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What Are You Most Excited For In U.10?


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I'm waiting to see just what overheat will really do now damage wise

could be pretty cool


course I'm ready to $#*(@ and moan with the rest of the ember if it goes south



o and new level

don't worry even if things go south with overheat you still have a lot of other powers that are useful and remember that if it gets completely awful de will fix it like they did with rhinos iron skin, all one has to do is endure it

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Necro and Golem. I'm actually pleasantly surprised by necros proposed abilities even if he overlaps Nyx.


Golem actually looks like a real boss fight.


Damage overhaul. Actually that's probably the biggest thing. I very skeptical about how much it will actually improve the game but I'm excited about it nonetheless.

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Personally excited to see armor/damage 2.0 and, yeah, there might be growing pains as Steve acknowledged but if it means leveling the weapon playing field and going down a path where there aren't just rainbow and crit builds, it could be great for the game.

I was also excited to hear Steve talk about the realization that there are just as many players coming to WF from other mmo's as there are from action/shooter games. I really hope based on this, we see more tiered content for late game.

Lastly, I know it's not U10 but it is prolly before U11, PS4 launch. I've said it before but there is a given level of polish that console owners will expect and hopefully the game is insanely popular there so we can get that polish as well as more content. A rising tide lifts all boats, as it goes, and thinking that PS4 launch will do anything other than bolster support for the game and improve its quality is being pessimistic.

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