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Plenty of Servofish Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Likes hunting, bulky, can one shot an eidolon with fishing spear, read the entire how to train your dragon series twice(very useful). Some people calls me ugly (I am looking at you shy) but they do not know how to appreciate my unique dressing style that I always use. And no, the dragon pelt does not stink, I use a expensive shampoo made out of nitain extract and activated argon cristal. The big swords and guns are not compensating for something. Don’t be scared if I start vomiting colored liquid, I have some stomach problems 

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Sorry for the size! 

I decided to use my own warframe for this contest, as well as trying my hand at some language from the game, the one used being from Solaris.

The words using the Solaris language (Solarian?) are my name "Eriques", the send a message text box just says "Message" and the info panel title is just called "About".

Sorry if it's bad looking, I wrote them out by hand lol.


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27 minutes ago, MrFiXrM said:

How do you get the photo, and not just the link address to show up? I've tried 2 different sources, Google images and Dropbox, and neither will show  up.  Is there a size limit that I need to set for it to propagate properly?  

Have you tried using imgur? I just used the ‘insert link via url’ from imgur (I didn’t use the direct link.. had to open the image in a new tab and use that url for it to work).

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Image result for loki prime


name: Loki prime


fav food: formas

fav weapons: anything with prime in its name

fav tv show: couch potato tv

fav item: bucket prime

what his friends say about him:

(Rhino)is a prime enthusiast and loves to do prime weapon reviews but I usually interrupt him he's a fun guy

(Clem) clem clem clem clem clem clem clem

(Vauban) he is an interesting warframe we usually argue and witch sentinal is the best

(Drac Crikey) he's an interesting fellow don't see him much mainly because he doesn't like animals, Crikey now that I mention that, he does like prime sentinels mainly his prime carrier

(Inaros) an interesting fellow was weird at first when I met him but can be a nice fellow


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Age: well...about that

What im doing here I dont know, this strange medievel guy in iron armor resurrected me from the ground...in this weird body calling me Dov, an odd language. Well what can I say I am an adaptive phenom, im hot and have a breath to die for. I love all things hot and all things chilled, shockingly hansome I am and my love spreads like a toxic wave. I can keep you warm and I can keep your beer ice cold, I can be Nikola Tesla and I can be fatal to metal.

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About Me: Likes skiing, ice skating, and camping in Orb Vallis, favorite season is winter because I love cuddling. 

I'd love to take you on a first date in the snow. I promise I'm not a flake-y person. I don't mind coming to your place, but only if Yuletide-y up your place. 

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Greetings madam, I'm tall and dark
a gentleman, though fairly thin
Though at first glance my frame is stark
Your heart I hope I yet shall win.

Let us embark - a midnight stroll
whence we may get acquainted
my coffers shall supply the toll
with which Cetus be painted.

We shan't spare thoughts for any foe
not corpus nor grineer
a disrespectful puppet show
acquaints them soon with fear.

So let's gear up, let's go to town
We'll bring our favorite shotties
I'll show you how to mow fiends down
and rifle through the bodies.

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Volt, 29

Hi my name is volt, I am on plenty of servofish looking for the one with the right spark, with whom to share an electrifying night out on the plains, running at top speed can get lonely so match with me to see if we have any static charge between us 😉. My favourite past times include 

- Outrunning k-drives

- Being a EMP

- Eating vanilla ice-cream

I'm open to a long term relationship as long as you can keep up with me. Match with me and let's see if the electricity and volt-age flows between us. I'll be shocked if it doesn't 😉.

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On 2019-02-01 at 3:29 PM, (XB1)StoneVertix said:


Nova, 28  

I recently graduated from Eidolon University with my degree in Molecular Prime, GO TENACIOUS TERRYS!!! I have a pet Kavat, Harry, he'll do anything For Tuna. My friends say I'm the crazy one, I'm not afraid to Antimatter Drop the party. What most people do not know is my life is pretty Null Star, I'm looking for a great Orokin Derelict partner, so I don't have to Solo Lephantis, if you know what I mean. So, if you're a whole Mesa problems like me, let me create a Worm Hole to your heart.

this is beautiful

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Hello,I’m a girl looking for some fun;>.While I just got out of the lab of Zanuka where I was forged,subjected to cruel experiments and left scarred,angry and frighteningly adept at killing I needed to forget the memories.

I’ll Rip Line you,if it hits you I’m pulling you to me if it does’nt I’ll just pull myself to you.Don’t try to run away because I’ll Paralysis you,You’ll be stunned and damaged at the same time you’ll hear my Warcry so you’ll be slowed down.I’ll be sure to Hysteria when you escape me I’ll become a ball of rage,capable of unleashing a torrent of deadly claw attacks on you.


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