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Do I get Garuda or Nekros


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I want to buy either or these war frames off the store with plat, but I can't decide what one. Garuda seems complicated, and her 3rd is pretty pointless, however she is such a pain to farm, is it worth getting her off the bat with plat. Nekros on the other hand I cant tell if he is tank-ish, support or what and I don't know how he would fit into my play style. Anyone got any suggestions? 

P.s I also like Inaros.........hmmmmmm



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Both Garuda and Nekros are very potent, Nekros will help out with farming, and can source his durability through his 4 augment (damage resistance based on keeping your shadows up more or less). Garuda on the other hand can straight up face tank with her mess of self healing and shield she can create from mauling enemies.

Her 3 gives her a huge boost of energy for health, it's super valuable and let's you maintain energy in energy leech heavy situations, she's VERY strong in the right hands.



If you're more a tank player, I'd say look more at Garuda, but Nekros can still tank if you're willing to do some roundabout building to make it work (despoil+health conversion+shield of shadows)

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