the Teshin bust as we gaze into the emptiness of space; the inspiration for our clan's name. This was an entire clan effort!






And on that room, the tour is now over, thanks to anyone who also likes our dojo! See you guys in a relay near you for our Chroma Prime display 🐉


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Alias: Max_Teller
Clan name: LZass
Clan tier: Moon
Clan platform: PC
Your Clan role: Architect

We chose a theme a bit risky, the ruins of a front corpus post, we created this scene in 15 days and a large majority of the clan contributed to its creation.

Contact in game: Max_Teller, Phyrys, Protideus or Daturawar

A special thanks to all the architects and contributers:

- Phyrys
- Protideus

Metalligeek/ Hilda

and all the other members who didn't show up 🙂


Here is the pictures:

-Page https://imgur.com/a/n5j8ZFf













A litle video to show what's inside :

What a bad quality, I will try my best to improve the quality of this video, maybe an edit later in the day 😕



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Hi, my name is Cristina. I am the founder of the KATAN clan. We are a Latin PS4 Storm Clan.

We try to merge the old with the new to give a new aesthetic to the dojo, creating rooms each one with a personal style.

Thank you to all the members of the clan who contributed a lot of resources with great effort.


And especially to the architects and decorators:





Clan name: KATAN

Clan rank: Storm

Clan platform: PS4

Clan role: Warlord founder 


Dojo Tour video:





































Link images: https://cristinagonzalezpinturas.blogspot.com/2018/10/blog-post.html


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Better Clan Pending joins the fray, with our entire dojo stylised as a "functional" space station (it's a living space, hence why there's so many people) featuring primarily Corpus design influences but there's basically a barracks area for every other faction because otherwise we couldn't justify having non-Corpus research labs and that'd suck for our stock of mastery fodder.

Huge salutations to the entire clan who in a little over a weak managed the construction on their backs, farming millions of Plastids, Polymer and Alloys to feed the beast that is the 100x decoration cost clan tier multiplier. I know some might have an issue with the video at points featuring people more than the decorating, alright, but for one they deserve it, for two doesn't seem to be against the rules - frankly, if you don't use Warframe's one and true endgame to improve the dojo looks, I don't know what are you doing 😎👉👉


Clan name: Better Clan Pending

Clan tier: Moon Clan

Clan platform: PC

Clan role: Founding Warlord

Link to a video preview

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1 minute ago, LokenEdrop said:

Clan name      The Grey Team
Clan tier          Shadow Clan
Clan platform  PC
Your Clan role Founding Warlord

Didnt have much time to have a proper walk through. If anyone wants to come have a walk around just pm Clan-Mom




12 minutes ago, LokenEdrop said:

Clan name      The Grey Team
Clan tier          Shadow Clan
Clan platform  PC
Your Clan role Founding Warlord

Didnt have much time to have a proper walk through. If anyone wants to come have a walk around just pm Clan-Mom



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Clan Tier: Mountain Clan

Platform: Xbox One

Clan Role: Founding Warlord / Architect

            Hello DE and thank you for taking the time to review our Dojo. We have put a lot of work into it so I hope you enjoy. I really enjoyed getting the opportunity to revisit the dojo as so many decorations have been added. I wanted to stick with an Orokin Themed Dojo and a lot of the rooms reflect that. I’m hoping one day for us to get a sandbox room where we can build from the ground up as I would enjoy that. As you can see I utilized a lot of the Observatories to Kind of get that sandbox room feel to decorating.

            Some of our rooms you will encounter are:

                        - Ascension Room (Where our altar is at to rank up the clan)

                        - Benders Cove + Our Garden rooms (Our statue of Bender from Futurama and All our gardens/ caves

                        - Camp Fire Room (Our Orokin camp fire to sit back and roast marshmallows)

                        - Ceremonial Hall (Our secret society ceremonial / initiation hall.)

                        - Clan Treasury (Our donation room)

                        - Club Galaxy (Our full on Nightclub / Skybar)

                        - Dragons Den (Our huge Orokin Dragon *Made of only Orokin decorations*  protecting the Dojo.)

                        - Labs Hall (A modern art concept with Orokin rings)

                        - The Custom-Built Obstacle course

                        - The Grand Hall (Our spawn in room)

                        - Hangar / Spaceship (Our fully built indoor hangar and 2 spaceships, one of which you can fully access the inside via teleporter)

                        - Temple of Honor (Loki room we set up as a restaurant with tables)

                        - Shrine to RNGesus (Our totem pool style shrine + Guardian made from ayatan treasures)

                        - Rebellion Arcade (Our take for the Orokin style arcade + huge prize counter)

                        - Reservoir  (Our remaster of the Tenno reservoir scene from The Second Dream)

                        - Tenno Theater (Our fully built cinema)

                        - Trade tower (The Grand trading tower for most important trades)

You can check out our video tour of our Dojo at


You can also check out our Image album at



            I want to give a special thanks to everyone in our clan who helped, as it was a major grind for all the resources. Without the assistance of everyone, none of this would have been possible. I look forward to future expansions and growing as a clan. I also want to Thank DE for giving us new exciting content every year. I love this game and I love seeing the community continue to grow.



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  • Clan name: Vortumni Bellatores
  • Clan tier: Shadow Clan
  • Clan platform: PC
  • Clan role: Warlord (with Architect permission)

Welcome to Vortumni Bellatores! This is the main hall where players spawn. We can start a small tour of this floor.


As you can see behind me there is the Trading kiosk! Placed in perfect view to make trades faster and of easy access, you can't miss it!


Behind the Trading Kiosk wall there is a door that leads to the navigation room!


Now let's go back to the main hall! I'm going to show you the different labs


Let's start with the grineer one!


This is the Grineer zone 


let's enter the door! 

This over here is a small grineer facility, but let's not get distracted let's keep going.


And here we are into the Grineer lab! 


We have all research done and we are lucky enough to have the [Ignis wraith] bp too!

Now let's go back to the main hall and ahead to the corpus zone!

Here we are in the corpus zone! you may notice a second floor, there is a Telephone cabinet, you can use it and teleport all around the dojo! It's suggested that you bring a senior member to guide you, this dojo is pretty big and has a lot of rooms!


Now let's enter!

This is the backside of the Grineer facility we saw before! this is mainly the cooling part of the machine so, only authorized personal can go there!


Ok now let's  keep going into the actual corpus lab.
Aaaand here it is! The corpus lab!


As per usual even here we have all research completed , even the most recently [Falcor]!

Now let's go to the Tenno area and then Tenno labs!

Here , this is the tenno entrance 


let's keep going!

This is the Tenno bridge to connect the area to the labs!


and finally the tenno labs! Yes, we have everything researched already!


And again, for the last time, let's go back to the main hall!

Dulcis in fundo, The infested area, yeah i know it dosen't seems too "infested" that's because we managed to keep the actual infestation closed into the lab, can you immagine if that thing starts going out of control?


Let's look inside, hope you are not afraid of darkness!


Now , we are going to pass the last security door, one last warning: do NOT touch anything!  Maybe except the research console, you can use that


and as per usual we have all the resaerch completed, even the newly added [Pupacyst]!

We can go back to the maini want to show the most important spot after the trading kiosk!

This is the ascension altar! Here we keep with trophy from past events too! 


Hope you enjoyed this small tour! Wish i could show you everything but the full tour takes almost 2 hours to complete!  
I'm heading off the dojo, but now that you learned where are the most important things, you can now head to explore it! Good luck and Have fun!

Hey you ! Yes you that read the whole thing, thank you for spending the time watching my subbmision! i will leave a link here with more photo of the dojo with some sneaky peek on some rooms! If you are intersted in a dojo tour just pvt me and i will gladly invite you when i'm on!  



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  • Rascal
  • Storm
  • PC
  • Founding Warlord


The Rascal Dojo has nearly 100 rooms, it is complete and well organized, featuring a labyrinth level and many puzzles. Patient construction and good taste have informed every detail of this very large construction project, which, with the resources of my clan, I regard as an unique and immersive adventure. This small album of images doesn't do it any justice, pm me if you'd like to have a look around, there's just no adequate alternative!

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Clan:  RavenFox

Tier: Ghost

Platform: Playstation 4

Role: Threeklaw, Founding Warlord.

We are RavenFox a ghost tier clan that has been around since about four months after the launch of the PS4.  Our clan dojo is large, but we have made an effort to create something that is unique and represents our clan well.  We have created spaces that are beautiful, harmonious, and meaningful for our members.  We strive to create environments that look like they could actually exist with decor that is contextually complementary.  We also create on a scale that is consistent with the size of the Tenno- vehicles are to scale and equipment is as well.  We want to as much as possible create an environment that mixes natural beauty and technology seamlessly.  There is a specific mood to our dojo, it is dark and serene, warm in some places and lonely and cold in others. The video represents the most decorated of the rooms, but we put the same care and intent into all of our spaces. We do not attempt to throw too much in each room, but we do try to best decorate each room in a way that enhances its beauty and presence.  To that end, some rooms,like the Hanger are unrecognizable as a garden, where other gardens have fewer, yet very specifically placed decorations.  There is definitely a strong Asian influence in our decor, but we always strive to achieve harmony and balance everywhere.  There is no Orokin grandeur in our dojo- conversely it is a space that evokes tranquility and serenity. It is also an evolving work: as a clan, the architects and myself have put in hundreds of hours, and we continue to build and decorate.  Over the years we have shifted dojo configurations four times, and we have thought forward to provide plenty of room for new expansion as DE creates new spaces in the dojo.  In short, The RavenFox Dojo is most of all a representation of our community.  We stand proudly in the halls of our home in the stars. For Honor. For RavenFox.


Also Space ninjas rule, and Warframe Rocks!

-ThreeKlaw, Founding Warlord.

P.S. When are we going to be able to use different skyboxes with the Dojo? RavenFox formally requests to be parked in Jupiter orbit.

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