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Revenants Sword


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Last I heard, his two handed katana was left out of the game due to melee 3.0.  I find it odd considering we've gotten two, two handed weapons since then, but has anything else been mentioned?  This also leaves me slightly curious if they were planning on gifting it to the players that already purchased his pack... as it would have obviously come with it.

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2 minutes ago, Airikr said:

To be fair the last melee weapons are of classes that exist. Revenant's sword is a new category.


And idk about the gifting thing. I certainly wouldnt mind free stuff, but i personally doubt that they'd do that. Would be fine by me either way.

Sorry I meant for those that already paid for the revenant pack that included the armor/phantasma/etc.  That would seem odd after they add it into the game... first if it wasn't included in his pack of all things Revenant... and then if it is, anyone buying the pack thereafter would obviously get it... so wouldn't it be expected to be gifted to those that already purchased?  I hope that makes sense XD

Oh okay, I assumed it was going to be another version of the other two handers we have... so that's news to me, thank you

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